two52collab Toronto I.C.C.

two52collab Toronto I.C.C.
Event on 2017-11-09 19:00:00
Advance planning, resource sharing, and collaboration can take you and your team to new levels of excellence. The Bible says, "Two are better than one because they get a good reward for their labor.” There is a more empowered and more effective version of you waiting on the other side of strategic ministry partnerships. With that in mind, I want to invite you to join us at a two52collab.  I have been involved in youth ministry for over thirty years and am convinced that few things that will set you up for the year ahead like a two52collab. Two52collabs are gatherings of youth pastors and their teams for the purpose of creative planning, resource sharing, and idea exchange.   Two52collabs are an opportunity to think ahead, pray ahead and plan ahead. We have found that advanced planning acts as a catalyst to enhance Biblical investigation, message preparation & helps fuel creativity.   The truth is many of us face the challenge of balancing the demands of personal life, work life, family life, and ministry life. Left unchecked, “I am too busy,” becomes a socially acceptable excuse for self-imposed limitations. The time invested at the two52collab will help you remove those limitations. Getting ahead of the grind will lead to a growing, more effective and spiritually impacting student ministry. A Solid Foundation: Our objective is to develop a year of intentionally balanced, Biblical preaching. This is achieved by selecting subjects based on the four foundations of Luke2:52. A Marketable Name: The marketable name should help with promotion, illustrations and define creative service elements including stage design, artwork, media, dance, drama, illustrations and social media. An Anchor Thought: Each series features an anchor thought.An anchor thought consolidates the whole concept of the message into a single idea. An anchor thought will be expressed by a quote, statement or short sentence. Core Scripture: This will become the foundation for every series & every message in that series. We value the Word of God over everything else. Key Concepts: Key concepts break down the weekly topics for the series & provide the main part of the sermon body. Resource Sharing: One of the benefits of speaking on a similar schedule with partner youth ministries is that it opens the possibility for the sharing of sermon notes, ideas, illustrations, artwork etc. The two52collab is not a seminar, a conference or a round table. The two52collab is an interactive, team driven, planning event. We create an engaging environment that will draw the best out of you and your team; while    allowing you to draw from the strength of other ministries. You will enjoy the benefits of collaboration while staying true to the culture of your church, on point with the vision of your pastor and without sacrificing the uniqueness of you.

at Ajax Convention Centre
550 Beck Crescent
Ajax, Canada

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