Superstars Of House:Melted Vinyl Series

Superstars Of House:Melted Vinyl Series
Event on 2017-06-29 18:00:00
JUST ADDED:DJ NAEEM JOHNSON !!  Blacklive Entertainment proudly presents SUPERSTARS OF HOUSE:MELTED VINYL SERIES 2017. The monthly event explores the roots of House music by showcasing the legendary artists, DJ's and dancers who contributed to the genre and created the subculture that surrounds the music.The series kicks of with a trio of superstar performers that defines the essential elements of House music. Beloved Diva Wardell Piper celebrates 40 fabulous years in the music business. Her illustrious career spans the Disco era (TSOP,First  Choice) to classic solo hits            "Super Sweet' and 'Captain Boogie' to today with a brand new release and stage show guaranteed to delight new and longtime fans. Singer-songwriter Anthony Malloy can arguably be called the most iconic male voice in House/Dance music.He is the voice of Serious Intentions, Temper and Anthony &The Camp. His repertoire includes dancefloor classics and Billboard charting radio hits including "You Don't Know' ,"What I like' and 'No Favors'. Ira Levi reigns as the best-selling male vocalist on the iconic Strictly Rhythm label- the 'Motown' of House. His chart-topping debut single 'Free Your Mind' launched the label's historic Blue label division and was featured in the Miramax film 'Lie Down With Dogs'.Dj Professor KC makes a long-awaited return to NYC spinning his eclectic blend of vinyl records to take listeners on a journey through the history of Dance music.The evening's MC will be the 'Duke Of House', Strictly Rhythm artist Eddie Nicholas,

at Mockingbird
25 Avenue B
New York, United States

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Event on 2017-07-04 20:30:00

FIRST BLOOD : n. Straight-forward, metal-edged hardcore mosh : Pissed-off lyrics : In-your-face message : Formed in 2002 in the legendary San Francisco Bay Area California USA

"We just wanted to play brutally aggressive music that was right to the point so kids could kill each other on the dancefloor, scream-along, and vent their frustrations" states frontman Carl Schwartz about the band's early, no-frills attitude. "We never thought or expected we would be playing shows outside of California, let alone San Francisco." That would soon change…

The word spread quickly with the self-release of their crushing 5-song DEMO 2002 (later reissued by Bridge9 spin-off Division36 Records.) Followed shortly by their 2004 split 7" Dead Man's Hand Series EP with Blacklisted via Deathwish Inc, the path would soon be paved for a full-length First Blood studio release.

Upon the release of their 2006 debut album entitled "Killafornia", First Blood would soon light radar screens across 30+ countries around the world, with countless tours across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South America, China, South East Asia, and beyond. Sharing the stage with world-class acts such as Agnostic Front, Biohazard, Comeback Kid, Cro-Mags, Crowbar, Deez Nuts, Earth Crisis, Exodus, The Ghost Inside, Gorilla Biscuits, Hatebreed, Heaven Shall Burn, H2O, Ignite, Killswitch Engage, Madball, Napalm Death, The Path Of Resistance, Rancid, Sick Of It All, Sleeping Giant, Stick To Your Guns, Strife, Terror, Thy Art Is Murder, and many more, First Blood has become an unstoppable force and staple of the underground music community.

"A time comes when silence is betrayal." As the world was yet again descending to the depths of war, death, and division, 2010 marked the release of the band's highly anticipated sophomore album entitled "Silence Is Betrayal" (via Bullet Tooth Records). This long-awaited concept album marked a strong lyrical shift and focus on the ongoing violence, deception, injustice, and corruption that was crippling the world (and continues to this day), while maintaining a soundtrack that was every bit as true-to-form to the brutal musical aggression many have come to expect of the band. Featuring 16 tracks of musical devastation and lyrical condemnation, vocalist Carl Schwartz hopes to raise awareness and inspire listeners. "With the criminals of this world becoming more powerful, we must constantly question authority, challenge the status quo when we see injustice, and always stand up for what we believe to be the change we wish to see in this world."

Continuing the spirit of hope and inspiration, First Blood celebrated their ten year anniversary with their 2012 release, aptly entitled "Inspiration Vol.I", featuring ten crushing new renditions of classic anthems by Hatebreed, Sick Of It All, Earth Crisis, Path Of Resistance, Agnostic Front, Madball, Biohazard, and more, all re-recorded in First Blood style. Paying tribute to some of their biggest influences in music and life, frontman Carl Schwartz explains, "If it weren't for some of these bands, First Blood would never have existed." First Blood "Inspiration Vol. I" (FBI) is an Internet-only digital release and is available for free download at

"Good things come to those who wait." At least, that's what the rule says… Fast forward to 2017, First Blood is finally ready to unleash their long-awaited, third full-length studio album, simply entitled "RULES" via the mighty Pure Noise Records. Produced by recording mastermind Will Putney at Graphic Nature Studios (formerly known as The Machine Shop) in Belleville, NJ USA, "RULES" features 12 tracks of the band's hardest, yet most inward-looking material to date. Elaborating on the album title, vocalist Carl Schwartz adds, "Rules are everywhere. Explicit rules. Unwritten rules. Unspoken rules. The rule of law. Some rules we accept. Others we hate or choose to ignore. Frequently, those who set the rules are found guilty of breaking those rules. Many have become victims of the rules they live by, either by conquest or consent. I hope that, after listening to this album and reading the lyrics, we can revisit and remind ourselves of the very essence of the underground music scene: Living our own lives by our own rules."

