SCRIPT ANATOMY: Televisionary Writers Workshop (25)

SCRIPT ANATOMY: Televisionary Writers Workshop (25)
Event on 2017-09-16 11:00:00
Need to write a TV spec or pilot? Accomplish your TV writing goals with the guidance of a pro in 2017! Want to be a TV staff writer?  Looking to secure an agent or manager?  Want to submit some powerhouse fellowship scripts for 2017?  Or is your ultimate goal to create your own show?  Aspiring writers need at least 1 exceptional spec and 1 original pilot in their portfolio to break in to the business.   Develop and finish your comedy or drama TV specs and pilots and elevate your material with Script Anatomy's tools and development process and give yourself the best shot at success with… The Televisionary Writers Workshop Instructor: Mike Perri In this intensive 5 week TV workshop, writers have the option to focus on a TV spec or an original pilot.  Your instructor will guide you step by step through the process of crafting your script from concept to solid outline using Script Anatomy tools.  This applicable and hands on course will help prepare you for staffing, development and the studio writing program application process.   Classes will cover: ·              Hooks/Concepts ·              Arena ·              Loglines & Pitching ·              TV Story Structure ·              Strong Act Outs ·              Tone & Genre Expectation ·              Character Development ·              Dynamic Relationships ·              Conflict and Obstacles ·              Dilemmas & Goals ·              Stakes ·              Theme  … and more. Writers will learn tools to develop their TV scripts, have weekly assignments on concept, pitching, character development, outline, etc.   Additionally, each writer will receive weekly peer feedback and instructor critique and evaluation of weekly assignments and material in a supportive environment.  WHEN: 5 Saturdays starting September 16th to October 21st (OFF* October 14th to work on your outlines) from 11:00am – 2:00pm WHERE: Blank Spaces, Wilshire COST: 5.00  Limit 12 writers There will be no refunds after 9/06/2017. Please click here for our full refund policy. *******  ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Michael Perri is a dramatic writer who was born Emmanuel Pedro until his adoptive parents changed his name when he was ten. Growing up in Chicago’s foster care system, he wrote plays and asked (okay forced) the other kids to act them out.  Before moving to LA to write full time, he traveled the world as a technology and cyber-security consultant.  Recently, Perri was awarded a coveted spot in NBC’s Writers on the Verge Program.  Prior to that, he was a finalist in the Disney | ABCWriting program and a participant in the National Hispanic Media Coalition’s (NHMC) Television Writers Fellowship sponsored by ABC Creative Talent & Development and NBC’s Talent Diversity initiatives.  Perri also made’s 2012 Young and Hungry List. He attributes his success to the same resolve and optimistic attitude he displayed as a child in foster care. Perri’s characters often reflect his own upbeat and positive attitude, persevering to overcome their obstacles no matter the odds.  As a nice Catholic boy, his dream was always to marry a sweet Jewish girl and join the enormous family she puts up with.  Mike’s dream came true and he looks forward to raising his children to be guilt-free ‘Cashews’ one day.    He currently is a staff writer on NBC TV’s hit show Blindspot. Before that, Perri was a staff writer on NBC TV's CIA Conspiracy Series State of Affairs starring Katherine Heigl and Alfre Woodard. He is repped by Kaplan Stahler and Echo Lake Management. TESTIMONIALS: "Writing a spec can be a daunting process, especially if you’re planning to submit to the network writing programs. Mike Perri makes it all go away. He has gone through the process himself and he’s been a reader for these very same programs. His knowledge is invaluable and his attitude is always positive—it was a pleasure to be part of his class and learn what it takes to write that awesome spec." ~ Moises Zamora, staff writer, AMERICAN CRIME __________________________ "It was not my first spec script and yet I learnt so much more than I thought possible, in this class. The tools offered were very specific to TV writing and hence helped me focus my efforts. The teacher, Michael Perri was insightful, energetic and generous in his feedback and assistance and I would highly recommend any course he leads. I was also appreciative of the general quality of the students as people and as writers. I would strongly recommend this course to any TV spec writers."  ~ Kathy Petrakis, finalist: Scriptapalooza 2015 __________________________ "Michael Perri has a wealth of information that he shares so generously with his students in a safe/constructive environment. He helped me elevate my script in ways I couldn't have achieved on my own by asking tough questions, offering ideas, and challenging me to not make safe choices. I look forward to taking his class again to pick up on any gems I missed the first time around. ~ Tristen MacDonald, Final Draft Big Break Semifinalist, Groundlings Sunday Company Member __________________________ "Michael Perri is one of those teachers who sneakily helps you elevate your craft in a BIG way. Sneaky because you are having so much fun while you’re doing it. He has a passion for storytelling that is infectious and he can boil the process down for his students in a way that is easily absorbed and executed. For me, he just makes the writing feel easier and less