Oakland Mall Small Business FAIR, March 18, October 14, 2017

Oakland Mall Small Business FAIR, March 18, October 14, 2017
Event on 2017-03-18 10:00:00
MICHIGAN CRAFTERS MARKETPLACE @ Oakland Mall, Troy, MI * MARCH 4, OCTOBER 28, 2017 * 10-7


Entrepreneurs EXPO EXPO-LPP.com @ Laurel Park Place
> March 4, October 28, 2017
MichiganCraftersMarketplace.com @ Laurel Park Place
> March 4, October 28, 2017
SmallBusinessFAIR.org @ Oakland Mall
> March 18, October 14, 2017
MichiganCraftersMarketplace.com @ Oakland Mall
> March 18, October 14, 2017
Hazel Park Raceway Flea Market & Garage Sale * Park & Sell & CARNIVAL June 10 & 11, 2017

There are thousands of crafts shows and vendor events in Michigan.

Oakland Mall will have over 8 million shoppers in 2016!
Laurel Park Place has very high income shoppers. Over 75% female

MICHIGAN Arts Crafts Decor…Gifts Hats Jewelry & more !

Michigan Crafters Marketplace

Live on Fox 2 News 3 times! Watch videos:

> http://youtu.be/taHWg-mceww
> https://youtu.be/IjvW66vDzr4
> http://youtu.be/B1yvKZt5mlQ

Location Location Location Most important for a new business.

Opportunity Exhibit, promote and sell your products in the middle of the mall.

Exclusive Exhibitors, one person each direct brand

Artists, Authors, Crafters, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Exhibitors, New Products, Direct Reps, Vendors:

Exhibit in the middle of Oakland Mall, Troy, MI and Laurel Park Place, Livonia, MI

Events are open to everyone in Michigan. Event hours: 10a-7p.
Vendors set up 8 am.

Promote your products or services. Reserve a table today. Matching tables, cloths for all exhibitors, chairs included. No other fixtures or table cloths.

Laurel Park Place Mall, Livonia, Michigan 37700 West Six Mile Road.
@ I-275 Freeway
Oakland Mall, Troy, Michigan at 412 W Fourteen Mile Road,
@ I-75 Freeway.

FREE LUNCH BINGO – shoppers will stop and look at every table to see if they won.
> Every event 30 gift cards to mall restaurants for adult shoppers, no purchase required.
> Each exhibitor will have a bingo card with their name and different numbers posted front of table
> Saturday is the busiest shopping day of the week.

Events have been broadcast live on Fox 2 News three times. Also listed in Detroit News 5 years. In addition listings on hundreds of calendars of events: Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, C and G Newspapers and many others

Presented by: Oakland County Business Association Inc Michigan
send US Mail, contracts, make payable to Box 222 Walled Lake, MI 48390

1. Print 2 copies of contract
2. Fill in 2 copies of contract for each and every table
3. Mail in 1 copy of contract with check for
4. Tables each, 2 tables 0, 3 tables 0
(seperate contract each table) reserve with others

rebate, sign up others
rebate, your referrals sign up other vendors
rebate, post to 50 event sites, all list your name
rebate, help set up tables night before 9-11 pm
rebate, help take down after 9 pm

Michigan Crafters Marketplace.com

Cost: Payment required – Reserve a table, sell your hand crafted items inside 2 of best malls in Michigan. Table, chairs, matching cloths: each event, paid in 2016. Table set up: paid 90 days advance, regular each table. Both mall events March 2017, 1 table set up each event 0 pre-paid Regular every table, each event. 2 tables set up same event 0 3 tables set up same event 0 sign up with others and save > Note: separate CONTRACT required for each and every table rebate, every vendor you refer that attends rebate, post events to 30 different sites rebate, set up tables, night before 9-11 pm rebate, take down tables after 9 pm FREE VENDOR TABLES 1. Sign up 6 others to pay for March events

at Oakland Mall
412 W Fourteen Mile @ I-75 Freeway
Troy, United States

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