"We are also really proud to now be part of the Pure Noise roster", Carl continues, "and super excited to release our newest efforts with a team who not only saw us play live back in our early San Francisco Bay Area California days, but a team that has worked hard to create a tremendous record label that continues to make a huge impact on the underground music scene around the world."

First Blood "RULES" is available worldwide on February 10, 2017 via Pure Noise Records.
Presented by

at Bi NUU Club

Berlin, Germany

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Harry Potter Castle Day Trip: Sun 9th July

Harry Potter Castle Day Trip: Sun 9th July
Event on 2017-07-09 07:45:00
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS: If you prefer to buy tickets in person, you can provissionally book your tickets by contacting us at Once you book your tickets provisionally, you can pick them up at our Ticket Sale on Tuesday 20th June at 5pm on the second floor of GUU (Glasgow University Union) located at 32 Uniersity Avenue. ——— Welcome to International Student Tours (Non-Students are also welcome to join) IMPORTANT : Tickets are available only based on first come first served! You can buy tickets Online or at our Ticket Sales (no fee applies). If you prefer to buy tickets in person in cash (no online fee applies), you can also email us at and we will give you tickets in person. About the Tour Immerse yourself in magic, and embark on the path of Harry Potter and his friends to see Harry Potter Castle– famously known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! This is your chance to step inside the famous wizard's magical world, with the castle and grounds prominently featured in the films, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". The Castle also stars as a brand new location in Downton Abbey's 2014 Christmas special, featuring as Brancaster Castle. Inside the castle you will have an amazing experience with lots of Harry Potter Themed Activities including Broomstick Flying Lesson by Wizardry Professors (the same place as Harry did flying lesson in the movie), Archery and the opportunity to try on Medieval Costumes, tonnes of fun for all Harry Potter fans, Harry Potter Ground Tour, A MUST SEE Potter-Inspired Characters to meet characters inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter such as Harry Potter and Hagrid's lookalikes, Medieval Alchemist Show, Crafts with the Company of Artisans Show, the sumptuous State Rooms, and the beautiful massive gardens, Lion Bridge and River Aln, as well as visiting the biggest Treehouse in Europe and Harry Potter Gift Shops. Be intrigued as there is just so much to see and do in the castle and you will have PLENTY OF TIME to all these activities and visit the whole castle and the town. As this is a very special weekend in Harry Potter Castle, there will be lots of impressive Harry Potter Shows to enjoy all included in your ticket!  Tour Highlights Harry Potter Castle, Bamburgh, Dunbar, Lion Bridge, Harry Potter Flying Lesson / Broomstick Training by a Wizardry Professor, Dressing Up Medieval Costumes (So much fun!!), Medieval Crafts, Archery, Ground Tours of the Harry Potter Castle, Crafts with the Company of Artisans, Battleaxe to Broomsticks Tour, Medieval alchemist, State Rooms Tours, Jesting with Zooted and more ….  Inclusion Return JourneyMap and Itinerary Free time for sights, shops & attractionsVisiting Harry Potter Castle, Bamburgh and Dunbar NOTE You must bring £12 cash with you on the day for entry to the castle. (It is usually about £15 but it will be only £12 with ISTours). Lunch You will have plenty of time for lunch. You can either eat in Harry Potter Castle or in bars, pubs and restaurants in the town or bring your own lunch if you wish so. Things to bring with youSmile, a camera, warm clothes and anything you may want to use or to eat. Meeting Time / Pick Up & Drop Off PointISUK Tours offers 3 Pick Up Points for your convenience and you can choose the convenient Pick Up Point when booking your ticket as follows: Glasgow Uni Students:07:45am, at the Main Gate of Glasgow UniversityStrathclyde Uni, GCU Students and School of Art:07:30am, at Thomas Graham Building, No 295 at Cathedral Street, Glasgow City CentreUWS Paisley Students:07:00am, at the Main Entrance of UWS Paisley in High Street Notes – All students (& non-students) are welcome to join ISUK Tours.- Tickets are very limited and are available based on first come, first served.- Tikcets are non-refundable. However, tickets may be offered to resale to others.

