7 Day Caribbean Cruise 2017

7 Day Caribbean Cruise 2017
Event on 2017-10-15 13:00:00
"The Grown Folk Cruise" 7 Day Western Caribbean This cruise is all about the leaving the kids at home! We are going grown folk style! Friends, fun, food and festivities! We will set sail from Galveston, Texas on Sunday, Oct 15th and return on Sunday, Oct 22nd Aboard the Carnival Breeze Sunday, Depart Galveston Monday, Fun Day at Sea Tuesday, Fun Day at Sea  Wednesday, Montego Bay Jamaica  9:00 AM to 4 PM Thursday, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Friday, Cozumel, Mexico 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM   Book with Kym and receive a onboard credit per cabin and invited to a special cocktail party on the ship Plus a Gift Bag   0 per person deposit required to book cabii Call for specific pricing:  There are 3 types of cruise cabins Interior (no window) Ocean View (window) Balcony Cabins can accommodate up to 4 people The Base Price for this cruise for an interior cabin with double occupancy is 65.50 or 632.75 per person Think about it like this: That is less than 0 per day That is your room accommodations All the food you can eat 24 Hour Free room service Casino Free Show and entertainment Movies and more Plus a day in Jamaica Grand Cayman Cozumel You can't beat that! You can make monthly installments You have until August 1st to pay off your cabin   NO PASSPORT REQUIRED FOR TRAVEL You will need your birth certificate and current ID Call Kym to for more information     Sailing Away Has Never Been More Affordable   Cruising was once a travel option reserved for the wealthy and well-to-do. But due to the massive growth this industy has seen in recent decades, cruising has become much more accessible. Should you consider a cruise for your next vacation? Here are ten reasons to go for it:   1. Wake Up Each Morning in a Different Port   Hotel-based vacations cannot compete in this area. On a cruise, your "hotel" floats from place to place allowing you to see many points of interest on a single trip. There's nothing quite like going to sleep in Antigua and waking up in St. Thomas. Just one cruise will leave you feeling like an experienced traveller.   2. First-Class Food   Cruising is perhaps best known for the food. And believe me, the food has a well-deserved reputation. From 'round-the-clock buffets to elegant dining halls to specialty restaurants, your options are overwhelming. But be watchful for cruise lines that seem to be cutting corners in the food department — I was personally underwhelmed on a recent Norwegian cruise. Read other travellers' cruise reviews ahead of time to know what to expect. I can personally vouch for Disney and Princess cruises!   3. Plenty of Fun in the Sun   Most cruises set sail to tropical destinations, where warm sunny weather is the rule. Just make sure to bring lots of sunscreen. In addition to the ship's pool(s) and sun deck, you'll have opportunities to take in breath-taking beaches at your stops. Several of the major cruise lines operate their own private islands, which are geared almost exclusively to beach activities. Have no fear–sun-phobics will have plenty to do if they remain onboard or choose try out non-beach excursions.   4. Great Entertainment   Vegas-style shows, comedians of all kinds, game shows, music and dancing, you name it. Cruise ships offer it. A highlight aboard the Norwegian Dawn is the Cirque du Soleil-style dancing and acrobatics show, while the Disney Magic offers up a different comedian every night working a different genre, from straight stand-up to juggling to ventriloquism. Every night there is something to suit anyone's tastes. You'll get a daily newsletter delivered to your cabin each day listing times and locations of every show.     5. Meet New People   Most cruises still follow the traditional dinner dining schedule, meaning your party is assigned a table at a specific time every night. Unless your party takes up an entire table, you will be seated with other travellers. Many new friendships are formed in this way. Do not worry, though, if you are a more private person. Some cruise lines have broken out of the traditional dining mold and allow parties of any size to dine privately at the time of their choosing–even tables for two are available. Princess and Norwegian both offer this new style. However, many cruise-goers find they enjoy the company of their fellow travellers. Carnival, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and others remain traditional.   6. See Exotic Wildlife   Whether it's whales and seals in Alaska or stingrays and tropical birds in the Caribbean, one highlight of many people's cruises is the interaction with local wildlife. On my last cruise, I had the pleasure of swimming amongst beautiful tropical fish. These experiences will leave a long-lasting impression of your trip!   7. Shopping Deals Abound   When you're out of your home country, taxes no longer apply–that is, up to a certain point. Cruise travellers find great deals on jewely, alcohol, designer accessories, and more. Once aboard your cruise, you will be provided with information about limitations that apply. You're likely to find that your cruise ship lists recommended vendors and offers greater buyer protections when you shop at these establishments. Attend the onboard shopping seminars if you have any questions.   8. Enjoy 5-Star Service   Expect nightly turn-down service and mints on the pillow. Expect a head waiter, assistant waiter, and possibly a sommelier to attend to your every need at dinner. Expect random cruise staff to greet you and offer assistance for anything you may need. As Celebrity Cruise Line says, expect to be treated like royalty. This is part of the cruise experience.   9. No Flying (Maybe)   Most metropolitan areas near the coast are within driving distance to ports where cruise ships sail out from. If you hate to fly but are lucky enough to live near a cruise port, you're set! However, if you do have to fly to your cruise, consider making your own flight arrangements rather than selecting a package deal through the cruise line. This can save you hundreds of dollars. Just be sure to give yourself ample time to account for the chance that your flight is delayed.   10. Because You Deserve It!   This is what it ultimately comes down to. You work hard all year long, don't you deserve a little indulgence? With prices dropping the way they have, the deals are out there. So take a week off to recharge and rejuvenate–you'll be glad you did!   There are more reasons to cruise than these ten, of course. Gaming in the onboard casino, exotic spa treatments, karaoke competitions, champagne art auctions, wine and martini tasting, midnight chocolate dessert buffets, sunsets from your balcony, and afternoon tea are some more ways to pass the time while you travel. You'll have an unforgettable time. Happy cruising!          