cumbersome, and before you know it, you’ve drafted the best thing you’ve ever written. The writing process is often frustrating and isolating, but Michael Perri will help you feel less of both while simultaneously helping you churn out something crazy good." ~ Alexandra Grizinski, 2nd Round: Austin Film Festival's 2015 Teleplay Contest (1hr drama) __________________________ "There's a difference between a teacher and a mentor, a writer of words and an actual storyteller, someone who "checks off the boxes" and someone who tailors each lesson to your individual needs. Mike worked with me above and beyond the requirements of the class helping to get my TV spec into shape, and giving examples from his own experience.While I had written features before, Mike taught me how to write for TV: The style, the format, and most importantly, he helped me to finally understand how to write theme in a way that I never fully grasped before. Learning from Mike's easy going teaching style is both enjoyable and insightful."  ~ Todd Norwood ______________________________________ ABOUT SCRIPT ANATOMY'S FOUNDER   Tawnya Bhattacharya is a writer, writing instructor and founder of Script Anatomy, a writing school that helps television and screenwriters reach their writing goals and elevate their craft through classes, workshops and private consultations.   Bhattacharya, a screenwriting teacher for the past 12 years, launched Script Anatomy in 2011 just as her professional writing career was getting off the ground. Her objective: to use her experience of breaking into the industry and building a career to help other writers do the same.    Currently writer/producers on Famous in Love (Freeform), Bhattacharya and her writing partner Ali Laventhol have written on The Night Shift (NBC), Perception (TNT), The Client List (Lifetime) and Fairly Legal (USA). They are repped by ICM Partners, Heroes and Villains Entertainment and Morris Yorn. Former NBC Writers on the Verge fellows, they were also semi-finalists for the ABC Disney Fellowship (before getting a job that took them out of the running), and Bhattacharya was also a FOX Writer’s Intensive fellow (FOX optioned her semi-autobiographical pilot).     Bhattacharya’s teaching days began at Writers Boot Camp (2005-2008), a program dedicated to feature writing. Upon starting Script Anatomy, Bhattacharya decided to focus solely on television and developed her own practical tools of writing and rewriting based on her own process. Over the years she finessed these tools into the unique Script Anatomy curriculum, which has helped hundreds of writers succeed, whether getting staffed, representation, selling pilots, screenplays and novels. She has guest-taught workshops with ISA (International Screenwriters Association), Stage 32, the TV Writers Fund, and the Disney | ABC Writing Program, and was most recently a mentor for the 2017 CineStory TV Writers Retreat in Idyllwild. She also writes a column in Script Magazine called “Your TV Guide."   With Script Anatomy, Bhattacharya has helped hundreds of writers succeed. Some have won contests, festivals, and fellowships, others secured representation, or been hired for assignments. Others still have graduated from Script Anatomy to go onto their first staff jobs on network and cable shows, even selling TV pilots, screenplays, and novels as a result. For more about Script Anatomy, visit   —– TESTIMONIALS "I wrote the first draft of my original one-hour drama pilot in her workshop and a few months later sold it to Universal/NBC! I really believe that writing that script in Tawnya’s workshop gave me the encouragement, motivation and insight I needed to get my script into tip-top shape." Tawnya is a total pro. Her years working in television have clearly helped her design a unique curriculum for all the workshops offered by Script Anatomy. These workshops are run just like a real television writers’ room with plenty of opportunity for feedback and ideas from other writers. They also provide you with a concrete set of tools to help you realize your story vision and capture it on the page. I wrote the first draft of my original one-hour drama pilot in her workshop and a few months later sold it to Universal/NBC! I really believe that writing that script in Tawnya’s workshop gave me the encouragement, motivation and insight I needed to get my script into tip-top shape. Television writing is such a competitive space, so any edge you can acquire going in is crucial. Tawnya and Script Anatomy provide that edge. – Barbara Curry (sold legal drama REVERSIBLE ERROR to NBC with FAST AND FURIOUS' Chris Morgan attached, Writer of the movies THE BOY NEXT DOOR & ANYTHING FOR LOVE, Hired to rewrite THE JURY at Fox 2000) __________________________ "If you want to jump start your writing career, Script Anatomy is the perfect place." If you want to jump start your writing career, Script Anatomy is the perfect place. Tawnya's tools for structure and story pushed me to take my work to the next level. She showed me how to channel my ideas in an organized and systematic way. In her advanced pilot lab she aligned us as a team from day one, coached us from presenting an idea from concept, to pitch, to script. She ran the class like a writers' room so we could get a sense of the real world requirements of working on staff. Because she has worked as a TV writer for years, Tawnya brings her experience and all the lessons that she's learned into class and gives you the tools to navigate the room. Tawnya's approach is keenly-sharp and nurturing in a professional and enthusiastic way, all while keeping an eye on delivering the best story possible. Script Anatomy delivers tenfold.   – April Fitzsimmons (Story Editor, CHICAGO JUSTICE, 2014 Disney | ABC Writing Program Fellow, Repped by APA & Brillstein) __________________________ “I had high hopes walking into Tawnya’s Script Anatomy Televisionary Workshop. My expectations were blown out of the water.” I had high hopes walking into Tawnya’s Script Anatomy Televisionary Workshop. My expectations were blown out of the water. Tawnya’s class was constructive, supportive and insightful. She isn’t afraid to give you the notes you need to hear. Even better, she supports you with the right tools to squeeze out the talent. I’m truly amazed at how much my writing was elevated after going through her workshop. And when looking around at the other writers she mentors, I’m impressed to see that I’m not the only one. If you’ve got the talent, Tawnya can foster it and bring it to the next level. I seriously can’t express how great she is. I’m so glad I walked into that Script Anatomy workshop and feel so privileged to have Tawnya on my side, helping me through the world of TV writing.  – Daireen Galeano (NLMC/NHMC TV Writing Program Fellow, 2012/2013 CBS Writing Program Fellow)  __________________________ “Tawnya is extremely knowledgeable and supportive and I recommend her to anyone seeking a teacher.” What sets Tawnya apart from other teachers I’ve had is her unmatched enthusiasm for the art and craft of writing. She has a deep understanding of what makes stories work, and is great at communicating that to her students. Her class was always warm and open, but also very focused. People were encouraged to speak up, but if things got off topic, she would get everyone focused on writing again. Tawnya is extremely knowledgeable and supportive and I recommend her to anyone seeking a teacher. — Kiyong Kim (2010-2011 Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship recipient, 2012/2013 NBC Writers On The Verge Fellow, blogger @ Kiyong's Blog of Creative Pursuits) __________________________ “Tawnya was the best screenwriting instructor I could have asked for.” Tawnya was the best screenwriting instructor I could have asked for. I am certainly a better writer  for having had her as my teacher and am very lucky to have her continued support. She has a wonderful ability to get to the heart of storytelling with clear insight and determined precision. She has a no-nonsense style with a nurturing heart. I endorse her teaching one hundred percent.   — Wendy B., Screen & TV Writer __________________________ “Tawnya Bhattacharya is like a screenwriting personal trainer.” Everyone has an idea. But to turn that idea into a 100-page screenplay takes dedication, discipline and hours of work. Tawnya Bhattacharya is like a screenwriting personal trainer. She’ll help you to whip that underdeveloped 98-pound weakling of an idea into a full-blown feature-length commercial screenplay. You’ll love the results.     — Tim Grant (Optioned writer, Repped by UTA, Optioned Screenwriter & Blogger @ Post-Mortem Depression __________________________  "Her class stands out in the overly saturated arena of TV writing classes, books, and seminars." “As a working television writer, Tawnya understands the inner function (or dysfunction) of “the writer.”  This, coupled with her innate gift for teaching, make her class stand out in the overly saturated arena of TV writing classes, books, and seminars.  Not only was her class informational, enhancing both my story and structure skills, but it was inspirational, fun, and offered a supportive environment for every participant.  But, what really matters is this: Tawnya made my work better." — Eva Taylor (2014/15 NBC Writers on the Verge Fellow, repped by UTA)  __________________________  "The guidance you'll receive throughout the roller coaster ride is unparalleled." Tawnya Bhattacharya's Televisionary Writer's Workshop is the place to go if you're ready to write like a professional. The pace is fast, the expectations are high, the deadlines are real, yet the guidance you'll receive throughout the roller coaster ride is unparalleled. As a rule, nobody should care more about your script than you do,but Tawnya frequently breaks this rule; whatever passion you bring to your script is guaranteed to be exceeded by her notes, ideas, and suggestions. This course supplies a safe, constructive, yet thoroughly challenging launch pad for any writer who's looking to grow…and start a career.  — Jason Romaine (writer/actor/comedian; current PAGE International Screenwriting Contest Quarterfinalist, The Humanitas Prize David & Lynn Angell Fellowship in comedy writing)   __________________________ "This workshop is worth its weight in gold!" The Televisionary Writers Workshop was one of the most valuable, most enjoyable, and most meaningful experiences I've had in my writing career.  And I promise you that's not hyperbole.  As a working television writer, Tawnya is a wealth of information — information that is current and up-to-the-minute.  Tawnya's years of teaching and private coaching experience are beyond evident, and show up in her deep wisdom, perspective, and savvy.  And all of this is delivered with clarity, humor, and an honesty that's always supportive.  This workshop is worth its weight in gold! — Blaed Spence (journalist and tv writer) __________ For more class photos, click HERE                  

at Blank Spaces
5405 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, United States

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