at Pick Up Points are available in Glasgow West End, Glasgow City Centre & Paisley.
Departure Point is the Main Gate of Glasgow University. , University Avenue
Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Jonah Tolchin & Helen Rose

Jonah Tolchin & Helen Rose
Event on 2017-07-02 20:00:00
Sun 7/02 • 8:00pm

Immediately after Jonah Tolchin finished recording his new album, ‘Thousand Mile Night,’ he got behind the wheel and lived it, driving from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, all the way back to his native New Jersey with guitarist Lucas Hamren in one straight shot. By the time the car finally coasted into Hamren’s driveway in the early dawn light, the odometer had accumulated 998 miles. The journey wasn’t quite over yet, though. Tolchin said his goodbyes, gathered his things from the back seat, and began the walk to his childhood home on nearby Clover Lane. It was precisely two more miles.

The universe is full of signs if you’re open to them, and for Jonah Tolchin, there could be no clearer omen than the mileage of that epic trip: he’d had made the perfect album for the perfect moment in his life. Recorded at the legendary FAME Studios (Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin), ‘Thousand Mile Night’ charts the young songwriter’s remarkable growth, both personally and artistically, as he digs deep into the roots of American music with a distinctly modern perspective, tackling everything from love and marriage to life on the road to loneliness and depression with a deft lyrical touch.

The album follows Tolchin’s acclaimed Yep Roc debut, ‘Clover Lane,’ which was recorded in Nashville with a slew of special guests including Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin and Deer Tick’s John McCauley. NPR called Tolchin “a promising new artist who artfully occupies the gulf between old-school tradition and contemporary appropriation,” while Uncut said he “demonstrates the finesse and maturity of someone like Jason Isbell,” and Mojo praised him for “adding raw, punk brio to a folk-blues template.” Tolchin racked up more than three million plays on Spotify with tracks from the record and toured the US and Europe extensively in support of it, sharing bills with artists like Chuck Prophet, Dave and Phil Alvin, Gregg Allman, Joseph Arthur, and more along the way. When he wasn’t on the road, Tolchin was busy showing off his talents behind the board as a producer, heading to Nashville’s Bomb Shelter to helm an album for Bill Scorzari and bringing bluesy soul singer Julie Rhodes to record at FAME, where he made such a powerful connection with engineer John Gifford III that he knew he had to return there for ‘Thousand Mile Night.’

When it came time to record, Tolchin doubled down on the same raw approach that made ‘Clover Lane’ such an infectious collection, performing live as a band in the studio and recording and mixing the entire album start-to-finish in a staggering four days.

“I work very well under pressure,” Tolchin explains. “If I had three weeks to make a record, I don’t know what would happen. There’s something about having this pressure to create on a deadline that helps me as an artist. We didn’t have the luxury to over-think anything.”

Tolchin once again teamed up with producer/multi-instrumentalist Marvin Etzioni, who helped shepherd ‘Clover Lane,’ and rounded out the band with Hamren on guitar, Michael Bosco on drums, and Jamie McFarlane (son of legendary Muscle Shoals musician Will McFarlane) on bass. Rather than prep everyone for the whirlwind sessions, though, Tolchin kept them in the dark until it was time to press record.

“I purposely didn’t show anyone besides Marvin the songs,” he explains. “I don’t like anyone to chart anything out in the studio. I like them to make it up as they go along. I want everyone to play what they feel is the right thing to play.”

The result is free-wheeling and instinctual, the rare sound of a group of artists discovering the magic and mystery in the songs at the same time as they reveal themselves to the listener. It all begins with album opener “Beauty In The Ugliest Days,” a beautiful showcase of Tolchin’s young-man-with-an-old-soul brand of heartfelt philosophy featuring a performance by Bob Marley drummer “Santa” Davis. It’s a song of resilience, a gentle dose of Zen reassurance in the face of doubt that every dark cloud does indeed come with a silver lining.

“I was on an airplane sitting on the runway in Los Angeles, and I got a call from Marvin,” remember Tolchin. “He had just spoken to a friend of his from school that he’d lost touch with along time ago, and it turned out this friend had been living on the streets. He said,’ Marvin, I have this title for a song called ‘It’s Up To You To See The Beauty In The Ugliest Of Days.’ He started talking to Marvin about this concept, and then Marvin called me right away, and I’d finished writing the song before we even took off.”

There are some ugly days on this record, to be sure, from “Song About Home”—written during an unhappy stint living on the West Coast in the Olympia apartment complex —to “Where The Hell Are All My Friends”—an apocalyptic, Tom Waits-esque musing on time spent alone—but Tolchin takes the lesson to heart and always pushes deeper to find moments of transcendence and redemption. He embraces change and uncertainty throughout the record, singing “All the wise men say / That they know nothing at all” on “Workin’ Man Blues #22” and surrendering himself to the all-encompassing power of true love on “Completely,” which features Joaquin Cooder on drums. Elsewhere, “Unless You Got Faith” is an ode to trusting in your gut, “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” resurrects the Skip James classic, and “I Wonder” is a rollicking note-to-self to accept things as they are.