at Montego Bay
West Jamaica Conference, , Mt. Salem
Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Conference: Reputations, Legacies, Futures

Conference: Reputations, Legacies, Futures
Event on 2017-07-13 10:00:00
Reputations, Legacies, Futures: Jane Austen, Germaine de Staël and their contemporaries, 1817-2017 #AustenStaël July 1817 saw two deaths – of Jane Austen, an English novelist with a solid but relatively modest success, and of Germaine de Staël, a long-standing superstar of pan-European intellectual, political and literary life. Over the two centuries since, the relative reputations of these two writers have re-aligned in ways that would have astonished their contemporaries, admirers and critics alike. This joint anniversary provides an unrivalled opportunity to bring scholars together to reflect on the connections, continuities, and contrasts between these two writers’ careers both in their lifetimes and after, and to think about the waxing and waning across Europe and beyond of the literary reputations of eighteenth-century and Romantic-period women writers more generally. Organising committee: Dr Gillian Dow (Executive Director of Chawton House Library and Associate Professor in English at the University of Southampton) Professor Catriona Seth (Marshal Foch Professor of French Literature, All Souls’ College, Oxford University) Professor Nicola J Watson (Professor of English Literature, Open University)

at Chawton House Library
Winchester Road
Chawton, United Kingdom

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Beppe Gambetta

Beppe Gambetta
Event on 2017-06-10 19:00:00
Join us for our last concert of the spring: Beppe Gambetta, whose music bridges two continents. From his unique background as an Italian musician in love with both American roots music as well as the music of his native country, Beppe has travelled the world and even crossed the “Iron Curtain” to dazzle and charm music enthusiasts everywhere. After eleven CDs, DVDs, teaching books and collaborations with many other top-flight musicians, Gambetta is one of the true live master innovators of the acoustic guitar. While Beppe still lives in his native Genova, he travels to North America at least three times each year. His reputation in the U.S. and Canada is reinforced by his participation inprestigious festivals like the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, Merlefest in North Carolina, the Four Corners Festival in Colorado and Canadian Folk Festivals in Winnipeg and Edmonton, as well as events like the radio shows “All Things Considered” and “E-Town.” Beppe has performed in the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He has performed with David Grisman, Gene Parsons, Doc Watson, Norman Blake and with the band Men Of Steel: an international guitar summit (Dan Crary, Tony McManus and Don Ross) of different guitar schools with complex musical interactions. Beppe's music is a "koiné" (fusion) of American root music and Ligurian tradition, emigration songs and folk ballads, steel string guitars and vintage harp guitars not only co-exist but interact, weaving a deep dialog unaware of any rigid classification.

at P. Buckley Moss Gallery-Blacksburg
223 Gilbert Street
Blacksburg, United States

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Hamptons Lunch at Jean-Georges at Topping Rose

