How to get a Bigger Bite out of Life – Life Changing Seminar

How to get a Bigger Bite out of Life – Life Changing Seminar
Event on 2017-09-23 09:00:00
Are you O.K. mate? A life changing seminar presented to you by Olivia and Karen (O.K.) This is a question commonly asked out in the west by our mates and family members, however, how often do you say no? People often want to deal with issues alone, shying away from asking for help, or hide the fact that they have issues all together. Eventually this leads in a downward spiral, causing a number of problems such as breakdowns, addictions and relationship problems. Here at Change Dynamics we have felt the pain- but there is a way out. I started this company with an aim to help people live a more fulfilled, inspired life. And this is totally achievable.  My name is Karen Siepen and I personally have made dynamic change in my own life. Living out in Sth West QLD for 13 years on cattle stations, I have observed and grown to understand the challenges over and above those which would be considered normal in more populated areas. The tyranny of distance, lack of services, distanced community, communication issues, extreme conditions and the minimal understanding by city dwellers of our day-to-day environment. Sound familiar?  In light of all of this, I have at my fingertips a unique opportunity to share what I have learnt that has made such a significance difference to my life personally. In collaboration with an extraordinary practitioner in self-development we invite you to experience real dynamic change in your life. If you have any of the following, then this seminar is for you: Defeating behaviours (Social, Economic, Legal or Familial) Phobias and negative habits Health Concerns  Relationship Issues Difficulty with kids Hate your job but have to pay the bills Carry the burden of debt or low income Lack confidence Feel trapped Believe you're letting your heritage down Experiencing grief or loss Any or All of these issues can be addressed and neutralised within hours, and we will show you how with our seminar, 'How To Get a Better Bite out of Life!'. A world of self-development techniques and learning easily absorbed in our 2 day seminar, brought to you in Charleville, Sth West QLD. Your facilitators will be Myself and an exceptionally gifted Demartini Method® facilitator, Olivia Antonic.  Olivia, is a leading Demartini Method® facilitator and is coming all the way from WA to share her wealth of knowledge. To my experience of the last 13 years, not once has Charleville seen such a dynamic, caring and capable person in this field. The Demartini Method® is a scientific process that balances perceptions and emotions, resolving problems within hours. It is being used professionally by many psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, educators, consultants and health professionals across the world. So whoever you are, whatever your issue, this 2 day comprehensive seminar can change your life for the better. The seminar includes lunch and tea/coffee breaks. Discounted or group concessions available. Please note this seminar is usually valued at ,600.00 Some private confidential sessions will be available for early bookings. To get your information pack contact me directly at Thanks, Karen  Change Dynamics 

at Charleville
Warrego Highway
Charleville, Australia

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