“I can get in these existential mindsets where I’ll get very philosophical,” says Tolchin. “I’ll want to know the answer, and I won’t want to rest until I find it. This song was a reminder that sometimes you can just wonder about something and that’s all. There doesn’t have to be an answer. The process of wondering is one of the most beautiful things about being human.”

With an album this outstanding, we don’t have to wonder much about what’s in store for Jonah Tolchin. It’s safe to say there will be many more thousand-mile nights in his future as he takes these songs across the country and around the world, bringing beauty and truth and silver linings wherever he goes, “driving all night,” as he sings, “on a little bit of faith.”BAND WEBSITE

at Barley’s
200 East Jackson Avenue
Knoxville, United States

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2017 Vail Dance Festival Master Class Series

2017 Vail Dance Festival Master Class Series
Event on 2017-07-29 10:00:00
Welcome to the 2017 Vail Dance Festival Master Class Series Each summer the Vail Dance Festival hosts a Master Class Series giving dance students from the Vail Valley and surrounding areas the opportunity to learn and gain invaluable dance experience from world-class dancers and instructors.  **Please understand that ALL classes will be taught at an advanced level and are intended for pre-professional students** ATTIRE: Proper dance shoes are required for each class. No rings, dangling earrings, or necklaces. Hair should be neatly pulled back into a bun or pony tail. Ballet Attire Requirements: Women: Solid colored leotard, pink or white tights and ballet shoes; demi skirt optional. Men: Solid colored t-shirt, dance pants or tights, and ballet shoes.   ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. **All PARTICIPANTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN OR HAVE A GUARDIAN SIGN A WAIVER PRIOR TO JOINING CLASS** If your guardian is unable to attend the class and sign your waiver, please email the organizer at to have a waiver emailed to you prior to the event.   To date this summer's instructors and classes will include: L.A. Dance Project, Ballet July 29th, 10:00 am – 11:30 pm Vail welcomes L.A. Dance Project in its Festival company debut. L.A. Dance Project was founded in 2012 by former New York City Ballet principal dancer and choreographer, Benjamin Millepied. Over the past 5 years, this cutting-edge company has gained renown for creating new work and reviving seminal collaborations from influential dance makers. Patricia Delgado, Ballet July 31st, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Patricia Delgado is a former principal dancer with the Miami City Ballet. She is currently a freelance artist living in NYC. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida. With the Miami City Ballet, she performed many ballets by George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins, as well as works by Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor, Anthony Tudor, Trey Mcyntire, Richard Alston, Christopher Wheeldon, Alexei Ratmansky, Liam Scarlett, Justin Peck and John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet. Her classical repertoire includes Swanhilda in Coppelia, and featured roles in Giselle and Don Quixote. She has danced at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and at Le Chatelet in Paris, France as well as all over the U.S, most recently at the Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center in New York City.   Michelle Dorrance, Tap August 1st, 10:00 am – 11:30 am 2017 Artist-In-Residence, Michelle Dorrance is a New York based tap dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher and director. A 2015 MacArthur Fellow, 2014 Alpert Award winner, 2013 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award winner, 2012 Princess Grace Award Winner, and both a 2015 and 2011 Bessie Award Winner, Michelle is the Founder and Artistic Director of Dorrance Dance. She is “one of the most imaginative tap choreographers working today” (The New Yorker). Lil’ Buck, Jookin’ August 2nd, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Leader of the dance style known as Jookin, which originated in Memphis, TN, Lil Buck gained mass acclaim for his YouTube collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma in The Swan directed by Damian Woetzel. Lil Buck appeared with Madonna in her 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show and now performs with Madonna regularly. He has made guest appearances on The Colbert Report, and in 2017 was featured in two nationally-televised commercials, one for Lexus (during Super Bowl LI) and the acclaimed Apple AirPods spot, which has since received millions of views on YouTube.   Daniel Ulbricht, Ballet August 3rd, 10:00 am – 11:30 am Daniel Ulbricht is a principal dancer with New York City Ballet and the founder and director of Stars of the American Ballet, a company that tours nationally and internationally and is devoted to presenting high caliber dance performances and offering educational and outreach programs. Ulbricht is also the Artistic Advisor to Manhattan Youth Ballet and the Associate Artistic Director of the New York State Summer School for the Arts in Saratoga Springs, NY. A guest teacher at the School of American Ballet and Ballet Academy East in New York City, he also teaches at many well-known dance schools, private schools and universities throughout the United States.   Tiler Peck, Ballet August 3rd, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Tiler Peck began her dance training at the age of seven, studying privately with former Bolshoi Ballet principal dancer Alla Khaniashvili. At the age of 12, she entered the School of American Ballet, the official school of New York City Ballet. In February 2005 she joined the Company as a member of the corps de ballet. She was promoted to Soloist in December 2006 and principal dancer in October 2009. She is currently the spokesperson for Body Wrappers and was named to the 2014 Forbes 30 under 30.   Rebecca King & Michael Breeden, Ballet 2 part Class on August 5th and 6th, 10:00 am – 11:30 am each day. Dancers have the option to purchase one or both days of classes offered by Rebecca and Michael.  If you would like attend both days, you need to purchase two tickets, one to each day. (Both classes are recommended, but not required). Rebecca King Ferraro was born and raised in Northern California. Ms. King received her ballet training from former San Francisco Ballet School Director and ABT dancer Richard Cammack, former ABT and SFB dancer Zola Dishong, former NYCB dancer Charles Anderson, and former Royal Swedish Ballet dancer Katarina Wester at Contra Costa Ballet Centre in Walnut Creek, CA.  