Hamptons Lunch at Jean-Georges at Topping Rose
Event on 2017-07-29 11:30:00
Approximately 100 miles from New York City in Bridgehampton, Jean-Georges at Topping Rose House is a casually elegant restaurant that celebrates the seasons, presenting farm-to-table cuisine using ingredients grown on the property's one acre farm and sourced from the area's reputable fishermen and farmers. Nibble+squeak is popping up on the East End with a special summertime family-friendly fine dining soirée!

at Topping Rose House
1 Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Turnpike
Bridgehampton, United States

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San Francisco Career Fair – October 26, 2017 Job Fairs & Hiring Events in San Francisco CA

San Francisco Career Fair – October 26, 2017 Job Fairs & Hiring Events in San Francisco CA
Event on 2017-10-26 11:00:00
San Francisco Career Fair LOCATION:   Holiday Inn – 1300 Columbus Avenue San Francisco CA 94133 DATE & TIME:   OCTOBER 26, 2017 11AM – 2PM   WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND OUR SAN FRANCISCO CAREER FAIR Open the doors of opportunity when you meet and interview with the top hiring companies in San Francisco. This career fair will allow you to learn about the businesses that are hiring and what their hiring needs are. Tired of sending your resume over the web to get no responses back? Put a face with a name and make a great first impression.  Register today, and you could get hired live at our next career fair in San Francisco.   INDUSTRIES THAT HIRE AT OUR CAREER FAIRS    Accommodations, Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace, Agriculture & Agribusiness, Air Transportation, Apparel & Accessories, Auto, Banking, Beauty & Cosmetics, Biotechnology, Chemical, Communications, Computer, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Products, Education, Electronics, Employment, Energy, Entertainment & Recreation, Fashion, Financial Services, Fine Arts, Food & Beverage, Green Technology, Health, Information, Information Technology, Insurance, Journalism & News, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Media & Broadcasting, Medical Devices & Supplies, Motion Pictures & Video, Music, Pharmaceutical, Public Administration, Public Relations, Publishing, Real Estate, Retail, Service, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications, Tourism, Transportation, Travel, Utilities, Video Game, Web Services    BENEFIT PACKAGES OFFERED BY EMPLOYERS Salaried Positions Base Salary + Positions  Bonuses Commission Life Insurance Paid Holidays Paid Company Training Management Training Rapid Career Advancement   FREE FOR ALL JOB SEEKERS! Be prepared to interview with hiring managers and recruiters from the top hiring companies in San Francisco. Dress to impress and bring plenty of resumes.    EMPLOYERS INTERESTED IN ATTENDING THIS EVENT?  We have received hundreds of job seeker registrations for this event contact us today to reserve a spot at this event for your company.    https://www.besthirecareerfairs.com/job-fairs/san-francisco-job-fairs/

at Holiday Inn Express
550 Northpoint
San Francisco, United States

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Summer Styling Spectacular with Fashion Show

Summer Styling Spectacular with Fashion Show
Event on 2017-05-19 19:00:00
Join The Style Show at Norwich High School for a fabulous evening not to be missed. There will be a styling presentation using celebrity images and clothing followed by a fashion show. All the models will represent categories of colouring and body shape and will be 'real' women. All ages and sizes, demonstrating how to make the very best of themselves and feel great in the Style Show clothing. Aferwards there will be a clothes sale with everything seen on the catwalk plus more! Accessories, footwear, summer dresses, tops, jeans etc, from Paris, Italy and further! Exclusive brands, many of which not seen in Norfolk! Affordable, fun and contemporary – clothing for all ages. Changing areas are available. The Styling presentation will offer information that can be used for any age and for a lifetime!

at Norwich High School for Girls (Drama Studio)
95 Newmarket Road
Norwich, United Kingdom

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The one hour Diversity Special

