Bob Log III

Bob Log III
Event on 2017-04-06 20:30:00
with Bloody Death Skull
So when you see a man in a jumpsuit and full-face helmet rigged up with a telephone receiver come barreling down the honky-tonk stairs in a lifeboat while beating away on a hollow-body guitar, dont get out of the way. Jump right in there with him. And as long as you live, youll never forget what he taught you.Taipei Times December 2015A man in a human cannonball suit soon appeared from a side door, his head completely obscured by a tinted black helmet, its front welded into a telephone which seemed to wirelessly amplify his voice to the audience. Bob Log III launched into a mind-blowing set, finger-picking his beaten-up black guitar for a sound of steel string blues and heavy rock n roll. The sound was reminiscent of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion if it had to be categorised, but his music would be better described as Jerry Lee Lewis crossed with a little of Tom Waits heavy industrial 2012His guitar growls like a rabies-infested mutt, straight from the backyard of an Alabama whorehouse. The expletives he squawks are absolutely unintelligible, at least while the groan of his six stringed demon viciously dominates the aural realm. When the blanket of perfectly distorted guitar ends, which always coincides with a great victory stance, Mr. Log displays his propensity for what is only describable as not giving a fuck, which in his case takes the form of the perfect stage presence. 2012Boobs were dipped in scotch, one fan took an accidental swan dive into the music equipment and Bob Log III managed to play slide guitar, drums and sing while balancing three women on his lap. 2011Should you never have had the joy of seeing Bob Log III play, let me attempt to describe it for you: picture a man in a shiny blue jumpsuit and a pilot's helmet wired to a telephone receiver, playing slide guitar with all the dirty, scuzzy joy in his heart. Add to that a kick drum and foot cymbal, the myth of a monkey paw in place of a right hand, and a setlist that includes songs named Boob Scotch, Bubble Strut and My Shit Is Perfect, and you'll begin to get the gist. It is loud and strange and electrifying, and how ecstatic it all sounds, that guitar glazed with a kind of sublime and honey-dipped happiness. 2011One would have to be in a pretty foul mood not to be entertained by the mysterious awesomeness of Bob Log III. Sure, his musical skills are something to behold, his one-man-band brand of blues/Americana displaying dexterity, creativity, and plenty of good old rock n roll, but then theres his wacky persona. At Mondays packed Union Hall gig, Mr. Log leapt from behind the curtain that functions as the stage door in his signature getup: a full suit with bits of gold teasing at the bottom, and a dark-glassed racing helmet with a phone receiver wired as a mic. After a quick intro jam he shed the formality to reveal his shimmering gold full body suit, the very rocket man the audience had been waiting for, and burst into Goddam Sounds Good off the recently released My Shit Is Perfect. theowlmag.comBob Log IIIs live shows are wild affairs. Bob likes to ride rubber dinghies across the heads of his audience and summon women onstage to stir his whiskey with their tits. 2009

at Echo
1822 W Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, United States

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Event on 2017-03-22 13:30:00
Originally presented at the Americans for the Arts National Arts Marketing Project Conference November 13, 2016. As arts organizations continue to face increased direct and indirect competition, it is essential to stay ahead of the marketing curve. In this highly interactive session, learn best practices to acquire new audiences and turn transactions into transformative experiences. Hear success stories from an arts and education non-profit that partnered with digital and print representatives from The Washington Post advertising team to build brand awareness and boost online sales. Attendees will leave with insight into emerging digital advertising trends and tools to create dynamic integrated marketing and communications plans to attract and retain patrons.Primary Learning Objectives:1) Increase traffic and build brand awareness with budget-friendly digital marketing tools2) Target new audiences through cutting-edge advertising opportunities3) Convert patrons to brand ambassadors via social media marketing About the Presenters: Anneliese DeDiemarDirector of Marketing and CommunicationsImagination StageAn avid arts administrator with a background in destination marketing, Anneliese DeDiemar is specialized in strategic planning, brand management, building mutually-beneficial and sustainable partnerships, streamlining complex systems and processes, and crisis communications. DeDiemar has presented nationally on integrated marketing and communications best practices, and is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Imagination Stage, the acclaimed multi-disciplinary theatre arts and education organization located in Bethesda, MD. Previously, DeDiemar marketed Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, and spearheaded marketing and communications efforts for Chicago’s Emerald City Theatre Company. She also promoted 625+ annual programs for the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture (Millennium Park), Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs’ Storefront and Studio Theaters, World Music Festival: Chicago, and the Chicago Dancing Festival.Kristen FriesenDigital Ad StrategistWashington Post Kristen has a strong multi-platform advertising background partnering with national and hyper-local clients building custom campaigns for brand awareness and direct response solutions. She has worked with clients on several facets of their marketing mix: print executions, events, sponsorships, native executions, and conversion-driven ROI. In her current role at The Washington Post, she focuses exclusively on digital advertising strategies for performing arts clients designed to generate awareness, consideration, ticket sales, and ultimately brand loyalty.

