Why Your Business Needs an Effective Crisis Communications Plan [Complimentary Consultation]

Why Your Business Needs an Effective Crisis Communications Plan [Complimentary Consultation]
Event on 2017-07-21 09:00:00
Are you a business owner?  Are you prepared for a crisis if it were to hit your business today? With the rise of social media, no business is safe. United Airlines’ Fiasco is a lesson and wake up call to ALL business owners (including bloggers, coaches, consultants) why an effective crisis communications plan is needed. Since there is live video now that can be streamed around the world in a matter of seconds from Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or even Instagram Live to name a few platforms, one must be prepared for what could go right…or in the case of United Airlines, what could go wrong. All businesses will experience a crisis as some point of another. We always advise all of our clients to expect crises to happen before they start and develop a strategic plan to have a go-to for those "just in case" moments. We like to think of it as a “Life Insurance Plan” that can actually save your company from being defeated by public shame. If you are unaware of what would happen if a crisis actually hit your business, let’s set up a Complimentary Phone (Virtual) Consultation (20-Minutes) to chat and ensure you are prepared. Regardless of if your business has a Crisis Communications Plan in place, we are more than happy to review it for you and give you pointers on how to improve it. We look forward to winning with you! Talk soon, Elevate Writing & Consulting Services 

at Seattle, Washington, United States
Seattle, Washington, United States
Seattle, United States

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