The one hour Diversity Special
Event on 2017-05-18 17:30:00
Successful organizations have their Diversity, Inclusion and Equity function positioned strategically and high enough in the organisation and its practitioners have enough autonomy and resources to do it well. There has recently been an explosion of diversity and inclusion work across Victorian workplaces and an emerging wave of diversity practitioners and consultants. With this comes new and emerging practices, ‘bold moves’, fad strategies, buzz words, overhauls or refreshes and ‘champions of change’. Because diversity challenges our deeply ingrained core beliefs about gender, disability, race, age, pregnancy and LGBTIQ, it can be difficult to shift hearts and minds. With this in mind: How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you decide on what to prioritize? How do you prove that your strategies are working? How do you make your case and get attention? How do you influence others and give them reason to act? How do you persuade people that change is happening and that it is good change? How do you ensure that the work has integrity, depth and is authentic? How do you manage expectations and juggle mutiple tasks? This session will help you to design, refresh, strengthen and reposition your diversity & inclusion thinking and practice with a clear narrative, rationale and authenticity. If this resonates, then this one-hour special is for you. Event summary 5:30 – 6:00 pm Arrival and networking (coffee & tea on premises)6:00 – 6:50pm Presentations6:50 – 7:00pm Q & A7.00 – 7.30pm Discussion for those who wish to stay back to chat with the presenters and other participants (optional) Come hear about: What’s at the core of the work, including the legal, business and social responsibility case What your organization is trying to achieve with your D&I strategy Streams, themes, and the culture piece___________________  The big picture and the sum of the parts  Your approach – managing expectations, mainstreaming and unique challenges Incremental versus bold moves Some of the key issues that block D&I or make it thrive___________________ Shallow strategies versus those that address systemic issues   The complexity and connections between different evidence (data sets) How to get people excited about diversity and inclusion and avoid cynicism Take away resources to be provided to participants: A sample three-year Diversity and Inclusion framework A list of ten things to do right now to make your organisation more inclusive Invitations to follow up workshops targeting specific areas (EEO, ALLY, Complex Issues, etc.)  Is this your current checklist of diversity practice within your organisation? Clumsy diversity narrative; Cynicism; Diversity blind practices; Complacency; Diversity fatigue; Homogenous leadership; Ineffective EEO training; Inflexible and inconsistent practices; Lack of male engagement in gender initiatives; Limited resource; Little accountability; No critical mass at the leadership level; No groundswell of activity; No KPI’s on diversity performance; No self-initiation; No sense of urgency; No transparent or longitudinal evidence; Poor leadership; Resistance; Rhetoric not matching reality; Self-interest; Spin; A spike in discrimination and sexual harassment complaint; Your D&I function has minimal staff; Your gender equity people and diversity strategists buried a few layers down in your organisational structure. This session will help you to reposition your diversity & inclusion agenda. Speakers: Roman Ruzbacky – is an experienced diversity and inclusion practitioner, facilitator, complaints handler and former analytical chemist. He has worked extensively in the design and implementation of diversity and inclusion frameworks and strategies that have resulted in positive business and cultural outcomes. Roman is one of the few male diversity practitioners in Australia who specializes in gender equity. Roman is also Vice President of the Equal Employment Opportunity Network. Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity need to be a lived and breathed experience.  Moira Rayner – is a practising lawyer, particularly in the high-risk area of managing workplace behaviors, conciliator, mediator, educator, social commentator and human rights advocate. Moira Rayner is best known in Victoria as its last Commissioner for Equal Opportunity. She has also been the Acting Deputy Director (Research) of the Australian Institute of Family Studies; a Hearings Commissioner of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, and worked with major employers, universities, and government departments.  Throughout her career Moira has been and remains committed to the principle that every person has and should be able to exercise fundamental human rights at any age, whatever their personal characteristic such as social origin, ‘class’, race, disability and gender, particularly to participate effectively in the decisions that affect their lives. Adrian Price – is an experienced Diversity and Inclusion consultant. Whilst having a broad range of experience in all aspects of diversity, inclusion, and equity, he has specialized in the design and implementation of strategies that genuinely make workplaces more inclusive for people of diverse genders and sexualities and people with disability. Adrian gives his full energy and enthusiasm – whatever the challenge – to make a difference to people’s lives.