Ms. King spent two summers studying at The San Francisco Ballet School under the direction of former Balanchine ballerina, Gloria Govrin.  Her senior year in high school, she attended The Rock School in Philadelphia.  After graduating in 2006, Ms. King moved to Miami to train at the Miami City Ballet School.  Ms. King joined Miami City Ballet under Founding Artistic Director Edward Villella in 2007 as a Company Apprentice and was promoted to Corps De Ballet in 2008. Michael Sean Breeden was born in Lexington, KY, where he began training at the Lexington Ballet at the age of 7. He began attending the School of American Ballet on scholarship in 2002, with additional training completed at San Francisco Ballet, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and Vostrikov's Academy of Dance.  Mr. Breeden joined Miami City Ballet as an apprentice in 2006 and was promoted to the corps de ballet in 2008. Since joining the company, he has performed in the works of George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, Frederick Ashton, Antony Tudor, Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor, Alexei Ratmansky and Liam Scarlett. Mr. Breeden has joined Miami City Ballet on acclaimed tours to New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Paris.   Barton Cowperthwaite, Jazz August 8th, 10:00 am – 11:30 am Barton was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He attended Denver School of the Arts and The Academy of Colorado Ballet. After graduating from high school he transitioned to the dance department at The University of Arizona. He graduated a year early, cum laude, with a BFA in Dance. He then joined the Bad Boys of Ballet to tour Europe as Romeo in their new contemporary dance production of Romeo and Juliet. He currently resides in New York City as a freelance dancer, actor, and model. Barton has had the pleasure of working for Lar Lubovitch, Pontus Lidberg, Lindsay Nelko, Emily Schoen, The Muses of Motion and many more artists. He recently starred in the third installment of the Center Stage movie series Center Stage: Dance Camp. Matthew Neenan, Ballet August 8th, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Matthew Neenan began his dance training at the Boston Ballet School and with noted teachers Nan C. Keating and Jacqueline Cronsberg. He later attended the LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts and the School of American Ballet in New York. From 1994-2007, Matthew danced with the Pennsylvania Ballet where he danced numerous principal roles in works by George Balanchine, John Cranko, Paul Taylor, Peter Martins, Val Caniparoli, Jorma Elo, Lila York, Meredith Rainey, Christopher Wheeldon and Jerome Robbins. In October 2007, Matthew was named Choreographer in Residence at the Pennsylvania Ballet. In 2005, Matthew co-founded BalletX with fellow dancer Christine Cox. BalletX had its world premiere at the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival in September 2005 and is now the resident dance company at the prestigious Wilma Theatre. BalletX has toured and performed Neenan’s choreography in New York City at The Joyce Theater, The Skirball Center, Symphony Space and Central Park Summerstage, Vail Dance Festival, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, The Cerritos Center, Laguna Dance Festival, Spring to Dance Festival in St.Louis, and internationally in Cali, Colombia and Seoul, Korea. In 2010, Matthew became a trustee member for DanceUSA. His ballet The Last Glass was praised in the New York Times as the “The Top 10” of 2013. Dawn Fay, Wonderbound, Ballet August 9th, 10:00 am – 11:30 am Dawn Fay was named Producing Director of Wonderbound in 2007, prior to which her professional career spanned more than twenty years, including being named one of Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch.” Dawn is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and received her professional training at North Carolina School of the Arts. She began her career at Ballet Oklahoma and went on to dance with Miami City Ballet, Royal Ballet of Flanders and Ballet Memphis. Dawn has performed classical works including Rudolf Nureyev’s Don Quixote, Fleming Flindt’s La Sylphide, as well as Giselle, Cinderella and Coppelia. She has danced contemporary works by Garrett Ammon, Trey McIntyre, Jiri Kylian, Choo San Goh, and Lila York among others. In 2005, Dawn became a founding member of Trey McIntyre Project, dancing at festivals around the country including The Vail Dance Festival and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. Dawn has also staged Mr. McIntyre’s work for Trey McIntyre Project, The Washington Ballet, Kansas City Ballet, Ballet Augsburg and Smuin Ballet.   Carla Körbes, Ballet August 9th, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Carla Körbes was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and began her ballet training at age five. In 1996 Körbes moved to New York to study at the School of American Ballet and in 1999, was the Mae. L. Wien Award recipient and became an apprentice with New York City Ballet. She was promoted to Soloist in 2005 and later that year joined Pacific Northwest Ballet as a Soloist. Körbes was promoted to Principal Dancer in 2006, dancing with the company until her retirement on June 7, 2015. Körbes continues to dance, including with Benjamin Millepied’s L.A. Dance Project, and in the fall will join the faculty of the prestigious Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.   Martha Graham Dance Company, Modern August 10th, 10:00 am – 11:30 am Recognized as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Martha Graham created a movement language based upon the expressive capacity of the human body. It all began in 1926 when Martha Graham started teaching a group of dancers who had been drawn to her creative work. Thus began the Martha Graham Studio, to remain under her personal guidance for the next 66 years. When official accreditation came to dance in 1980 with the formation of the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD), it adopted Martha Graham’s term, “Professional Studio School” to denote independent dance studios that teach to professional standards. Students who have studied at the Martha Graham School have moved on to professional dance companies such as the Martha Graham Dance Company, Paul Taylor Dance Company, José Limón Dance Company, the Buglisi Dance Theater, Rioult Dance Theater, The Battery Dance Company, Noemi Lafrance Dance Company, as well as other companies throughout the world and on Broadway.

