Orinda Ballet Academy & Company’s “Coppelia and the Magic Toy Shoppe”

Orinda Ballet Academy & Company’s “Coppelia and the Magic Toy Shoppe”
Event on 2017-05-20 11:30:00
EVENT: Orinda Ballet Academy & Company's, "Coppelia and the Magic Toy Shoppe" 2-Act Story Ballet, Approximately 75 minutes with One, 10 minute Intermission Patricia Tomlinson, Artistic Director Family and children friendly! LOCATION: Orinda Library Theater 26 Orinda Way, Orinda, CA 94563 May 19-21, 4 PERFORMANCES DATES AND SHOW TIMES: Friday, May 19 at 6:30pm Saturday, May 20 at 11:30am & 4pm Sunday, May 21 at 1:30pm TICKETS: All tickets (Adults & Children)- General Seating- NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES ONLY-if tickets are still available. contact; Patricia@orindaballetacademy.com Ticket sales 12 hours prior to show time SOLD OUT show ticket WAIT LIST. ONLINE TICKET SALES END -24 hours prior to show- DAY OF SHOW TICKET SALES: 45 minutes prior to show time, at Auditorium Entrance, tickets available for purchase, cash & checks only- Tickets available only if show is not SOLD OUT. TICKET WAIT-LIST (for sold out shows)- contact -Patricia@orindaballetacademy.com FEATURING: Professional Guest Artists: Maurice Monge & Jacob Kreamer The talented students of Orinda Ballet Academy SYNOPSIS: Act 1 – Village Scene Preparations are underway for the Fete Bell — a festival to celebrate the arrival of a new town bell. A young girl named Swanhilda is engaged to Franz and they plan to marry on the day of the festival. Swanhilda becomes angry with Franz when she sees him blowing kisses to a girl named Coppelia who sits on the toy Shop balcony of Dr. Coppelius, the eccentric town toymaker. Coppelia spends all her time reading her book and pays attention to no one. Swanhilda is hurt and no longer trusts Franz's love for her. Instead, she resorts to the local custom of rattling an ear of wheat. If the wheat rattles, she will know Franzs love is true. At the town gathering, the ceremonial ear of wheat is handed out and Swanhilda hears nothing when she shakes it. She is heartbroken. Later, Dr. Coppelius leaves his home and is heckled by some of the villagers. Unknowingly, Dr. Coppelius drops his key during the melee. Swanhilda and her friends find the key and concoct a plan to learn more about Coppelia. She and her friends enter Dr. Coppelius's house. Franz hatches his own plan to meet Coppelia, by climbing up to her balcony. Inside Dr. Coppelius The Toy Shop Inside the Shop, Swanhilda and her friends discover Dr. Coppelius beautiful, life-sized mechanical dolls. The girls wind them up and the dolls dance for them. Swanhilda looks behind a curtain and finds Coppelia reading her book. The girls realize that Coppelia is just a doll. When Dr. Coppelius returns, he finds the girls in his house and angrily chases them out. But Swanhilda hides in the closet with Coppelia. While Dr. Coppelius cleans up the mess the girls have left, Franz climbs in through the balcony window. Dr. Coppelius gives Franz some wine with a sleeping potion. When Franz falls asleep, Dr Coppelius readies his magic spell to bring Coppelia to life. Dr. Coppelius takes Coppelia from behind the curtain. What he does not know is that Swanhilda has dressed in Coppelia's clothes. The clever Swanhilda tricks Dr. Coppelius into thinking that Coppelia has come to life. At the end, Franz wakes up and escapes with Swanhilda, leaving Dr. Coppelius with the lifeless doll, Coppelia. Act 2- The Wedding Celebration It is the day of the Bell Festival and Swanhilda and Franz are to be married. Dr. Coppelius storms out of his house complaining that the couple has ruined his doll. Swanhilda and Franz offer Dr. Coppelius some of her wedding dowry. All is forgiven. Swanhilda and Franz are married and the town celebrates with joyous dancing. SHOW LENGTH: The 2 act story ballet is approximately 75 minutes long in length + 10 minute intermission.

at Orinda Library
24 Orinda Way
Orinda, United States

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