at Cliftons Training Centre
400 Collins St
Melbourne, Australia

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Event on 2017-07-25 08:30:00
After the phenomenal success of our first Growth Hacking Workshop in Dublin, we are back with more dates! Our 'No Brainer' tickets are already SOLD OUT! Grab an Early Bird while you still can! Learn Growth Hacking in Dublin Discover proven growth hacking principles pioneered by Airbnb, Uber, and Dropbox to increase your company's traffic, customers, and revenue. Leaving this workshop, you will have an instantly actionable, step-by-step implementation plan on how to grow your business using systems, data, analytics, psychology and much, much more! What is Growth Hacking? Born in the Silicon Valley Startup Scene Sean Ellis, the guy who coined the term, was the first growth hero at Dropbox. He realized that the new data-driven, tech savvy techniques he was implementing were lightyears ahead of plain traditional marketing, and thus needed a new name (terrible name if you ask me, but we are stuck with it!). A Series of Spectacular Successes Small startups like Airbnb, Uber, and Instagram started using growth hacking techniques with breathtaking success. Nobody could believe how rapidly these companies exploded into multimillion-dollar businesses with such effective marketing investments. Hot Growth Secrets Uncovered As ultra successful growth hackers started blogging and writing books, the secrets behind their successes began to emerge. The powerful principles and techniques that drove growth for many of today’s hottest companies can now be learned by anyone brave enough to do so. An Upgraded Approach to Doing Business Growth hacking is a data-driven methodology and collection of techniques for setting up and scaling businesses fast. It’s an approach to maximizing growth potential by adopting smarter ways of thinking about products, customers and value. Curious? Let's schedule a quick call! Growth Hacking Workshops Dublin This is a highly interactive, exercise-packed workshop teaching principles that were not taught in university. Get ahead of your competitors and be the first in your industry to adopt proven growth hacking principles and set your organisation up for the sustainable growth you deserve. Who is it for? Fearless Founders & CEOs not scared of change Daring Marketing Professionals looking to up-skill Gutsy Freelancers seeking an edge Courageous Startups willing to innovate What will you get out of it? A step-by-step implementation plan on how to grow your business you can implement the same day. Understand how systems can get targeted, specific results and keep you focused and organised. Learn the skills needed to survive for the digital future. Learn our 7 Pillar Growth Hacking Model and focus on the metrics that matter to your business. What other Irish attendees said: "If you want to grow your business and 'think outside the box' then this workshop is definitely of benefit! Realizing that growth hacking is based on a systematic process was my biggest insight of the day. You will understand the importance of growth hacking on how to gain more customers and gain financially." – Catherine Duggan, Irish Tech News "Such an actionable approach made learning the 7 pillars of growth hacking so much more effective than the traditional seminars and talks I usually go to. I walked in hoping to learn a few tricks. I walked out with a clear system for hacking my growth I could start implementing the same day. Most importantly, I learned that the first thing I needed to hack was my mindset and the way I look at things. I took a gamble on you guys and it’s paying off really well already."  – Daniele Peron, Growth Design (Ireland) "The RockBoost workshop gave me some real actionable insights I was eager to implement the very next day. Even though I have read just about every book on marketing, sales, lean and growth hacking, I still got a ton of value and golden nuggets. Ben and Chris have great passion and it comes across bucket loads. Highly recommended!" – Paul Moran, Taskblast (Ireland) Curious? Let's schedule a quick call! The 7 Pillars of Growth Hacking 1. Mindset Embrace the growth and systems mindset. A simple shift in your mindset can give your organisation an enormous business advantage over your competitors. 2. Team Build a growth hacking team within your organisation. A depth of knowledge specialising in one or two key areas and breadth of knowledge covering a wide array of skills. 3. Measurement Use the correct software and techniques to precisely measure data through your sales funnel. Get accurate data on your ROI and actionable insights to increase your revenue. 4. Listen to your market Listen carefully to your target market. Use psychological principles to know your audience better than they know themselves! 5. Product/ market fit Constantly experiment and iterate, tailor your product to your customers' needs. Build products your customers cannot live without! 6. Traction channels Discover 19 traction channels to grow your business and increase your revenue. Identify the ones that best reach your target market and exploit them maximally! 7. Optimization Develop hypotheses and constantly optimise through A/B testing and creative experimentation. The key to growth hacking to test, test and keep testing! After this workshop, you will have sufficient knowledge to implement growth hacking in your organisation and the key resources to continue learning. Ticket includes: Delicious lunch in The Exchequer Bar, snacks throughout, tea & coffee! Attendees also get: Free Growth Hacking Guide – actionable tips to increase your organisation's traffic, users and revenue Free Growth Hacking Ebook – be inspired by Silicon Valley case studies  Offical RockBoost certificate of completion. No Brainer! SOLD OUT!!! No Brainer price expires 14th June at midnight, or sooner if limited tickets sell out. Location The Central Hotel, 1-5 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2 Tuesday 25th July – Full Day – Time: 8.30-17.30 About RockBoost Founded in 2014 by Chris Out, RockBoost was the first growth hacking agency in The Netherlands and has successfully implemented growth hacking in 70+ companies. Applying growth hacking principles, RockBoost has grown from a company of 3 people to an international team of 20 in just two years and is rapidly expanding. The RockBoost mission is to educate and to implement growth hacking in innovative companies to unlock their growth potential. Some companies we have worked with:   FAQs   How can I contact the organiser with any questions? Please get in touch with ben@rockboost.com for any further information.  