at Studio 8100
101 Fawcett Road
Avon, United States

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Off Key: The Improvised Musical

Off Key: The Improvised Musical
Event on 2017-07-08 22:30:00
We bring the music. You bring the noise. Off Key performs original musicals based on audience suggestions. The catch? The script, lyrics, and music are all improvised on the spot. When music starts to play, anything can happen: a touching love song, a wild dance number, or a high-wire rap battle. Every show is completely different, so come inspire the players and musicians… and witness the opening (and closing) night of a brand new musical!

at Havana Theatre
1212 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, Canada

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RTRFM Quiz Night 2017

RTRFM Quiz Night 2017
Event on 2017-07-13 19:00:00

The annual RTRFM Music Quiz features ten rounds of mind-bending trivia that will test your brain power, but not too much testing. Join new MC’s Simon Miraudo  and Tristan Fidler from Friday Breakfast’s Movie Squad joined by DJ Will Bixler, keeping you entertained all evening.

Get together a table of either six or four of your brainiest, train-spottery type friends to see if you can take the coverted title of Champion Team.

This year, we will also be joined by The Red Panther, featuring members of The Rhinehearts and the Leeches who all have one thing in common, shimmering red tinged hair. Catch them as they play a medley of songs involving the word red or produced by a fellow red head, can you guess all 10 songs.

RTRFM’s Music Coordinator and Monday Out To Lunch presenter Will Backler (Bixler) will be on the wheels of steal all evening, testing your brain power with a number of musical questions.

Simon Miraudo and Tristan Fidler, while being your MC will also test your indie film knowlegde with the Movie Squad round and catch the return of the superb Sandy round. A round of oddly named bands and songs, can you guess which is real or not real?

Join us in the newly revamped Rosemount Hotel’s Main Room for a bite to eat, a drink and a raucous good time of quiz magic.

There will be prizes awarded to the Champion Team plus the famous prize for the worst team plus you will get bragging rights and ultimate geek respect from everyone at RTRFM.

This event sells out every year so get your table booked quickly!

at Rosemount Hotel
Fitzgerald Street
Perth, Australia

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Josh Brannon Band at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant

Josh Brannon Band at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant
Event on 2017-07-08 21:30:00
The Josh Brannon Band, known for its unique brand of genuine country and rock with high-energy live performances, is based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With its knock-you-in-the-gut lead vocals, powerful three-part vocal harmonies, and cleverly-arranged fiddle and guitar instrumentation, the group deserves every bit of the recognition that has come its way lately. Go check out this JBB live performance, and the band’s cohesiveness and chemistry will be evident – these talented guys love what they do, and they put on one dynamic show!

at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant
273 Buckhead Ave NE
Atlanta, United States

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Casey Donovan

Casey Donovan
Event on 2017-07-13 00:00:00
Casey Donovan
Thursday, July 13

Casey Donovan is one of Australia’s most versatile Indigenous Entertainers.

After a meteoric rise to fame at the age of 16, Casey became the youngest ever winner of Australian Idol in 2004. Over the last twelve years, Donovan has made her mark not only as a musician, but also in the areas of stage, screen, presenting and writing. Casey is a multi-Award winner & nominee, including an ARIA No #1 Award for Listen with Your Heart and Deadly Awards for Best Album, Best Single and Most Promising New Talent.

