Restoring I AM-ness Four Week Meditation Course

Restoring I AM-ness Four Week Meditation Course
Event on 2017-07-10 19:30:00
Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Healer and Mentor. Remember who you were before all the other layers told you who you should be. A meditation workshop to help heal and get back in touch with your true self, uncovering the gifts you bring to this world. An insightful workshop to help you have an understanding with the following: – Why you are the way you are (human behaviour information) – Healing the past – Restoring your I AM-ness – PLUS information on meditation and practising techniques in class – Worksheets included "Through silence, through meditation, and through non-judgement. You will access the first law, the law of Pure Potentiality" Deepak Chopra Dates: 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st JulyTime:  7.30pm to 8.30pmPlace:  284 Fitzgerald St, North PerthCost:    Early bird until 5 Jul 5pmEmail: hello@stephaniedovidio.comWeb: * attendance for all classes is a must Testimonials: “Meditation with Steph helps me to remember what is important to me again. I feel more balanced, calm and able to get back into a good practice with my meditation. I would high recommend this course to anyone” Casey R, Perth*"Steph allowed me to get to know myself, how my breathing helps to heal and self belief in my ability to improve." Daniela B, Perth*"What I found different to other meditations I've attended is that Steph almost couples it with a counselling session. Perfect mix of information vs meditation." Jess M, Perth*"A well presented course, I would love to attend another course too!" Bec, M Perth*“Steph you have been a positive influence on me and helped me with ways to improve my confidence and how to deal with certain things.” Tracy S, Perth*"Very knowledgable, creative and kind instructor. The meditation course was very relaxing and game me the opportunity to switch off." Rhiannon C, Perth*Thank you Steph, this is just what I needed to bring some balance back into my life. Was great to learn about the Chakras." Anita T, Perth*" I looked forward to my weekly meditation class and loved that I could meditate each week with a new guided audio at home to keep me motivated and on track" Tanya Robinson, Perth*"Thank you for making new habits stick, and for sharing your knowledge" Christina P, Perth*The four week meditation workshop has been so enjoyable and relaxing to come too. Steph has taught me many things and now meditation is something that I have brought into my everyday routine. Something I have loved coming to every week and would do it again" Joseph F, Perth *"It was a wonderful experience, it made me think more about my perception of myself and what I feel." Elisa D, Perth*"I highly recommend this course for an un-intimidating entry into meditation. I always believed that I was unable to meditate because of my busy mind and short attention span, but Stephanie's small expectation of allowing yourself to meditate for just 10 minutes a day removed the enormity of the challenge. I now find myself looking forward to my meditation and sometimes able to do it naturally throughout the day." Bryan Summers, Perth

at Italo-Australian Welfare & Cultural Centre Inc.
209 Fitzgerald Street
Perth, Australia

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