Harvest Moon Ceremony

Harvest Moon Ceremony
Event on 2017-09-06 18:30:00
Plant your own intentions and honor the Harvest Moon with this ceremonial outdoor practice! This particular full moon happens to be closest to the autumn equinox and was given its name by the extra light that it gives to farmers to harvest their crops. This extra light was considered a great blessing therefore festivals and celebrations were created around this gift.  We’re gathering to celebrate by setting up a large Autumn-inspired altar space, surrounded by a Reiki-infused energy grid under the full moon. Join psychic medium, holistic healer, and spiritual advisor, Ashely Vingi, owner of Ascension NXT (located in downtown East Greenwich) as she enriches our connection to Mother Earth through Reiki assists within this 90 minute yoga practice, lead by instructor Laura Sarlitto, welcoming all levels of yogis. This practice will consist of not only asana, but also meditation, breath-work, drumming, and chanting. According to Hatha Yoga, the moon’s manifestation power also resides within us. With this particular Harvest Moon, it is a time to turn pain into healing using personal manifestation and communal celebration. We can invoke and pay homage to the lunar energy in nature and within by practicing Chandra Namaskar, or moon salutation, which we will once more revisit in our practice, along with brand new sequencing designed to contribute to this full body prayer in motion. Reiki is administered by placing hands over certain areas of the body where energy needs to be released and transmuted. It also cleans out all of the major chakras and balances out the energy field. It works by gently releasing energy blockages to activate positive cellar changes in the physical body and energy expansion in the higher self. We’re also excited to announce our special guest, Amy Jones, who will be playing a medicine drum live for us in contribution to our practice. For centuries, drumming has been a central part of indigenous cultures worldwide, and is one of the oldest healing methods known to man. As a universal, vibrational language, the drumbeat, as played to the rhythm of the heart, is used by peoples to connect to the Earth and to one another

at Goddard Park Beach
Ives Rd
Warwick, United States

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