NHS Started accepting their workers to use Ltd in case by case basis

NHS Started accepting their workers to use Ltd in case by case basis
Event on 2017-09-17 12:00:00
The NHS has made a U-turn over the tax affairs of locum doctors (and nurses) and accepted that some agency staff can still be paid through so-called “personal service” companies.NHS Improvement has now said this rule should be applied on a case-by-case basis….Although genuine freelancers are still able to save tax and national insurance by selling their work through personal service companies,……….. extracted from Financial Times 31/5/2017 What it means is you can still use your Ltd company and get paid Gross without deduction, probbaly need the approval from the agencies but they should be more open-minded to accept Ltd after the new guideline from NHS. As most of you are outside IR35 you are self employed to use your Ltd. You need to buy uniform for your agency work,you could be interested to have a look at the website of this company that sell uniforms min £3 cheaper than most other suppliers. Search by Industry, Healthcare/Medical. http://bit.ly/2sc0AjU In case you still need Umbrella company, we do not have any recommendation which one you should go with . You can contact Charles Paynter Business Development Consultant on 01624 651981 email address charles@medipayplus.com to get second opinion what they are offering if it suits your needs. You may consider their Enhanced Umbrella Option.If you mentioned you got their details from Harry Lee of AWM Accountant you could get a more competitive rate. Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate (the property, money & possessions) of someone who’s died.There’s normally no Inheritance Tax to pay if the value of your estate is below the £325,000 threshold.The standard Inheritance Tax rate is 40%. A will can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax.You can have a will as low as £6.25 (Normally over £80) here http://bit.ly/2scblTk AWM Accountant ( www.awmaccountant.co.uk )  is the new trading company name run and managed by Harry Lee due to expansion and growth. Please note we are currently using a new account with NATIONWIDE account ending 7842 from 14/7/2017 There are lots of information on our facebook page and our website https://www.facebook.com/AWMACCOUNTANT/ You can ask any your questions so we will answer them on facebook. We will be holding seminar on 24/9/2017 (Sunday) depends on the demand from the customers we may do it earlier. The tickets are available in now for discounted price. Early Bird ticket is #12 till 31/7/2017 the ticket price increase every single month.  Main topics: You can still use Ltd and getting paid gross without deduction  if you are working in the Private sector  Legislation proposals for public sector off-payroll workers, Umbrella company and comparison between Umbrella company and PAYE ,how to make yourself outside IR35 to be considered to use Ltd company The topics listed but not limited toHow to run a small businessHow to save £5000-15000.00 taxVATIR35PensionMortgage Charity's, etc We will do online Q & A session in the next few months till Sept 2017 we will start our live seminar in London again on 24/9/2017. We will inform all of you the dates in next few weeks Thank you

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