Nabil Doss – CAPS Afternoon and Evening sessions

Nabil Doss – CAPS Afternoon and Evening sessions
Event on 2017-06-12 13:00:00
The Leader’s Voice: Expand your Influence. Unleash The Extraordinary.1:00pm – 4:00pm Facilitated Speaking Masterclass with Nabil Doss You’ve successfully delivered your keynote a dozen – or a hundred – times. And yet, you’re starting to feel as if something is missing. It needs more impact. It needs a fresh perspective. It needs to increase its emotional power. Or, perhaps, you’re launching a brand new presentation and need some expert advice to make it come alive… Tap into the secrets of a seasoned Speaker Coach and movie trailer director’s expert cinematic approach to ignite your keynote and create a lasting impact on your audience.         The Trailer Code. Set your message in motion and Unleash the Extraordinary!6:30pm – 9:30pm Use the immersive power of Film Trailers in your keynote to emotionally engage your audience! With today’s technology, the immense impact of Social Media, and the shrinking attention span – particularly in younger generations – it’s going to be tougher and tougher for you to rise above the crowd and get your message heard, understood and acted upon. Great Hollywood film trailers immediately engage the audience and create a craving for more. They spin a compelling tale to entice the audience to not only pay attention, but to want to see the whole movie. As speakers, you can use these techniques to enthrall your audiences throughout your presentation and create a memorable experience. A dynamic and visually compelling keynote can exponentially increase the emotional impact of your message and its retention. Discover the secrets of immersive cinematic and narrative techniques to zero-in on the essence of your message and get the attention it deserves! The limits of your influence are defined by your capacity to express your vision. Tips from a Hollywood Movie Trailer Director to harness the immersive power of Movie Trailers and Unleash the Extraordinary! About Nabil Known as "The French Voice of Paramount Pictures in Canada", Nabil is a seasoned speaker and an expert in Influential Communication who scripted, voiced, directed and produced hundreds of Hollywood blockbuster promotional trailers. As a speaker and expert in presentation skills, he helps business executives and professional speakers unleash their true potential to communicate at a deeper level and deliver a highly inspirational message to their audience. With three decades of advertising and marketing communications experience, a wide range of organizations and professionals have used his consulting and production services to enhance their message and establish a strong brand. He has directed and produced the French-language television and radio commercials for Paramount Pictures in Canada since 1989. Over the years, Nabil has served in leadership positions in many professional associations. Currently the President of the Global Speakers Federation, he has served as the 2013 National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). He also served as Vice-President, Communications of APCM (the Montreal Chapter of the American Marketing Association) and Vice-President, Marketing, IABC Montreal (International Association of Business Communicators.

at Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel – 33 Carlson Court
33 Carlson Court
Toronto, Canada

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