at The Central Hotel
Exchequer Street Dublin 2&nbsp
Dublin, Ireland

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Virtual Reality 2nd Saturday @ Expert Dojo

Virtual Reality 2nd Saturday @ Expert Dojo
Event on 2017-05-13 16:00:00
Let's kick off the Summer with a VR Bash! Ready to hang with fun people and enjoy the best VR available? Let’s do this. We will start at 4pm with Developer roundtable discussion followed by some legit VR enjoyment! WHAT |  VR Summer Bash  |  | Hosted by VRentals and Hyperator VR Innovation Labs. WHERE | The Santa Monica Place Promenade Mall: Expert Dojo Studio #308 on the third floor. (Next to Cheesecake Factory, to the left of the elevator when facing it with Cheesecake Factor behind you) WHEN | Saturday May 13th, 2017 from 4:00 – 8:00pm Exclusive VR experiences will include: Star Kingdom: A Cosmic Empowerment Experience, Holiday Simulator and more from local developers. Activities will include Tilt Brush Pictionary and Mindshow as well as additional VR experiences with: HTC Vive GearVR Oculus Rift Please send us a message if you want to bring your own VR experiences and join the VR Gallery to share your work. We look forward to hanging out! Much Love, The Hyperator, Expert Dojo and VRental teams Let's go VR! Sign up today. ____________________________________________________________________________ Hyperator VR is a Virtual Reality Innovation Lab in Greater Los Angeles. On the bleeding edge, Hyperator helps develop ideas from start to launch in the VR space. Services include research and development, prototyping, user testing, business plan creation, as well as product launch. Get Hyperated! VRental is a full service immersive Virtual Reality experience brought to you on-demand. No hassle, fancy computers or IT knowledge required to play. Whether you want to swim with the whales, walk on planets, or battle zombies, let us turn your next event into an epic VR party. Activate VR! Expert DOJO is a one stop shop to receive success coaching, advice, and specialist help in all areas of your business growth.  Their patented 12 step business accelerator is unlike any other program available and gives you direct access to specialists in branding, design, business planning, product fit, strategic planning, web development, growth hacking and more. Join their platform for free business advice, referrals and workshops -http://expertdojo.com/membership/ and for access to Expert DOJO advisors and coaches. Wax on, Wax Off! Want a free business growth consultation? Contact: brian@expertdojo.com 

at McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant
633 West Fifth St
Los Angeles, United States

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Event on 2017-07-11 20:00:00

Legendary British post-punk/indie band The Wedding Present return to Australia on the back of their ninth studio album ‘Going, Going…’

Having formed in Leeds in 1985 around the lovelorn songwriting of David Gedge, the band soon acquired a reputation for bittersweet, breathtakingly honest songs of heartache immersed in whirlwind guitars — a jangly-yet-brawny sound, played at impossibly breakneck speeds, that was introduced to the world on their debut LP ‘George Best’.

NME called the album “an unmitigated delight” and subsequently invited The Wedding Present to contribute a track to the magazine’s C86 compilation — a cassette release that has remained hugely influential upon generations of noisy indie rock bands.

Over the course of the next three decades the band would find themselves exploring all kinds of sharp left turns like trying their hand at traditional Eastern European folk music on the album Ukrainski Vistupi V Johna Peela, enlisting the aid of the noise-mongering (and, at that point, relatively unknown) sound engineer Steve Albini for their 1991 album Seamonsters, and the time they released twelve 7” singles, one per month for a whole year — an experiment that paid off when they equaled Elvis Presley’s 35-year-old record for “most hits in one year”!

Today, The Wedding Present can be found at the top of their game — their 2016 album ‘Going, Going…’ having been described as their masterpiece. AllMusic says “It’s hard to deny the brilliance of a band that can crank out an album as passionate, hook-filled and flat-out fiery as this.”

On this tour, The Wedding Present will be performing songs from throughout their career.

Visit the Artist website

at The Factory Theatre
105 Victoria Road
Sydney, Australia

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