at 4908 Auburn Ave.
4908 Auburn Ave.
Bethesda, United States

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Constellation Quilt Workshop: Hand-stitch & Embroider the Universe!

Constellation Quilt Workshop: Hand-stitch & Embroider the Universe!
Event on 2017-03-25 10:00:00
Stitch your way across the universe! Make a CONSTELLATION QUILT! per person. A Constellation Quilt can be used as a learning tool, a functional art object and modern heirloom. Like our NOLA MAP QUILT, a Constellation Quilt is meant to be passed on from generation to generation. It is meant to be lovingly hand stitched, or you can stitch some of your quilt with your sewing machine (such as binding). You will hand stitch and embroider your template, which depicts the October night sky around the 40th parallel in the Northern Hemisphere and features constellations like the Big and Little Dipper, Gemini, Orion, Leo, and Taurus; French knots can be added to render the Milky Way as a tactile field that crosses the quilt design in a sweeping diagonal.  You will need 100% cotton fabric in either navy blue, dark blue, dark teal, dark gray or black as your quilt top, and any print or solid for your quilt back. You will make your "quilt sandwich" with your top, batting and back. You sew right over the template, then tear away. You will begin your quilt in class then come back for a reunion later to see how everyone is doing.  You will receive the kit:- Tear away Constellation stabilizer and instructions You will need: (these materials may be purchased in our shop with a 15% class discount, or you may bring your own fabrics)- 2 yards of one of the colors above for your quilt top, 45" wide fabric- throw size batting – 2 yards backing, 45" wide- White, gold and /or silver embroidery threads- A good supply of safety pins As with any of our classes, you may pay online through Eventbrite, or in person in our shop. If you wish to pay in person, remember to call or email us so we will save a space for you.     

4610 Magazine St.
New Orleans, United States

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14th Annual Middle School Meltdown

14th Annual Middle School Meltdown
Event on 2017-03-25 19:30:00
Laissez les bon temps roulex! The 14th Annual Middle School Meltdown will take place on Saturday, March 25. This year we're celebrating Mardi Gras with all the kids' favorites: DJ & Hype Man | Selfie Board/Photo Booth | Video Games | and of course, Good Eats!  Don't let your 6th, 7th or 8th grader miss this opportunity to party with their peers.  Space is limited, so buy your tickets today and let the good times roll! Proceeds from this event will support the Jack & Jill Foundation of America and our Community Service Partner, Franklin Suare Elementary and Middle School.

at 300 Eudowood Lane
Mt. Calvary Family Life Center
Towson, United States

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Event on 2017-03-25 21:00:00