After taking a break from music, Casey returned to the music arena with the release of her hotly anticipated single Big, Beautiful & Sexy. As a result of this inspirational song, she not only garnered new fans Australia-wide, but also became a poster girl for fuller-figured women. Casey took her Big, Beautiful & Sexy ethos further by touring in her own show, which has seen the remarkable singer perform to sell-out crowds at some of the country’s most coveted venues and participate in events such as Adelaide Festival, Brisbane Festival, The Rocks Festival of the Voice, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute’s Spirit Festival, Darwin Festival and Yabun Festival.

Casey has also headlined her own Mama Cass Tribute concerts and supported the legendary Cyndi Lauper on her Australian National Tour.

Under the direction of Rhoda Roberts, Casey made her theatrical debut in Miracle In Brisbane for the Brisbane Festival. This was to be the first of many acclaimed theatrical performances, including The Flowerchildren (Magnormos), As You Like It (Company B), Opera Yarrabah (Opera Australia) and The Sapphires (Company B / Black Swan State Theatre Company), RENT (Hayes Theatre) and in 2016 Donovan starred in We Will Rock You (Andrew Pole/Ben Elton). Casey’s stage credits have earned her respect from the industry, which has seen her receive a nomination for Best Newcomer and Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical in the Sydney Theatre Awards.

Over the span of her illustrious career, Casey has appeared on many television programs including; The Morning Show, Sunrise, 20 to 1, Today Show, Studio 10, Fusion, Yarramundi Kids, Spicks and Specks, Good Morning Australia, Rove Live and many more. As a presenter, she was host of the 2011 and 2012 Deadly Awards and presented her own indigenous music themed show Fusion on SBS/NITV during 2012 and 2013.

In 2014 Casey captivated readers with her autobiography Big, Beautiful & Sexy (New Holland Publishers) and made her mark in the plus size fashion market, becoming an emcee and ambassador for the Curvy Couture Roadshow in Melbourne, plus becoming featured writer for international publications such as Pink Blitz, and Plus Model Magazine.

In January 2017, Casey was announced as a cast member of the third series of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here which was filmed on location in South Africa. After six grueling weeks in the jungle, Donovan went on to be crowned QUEEN of the Jungle by vote of the Australian Public, her second reality TV win by a public vote. Casey’s appearance on the hit network 10 series has seen the versatile entertainer win an outpouring of love and support from Australian audiences, which has fuelled her popularity even further and will no doubt fuel her comeback even further.

In other exciting news, Casey has completed work on her highly anticipated new EP, which was crowd funded in 2016 by her biggest supporters. Donovan’s new single will be out within weeks, and the new EP can be expected by mid 2017, with a series of live an intimate shows around the country to reconnect Casey with music lovers and her biggest supporters.

Casey continues to lend her name and support to a number of charitable and non-profit organisations in her roles as Ambassador for APRA/AMCOS, Advocate for the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, advocate for National Indigenous Ear Health Campaign and as one of the founding members of the New South Wales Indigenous Chamber of Commerce.
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at Brass Monkey
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2018 Summer Cruise to Cozumel from Galveston

