Real Love Tour: Orlando

Real Love Tour: Orlando
Event on 2017-03-18 11:00:00
Real Love Tour – Love Yourself Edition We all need love. It starts with loving yourself. Then you can truly love someone else. I learned love the hard way. The world taught me how to hate myself and that made it hard to love someone else. Then I met my Wife at 21 years of age. We starting dating and I pushed her away a few months into it. I was broken, insecure, controlling, and everything I shouldn't have been. I got her back 6 months later and began to grow. After 10 months of dating, I married her. For the first two years of marriage we struggled because I was still learning how to love myself and love someone else. She was struggling in the same way. Then I took the lead and began learning what love is, what love looks like, and what love feels like. She stood her ground and wouldn't let me treat her any less than she deserved and that pushed me to grow. Love transformed my life. Love changed our lives in every way imagninable. After experiencing the power of God's love and the power of intimate love in a relationship I'll never be the same. That is why I'm committed to helping others discover real love. This event is for singles and couples. Space is limited. Once tickets are gone, they are gone. We will have Q&A also IN THIS SESSION WE WILL DISCUSS: Healing What loving yourself really means Brain, Brand, Body What is a soul tie and how to break it? Does your ex deserve another chance? Forgiving and forgetting What to do if you go back? How should a man love a woman? How should a woman love a man? What is husband and wife material? What is REAL LOVE? What is a REAL RELATIONSHIP? Brand building Prepare and Position Communication Trust How to love Recognizing red flags How to forgive PLUS extensive Q&A, discussions, and workbook exercises Parking: There will be parking around the location. Refund Policy: There are no refunds on tickets but you may transfer the credit towards the online course or another product.

at Key West Ballroom, UCF Student Union
12715 Pegasus Dr.
Orlando, United States

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