"We're older, we're wiser, we're more mature," MC Gift of Gab (nee Timothy Parker) says of Imani, Vol. 1, Blackalicious' first new album in a decade. "It's better now, because we've grown as people and artists.""Each one of these records is a chapter in our lives, and we put our complete heart and soul into it," agrees Gab's longtime musical partner, CJ/producer Chief Xcel (aka Xavier Mosley). "We live these records."Imani, Vol. 1 lives up to the beloved California-bred duo's hard-won reputation as one of hip-hop's most progressive, forward-thinking creative forces. Acclaimed for the sublime combination of Gab's verbal dexterity and lyrical eloquence, and X's bracing beats and distinctive soundscapes, Blackalicious has earned widespread respect, both inside and outside of the hip-hop community, for the wildly inventive, personally charged innovations of its first three albums, 1999's Nia, 2002's Blazing Arrow and 2005's The Craft.Three years in the making, Imani, Vol. 1the first of a projected trilogy to be released over the course of two yearsis perhaps Blackalicious' most ambitious and accomplished effort to date, maintaining the spirituality, introspection and positivity that are the twosome's trademarks, while making it clear that their musical vision and creative drive remain as strong as ever.Although Imani, Vol. 1 is driven by Gift of Gab's uplifting verbal sophistication and Chief Xcel's expansive sonic sensibility, which are as distinctive as ever on such riveting tracks as "On Fire Tonight," "Escape," The Sun," "We Did It Again" and the epic "Alpha and Omega."The pair is joined by such guest performers as Afro-pop diva Zap Mama, who's featured on the title track; Amde Hamilton of legendary '60s rap progenitors the Watts Prophets on the album-opener "Faith," eclectic singer-songwriter Imani Coppola on "The Sun," underground hip-hop duo LifeSavas on "That Night," neo-blues auteur Fantastic Negrito on "Love's Gonna Save the Day," Myron of retro-soulsters Myron & E on "On Fire Tonight," and the all-star hip-hop combo of Lateef, Lyrics Born, Monophonics and DJ D Sharp on "Alpha and Omega."Imaniwhose title is the Swahili word for "faith"is a particularly personal project for Blackalicious, with its title reflecting the personal trials that helped to inspire the words and music."Faith has been a big word in both of our lives in the last couple of years," Gift of Gab affirms. "We both dealt with some personal situations that really required faith and forced us to think about a lot of things. Most of our albums are about where we are at that point in our lives, and that's definitely true on this one."Imani, Vol. 1's birth cycle coincided with Gab's ongoing fight for his health after suffering kidney failure."My kidneys failed at the top of 2012, when we were gearing up to do this record," Gift of Gab notes. "I got put on dialysis, so now when I travel or go on tour, I do dialysis wherever I go. When I got the news, there was a moment where it was a little dark, where I was questioning if I'm still gonna be able to do this. But then I had the realization that no one can ever take my creativity away. I realized that this is a circumstance that I'm temporarily gonna be dealing with, and that I have to make some adjustments for it, but that it doesn't stop me from being a creative person. Once I realized that, I started to feel inspired and just threw myself into writing, and that became a big part of the fuel for this record."Although it's been a decade since the last Blackalicious release, the pair has remained busy with a variety of musicalendeavors. Gift of Gab released three solo albums, 2004's 4th Dimension Rocketships Going Up, 2009's Escape 2 Marsand 2012's The Next Logical Progression. Chief Xcel worked with acclaimed soul singer Ledisi, and formed BurningHouse with R.V. Salters of General Eletriks, releasing the 2013 album Walking Into A Burning House."Blackalicious never stopped," asserts Gift of Gab. "We just wanted to explore other things as individuals, and in 2012we realized that it was time to return to the mothership. I was a little nervous at first, and thought that it might take some time to rebuild. But when we started doing shows, we were selling out everywhere, and people were telling us that they grew up on our music. It was encouraging to find out that, even after all these years, we're actually important to people."It's like traveling," Gab continues. "It's always good to travel and see the world. But then when you come back home, you appreciate it that much more. We stepped right back into it, and it was like 'Oh yeah, I remember this. This is home.'""Once we got into the studio," Chief Xcel recalls, "everything flowed very naturally. We just got in there and kind of letthe album make itself. When we were in the studio together, it was pretty effortless, because we know each other sowell creatively. We wrote about 60 songs for this record, and went with the ones that we felt strongest about. And about 90 per cent of it is live tracks; it's probably the fewest samples I've ever used on a record.""X gave me the beats, and I just went in and wrote every day," Gift of Gab states. "There was not a lot of thought or planning this time, it was more about action. It was just, as soon as it moves you, you write something. There was not a whole lot of thought put into it. It was more like 'OK, let's create.'""We're like two kids who've been playing basketball together since the second grade, and now they're in the NBA sothey really know each other and can anticipate each other's next move," Chief Xcel says of his and Gab's enduring partnership. "It's totally instinctive, and we kind of communicate without talking. I know just from his physical reaction, when he hears a beat or a song, if there's a spark or if he feels inspired. And vice versa; he can tell by my immediate reaction if we've hit the mark or not. That just comes from time."With Imani, Vol. 1 demonstrating that Blackalicious is as potent a creative entity as ever, Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel areembracing their return to the spotlight, and looking forward to reconnecting with their loyal, demographically diverse fan base."I think that this album is coming from a very honest place, and I really think that this is the most creative and prolific point of our careers, so we're really excited about it," Chief Xcel says, adding, "The next year or two, it's gonna be a nonstop balance of touring and being in the studio working on Volumes 2 and 3. We're definitely looking forward to seeing how things evolve and change." "In my opinion, this is one of our best records," Gift of Gab agrees. "It's been a long time, we worked hard on it, and Ihope that people enjoy it. People will come up to us and say 'Yo, that record changed my life' or 'That record helped meto get sober' or 'That record started me on a spiritual journey.' People say personal stuff like that, and we take it seriously.""Our audience seems to be people who see music and art as essential parts of life, and not just disposable accessories,"Chief Xcel concludes. "That's who we make music forpeople who need music in their life. I'm one of those people.Imani is Swahili for faith, and that's really where we're at at this juncture. We're so rooted in our purpose that we don't have to second-guess, we just know. There's no fear of the unknown, there's just the fire to move forward and get to wherever the journey takes us."