2018 Summer Cruise to Cozumel from Galveston
Event on 2018-06-07 13:00:00
Summer Fun 2018 4 Day Cruise to Cozumel Mexico Aboard the Carnival Valor   From Galveston, Texas   Thursday, June 7, 2018- Monday, June 11, 2018   Day 1 Depart Galveston at 4:00 PM   Day 2 Fun Day at Sea    Day 3 Fun in Cozumel    Day 4 Fun Day at Sea   Day 5 Return to Galveston     Cabins start at 42.00 for 2 people in an Interior Cabin That is 0.63 per person Call or text for a personalized cabin cost There are cabins that accomodate 2, 3 and 4. There are also connecting cabins     We only have 10 cabins reserved. Save your spot by making a non-refundable deposit per person The is applied towards your account balance. If you cancel your trip the will not be refunded and can not be transferred to another account.   Payment Schedule: 7/25/2018  due per person 2/17/2018 5 due per person Final payment on cabin due by 4/5/2018 You can call and make payments directly with your Travel Host: Kymberli at any time       Gratuities/Tip required per person: .80  You can pre-pay your gratuities or pay them on the ship Optional Vacation Protection/Insurance .00 per person You will receive a on board credit per cabin! The 1st and 2nd person in the cabin will receive per person on their Sign and Sail Card     Call Kym at 214 537-0453 when you are ready to book your cabin or if you have any questions        What does the price include:Your cabin accomodations, all meals, entertainment and on-board activities and lots of FUN! What is not included in the price? Transporation to and from the port, gratuities, and travel insurance. Please consider travel insurance. Travel is an investment and anything could happen and you may have to cancel. Ask for me for details when you call.   Sailing Away Has Never Been More Affordable   Cruising was once a travel option reserved for the wealthy and well-to-do. But due to the massive growth this industy has seen in recent decades, cruising has become much more accessible. Should you consider a cruise for your next vacation? Here are ten reasons to go for it:   1. Wake Up Each Morning in a Different Port   Hotel-based vacations cannot compete in this area. On a cruise, your "hotel" floats from place to place allowing you to see many points of interest on a single trip. There's nothing quite like going to sleep in Antigua and waking up in St. Thomas. Just one cruise will leave you feeling like an experienced traveller.   2. First-Class Food   Cruising is perhaps best known for the food. And believe me, the food has a well-deserved reputation. From 'round-the-clock buffets to elegant dining halls to specialty restaurants, your options are overwhelming. But be watchful for cruise lines that seem to be cutting corners in the food department — I was personally underwhelmed on a recent Norwegian cruise. Read other travellers' cruise reviews ahead of time to know what to expect. I can personally vouch for Disney and Princess cruises!   3. Plenty of Fun in the Sun   Most cruises set sail to tropical destinations, where warm sunny weather is the rule. Just make sure to bring lots of sunscreen. In addition to the ship's pool(s) and sun deck, you'll have opportunities to take in breath-taking beaches at your stops. Several of the major cruise lines operate their own private islands, which are geared almost exclusively to beach activities. Have no fear–sun-phobics will have plenty to do if they remain onboard or choose try out non-beach excursions.   4. Great Entertainment   Vegas-style shows, comedians of all kinds, game shows, music and dancing, you name it. Cruise ships offer it. A highlight aboard the Norwegian Dawn is the Cirque du Soleil-style dancing and acrobatics show, while the Disney Magic offers up a different comedian every night working a different genre, from straight stand-up to juggling to ventriloquism. Every night there is something to suit anyone's tastes. You'll get a daily newsletter delivered to your cabin each day listing times and locations of every show.     5. Meet New People   Most cruises still follow the traditional dinner dining schedule, meaning your party is assigned a table at a specific time every night. Unless your party takes up an entire table, you will be seated with other travellers. Many new friendships are formed in this way. Do not worry, though, if you are a more private person. Some cruise lines have broken out of the traditional dining mold and allow parties of any size to dine privately at the time of their choosing–even tables for two are available. Princess and Norwegian both offer this new style. However, many cruise-goers find they enjoy the company of their fellow travellers. Carnival, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and others remain traditional.   6. See Exotic Wildlife   Whether it's whales and seals in Alaska or stingrays and tropical birds in the Caribbean, one highlight of many people's cruises is the interaction with local wildlife. On my last cruise, I had the pleasure of swimming amongst beautiful tropical fish. These experiences will leave a long-lasting impression of your trip!   7. Shopping Deals Abound   When you're out of your home country, taxes no longer apply–that is, up to a certain point. Cruise travellers find great deals on jewely, alcohol, designer accessories, and more. Once aboard your cruise, you will be provided with information about limitations that apply. You're likely to find that your cruise ship lists recommended vendors and offers greater buyer protections when you shop at these establishments. Attend the onboard shopping seminars if you have any questions.   8. Enjoy 5-Star Service   Expect nightly turn-down service and mints on the pillow. Expect a head waiter, assistant waiter, and possibly a sommelier to attend to your every need at dinner. Expect random cruise staff to greet you and offer assistance for anything you may need. As Celebrity Cruise Line says, expect to be treated like royalty. This is part of the cruise experience.   9. No Flying (Maybe)   Most metropolitan areas near the coast are within driving distance to ports where cruise ships sail out from. If you hate to fly but are lucky enough to live near a cruise port, you're set! However, if you do have to fly to your cruise, consider making your own flight arrangements rather than selecting a package deal through the cruise line. This can save you hundreds of dollars. Just be sure to give yourself ample time to account for the chance that your flight is delayed.   10. Because You Deserve It!   This is what it ultimately comes down to. You work hard all year long, don't you deserve a little indulgence? With prices dropping the way they have, the deals are out there. So take a week off to recharge and rejuvenate–you'll be glad you did!   There are more reasons to cruise than these ten, of course. Gaming in the onboard casino, exotic spa treatments, karaoke competitions, champagne art auctions, wine and martini tasting, midnight chocolate dessert buffets, sunsets from your balcony, and afternoon tea are some more ways to pass the time while you travel. You'll have an unforgettable time. Happy cruising!       Passport not required for travel but suggested.   If you do not have a passport you must have your original birth certificate or a certified copy of your birth certificate and a state issued ID.   Please call Kym at 214 537 0453 for details  

at Carnival Cruise Line Port
2502 Harborside Drive
Galveston, United States

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