at Motorco Music Hall
723 Rigsbee Ave
Durham, United States

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Beginners Homeopathy Weekend: First Aid Course, Health and Wellbeing

Beginners Homeopathy Weekend: First Aid Course, Health and Wellbeing
Event on 2017-03-25 10:00:00
Intrigued by homeopathy?

Perhaps you have tried homeopathy and want to know more. Maybe you want to know about its practical application and how to prescribe for your family and friends.

We cover the basic Principles of homeopathy, how to prescribe and treat first aid situations and common ailments.

The weekend is designed for every type of learner and we deconstruct and simplify the principals and practice of homeopathy using playful metaphors as a shortcut to understanding.

Remedies are like mirrors, reflecting back to us what makes us sick. We'll help you question the meaning of health and dis-ease; with curiosity and good humour we?ll find the answers together.

We will give you a taste of the way we teach – learning with one foot in science and one foot in Spirit ?.. and we will have a lot of fun.

at Flat 3
1 Alexandra Pl
St. Johns Wood, United Kingdom

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Patron Tequila Seminar

Patron Tequila Seminar
Event on 2017-03-27 18:00:00
On Monday, March 27th from 6:00-8:00pm the NH Liquor & Wine Outlets and Horizon Beverage Company will hold an educational seminar in the Learning Center at their Outlet Store in Nashua featuring our special tequila barrel buy. Join us with Chris Spake, Director Brand Education for Patron, and experience the variations in the taste profiles and some of the unique characteristics between each of these featured tequilas. Bonus! a special discount in the form of a NH Liquor & Wine Outlet coupon. We will be tasting: Patron Reposado-Barrel #219 (aged 8 mos. in new French Oak) – .99 Retail Patron Anejo-Barrel #140 (aged 26 mos. in new American & new French Oak)- .99 Retail Patron Anejo-Barrel #134 (aged 26 mos. in new Limousine Oak) – .99 Retail Patron Anejo-Barrel #114 (aged 31 mos. in used American Oak-not for the faint of heart) – .99 Retail MUST BE 21+ – .00

at NH Liquor & WIne Outlet, Nashua, NH (Store #50)
Willow Spring Plaza, 294 Daniel Webster Highway, Suite 11
Nashua, United States

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Dramatic Combat Weekend from Swashbuckling Cornwall

Dramatic Combat Weekend from Swashbuckling Cornwall
Event on 2017-03-25 10:00:00
Spring Combat Workshop Spring Combat Workshop All aboard with Swashbuckling Cornwall for a weekend of dramatic combat workshops in Falmouth. On the second day we will be venturing aboard the Spirit of Falmouth, a 91ft gaff-rigged traditional pilot schooner, to unleash your inner swashbuckler! On shore we will be covering a variety of styles and weapons including unarmed, broadsword and single sword, including, of course, the cutlass!  We will then go aboard ship to put your skills into practice, whilst also learning about working in unusual spaces, around hazards and how not to fall in. The course is open to those over 18. Beginners welcome. Want to know more? Get in touch: When & Where: Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March 10:00 – 16:00 King Charles Church Hall, Falmouth, Cornwall Cost: Early Bird (expires Monday 20th Feb 2017): £85 Concession: £100 Full: £130 A 50% non-refundable deposit scheme is available on the concession & full prices. You can book via Eventbrite, Paypal (by using just your email) or BACS. Why study dramatic combat? There are many reasons to study stage combat; it helps to create a stronger narrative, increases awareness of safety and provides increased marketability & employability. Oh, and it’s really good fun! What is dramatic combat? Stage or dramatic combat is simply the dramatisation of both unarmed & armed fights for theatre or film. The modern style has its roots back in the 1500s, although the concept of staged fights is much older. Today styles are based on historic manuals with some adaptations to make them safe and look breathtaking. Terms & Conditions 1. Refunds are not offered on places. 2. We reserve the right to alter course times, course content and to cancel classes due to any unavoidable and /or unforeseen circumstances. 3. We reserve the right to refuse admission or tuition. 4. Ticket must be presented to participate in workshops. 5. Over 18s only. 6. By booking a place on this event you accept the terms and conditions of the company and release it from blame for any injury during the workshop. 7. Use of Spirit of Falmouth is weather dependent & shall only be used if it is safe to do so. 8. Deposits are non refundable, the full course fee must be paid before the 5th March to secure your place. FAQs Is there an age restriction to attend the workshop? Yes, you need to be over 18 to take part in this workshop. You will also need to sign a disclaimer form and declare any injuries or medical conditions that may affect you during the workshop. If you are under 18 and want to take part in the workshop, please get in touch to discuss.   What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? Falmouth has very good public transport links and lots of parking in the area, both free and pay & display.  How can I contact the organiser with any questions? If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us at How can I pay? As well as Eventbrite you can also book your place via Paypal or BACS. What should I bring to the workshop? A notepad, water, snacks and a willingness to have some fun.   What should I wear? We suggest you wear clothes you feel comfortable in with good freedom of movement. Please no jewellery or trousers with studs. Bring layers especially for when we go outside. What can I do next? Stage combat is all about developing your skills both as a fighter and an actor. You can keep training and start putting these skills to use.

at Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Falmouth, United Kingdom

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Decades Rewind – Sheboygan

Decades Rewind – Sheboygan
Event on 2017-03-26 19:00:00

Join us for an experience unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before! This brand new theatrical concert features more than 60 songs blended into unique medleys from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. The most prominent decades in music history bring your memories to life with over 100 costume changes and videos that turn back time.

From Aretha to Zeppelin, Decades Rewind will have you singing along and dancing in the aisles.

Decades Rewind. Your music. Your memories. Your life.

Tickets @;jsessionid=DC0F9D27D593242097869948DD6D67C8

at Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts
826 North Eighth Street
Sheboygan, United States

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Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2017

Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2017
Event on 2017-04-01 09:00:00
Entrepreneur Bootcamp Cyprus 1-2 April 2017, St. Raphael Resort Limassol  The Most Powerful Ways to Create a Profitable Business A WEEKEND FILLED WITH POWERFUL CONTENT TO HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED BUSINESS MENTOR, INVESTOR AND ENTREPRENEUR JOHN LEE AND PERSONAL BRANDING EXPERT PAVLINA PAPALOUKA.  This event can change your life financially forever, because it will teach you to stop trading time for an income. And the best part about this bootcamp is….the proven strategies you will learn that will allow you to become a successful entrepreneur and have a business that will give you more income, time and freedom. ABOUT THIS EVENT Learn how to start a business and create your own lifestyle by mastering top business strategies in 2 days with celebrity speaker, entrepreneur and number 1 best selling author John Lee and personal branding expert Pavlina Papalouka.  How to turn any idea into a Profitable Business Model  How to Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Your Sales How to start an Online Business for passive income How to become a successful Entrepreneur  Mastering your Mind to overcome Limiting Beliefs How to Grow Yourself and gain bullet proof Confidence Learn how to start a business from scratch How to take your existing Business to the next level Learn how to build a big brand so you become the number one authority in your industry The secret entrepreneur's "power" that accelerates your success.   Get more Clients than you can handle Expand Your Business to New Markets  Systemise your Business so that you don’t have to constantly work in the Business Create Income Models within your Business to generate a lot more income Create a Business that you can run from anywhere in the world Start a Business with a Small Budget  Raise Finance for your Business so your Business is not cash strap  Social Media Strategies to attract a constant supply good quality leads  How to Increase your Business Profits. WHY YOU NEED TO ATTEND THIS EVENT NOW Most people were taught to go to school get a job and make someone else wealthy.  We must learn to master the skills it takes that were never taught to us at school in order to create the life we want.  Learn how to be your own boss and buy back your time to do the things you want, when you want and with who you want. In this two day event your life and business will be transformed to a new level where you will instantly start seeing all the new opportunities and see how others have achieved success in their lives so you can do the same. Tickets by Bank Deposit: If you wish to purchase ticket by bank deposit at Bank of Cyprus please call 70008087 to reserve your ticket and get bank account info. Pay by Visa over the phone: If you have trouble booking online, you may call us at 70008087 to pay by Visa over the phone. MEET THE SPEAKERS Main Speaker: JOHN LEEThe Wealth DragonsInternational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Investor John Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Wealth Dragons, Best Selling Author of the book ‘The Wealth Dragon Way' and Internationally acclaimed speaker that has shared the stage with the likes of Sr Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and many more. John started investing in property in his early 20s. By the time he was 27, John had achieved his goal of becoming a self-made millionaire. His experiences inspired him to share his knowledge with others and he was soon teaching seminars in property investment throughout the UK. He subsequently gained an international reputation as a motivational speaker and has shared stages with Bill Clinton, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Jack Welch (ex-CEO of GE) and Randa Zuckerberg (co-founder of Facebook). On stage he shares systems that help people create profitable businesses and successful investments. John also trains people to become world-class public speakers. He has helped several of his students build highly successful businesses and achieve international acclaim.John’s success came despite a humble start in life. He was born to Chinese parents who ran a takeaway restaurant in the north of England. All of John’s achievements came as the result of endless hard work and unwavering tenacity. John is dedicated to showing others how they have the opportunity to do the same and is continually inspired by watching his students achieve the kind of success they thought they could only ever dream of. Meet John Lee at: Guest Speaker: PAVLINA PAPALOUKA  AwakenSpace EducationSpeaker & Coach, Entrepreneur Starting a her career just out of University with an MBA and Journalism Diploma as a Public Relations Manager at 2 national TV channels in Cyprus and Greece (Sigma TV and Mad TV) and then creating with her own Public Relations and Event Management agency helping locally and internationally many organisations, while teaching Public Relations and Media at Cyprus College, Pavlina realised that creating true success and fulfilment in life, takes a lot more than getting your ‘dream-job’ or running a glamorous business serving some of the biggest companies in the market. Having to face and overcome her own challenges and limitations, she realised that success starts from the inside and that you can only be taught real strategies and systems for business and personal success, by people who have already achieved proven success in what you want to achieve. After some years as a Public Relations consultant and lecturer at a college, she decided to focus on a different type of education, one that helps people create the mindset for success first and then be given the tools, not by university professors or trainers, but from inspiring leaders who have produced proven results in what they teach in their life and business. Her passion is helping people overcome their limitations and achieve their full potential, create successful businesses, wealth and happiness in their lives. She is pursuing her passion by organizing live seminars and online events, offering online education programs, trainings and personal coaching through her company AwakenSpace Education. She has cooperated closely and on repeated occasions with some of the most recognised global thought leaders in personal development, business and human potential, including Dr John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Bill Walsh, John Lee of Wealth Dragons and many more, providing transformational learning experiences for her audiences and powerful networking at each and every event. She is a coach and speaker in personal development, business and personal branding. She speaks at events, trains executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to create great breakthroughs in their lives, on a variety of subjects including Personal Branding, Personal Development, Creating a Success Mindset, Determining and Overcoming Limitations,  Determining your Life Purpose and Unique Skills, Building a Business and Brand around your Passion, Goal Setting and living life by Design, Social Media Marketing, Event Management, Online Marketing, Building an Online Business, Networking and Relationships Capital. She has consistently helped Business Owners, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs build a strong and influential brand and create the success they desire in all areas of their life.  Meet Pavlina Book Hotel – SPECIAL RATES for participants at St. Raphael Resort Limassol: St. Raphael Beach Hotel Limassol  502 Amathountos Avenue, Pyrgos 4520 P: +357 25 834200 W:

at St Raphael Resort
Amathus Avenue
Limassol, Cyprus

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