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After the phenomenal success of our first Growth Hacking Workshop in Dublin, we are back with more dates! Our 'No Brainer' tickets are already SOLD OUT! Grab an Early Bird while you still can! Learn Growth Hacking in Dublin Discover proven growth hacking principles pioneered by Airbnb, Uber, and Dropbox to increase your company's traffic, customers, and revenue. Leaving this workshop, you will have an instantly actionable, step-by-step implementation plan on how to grow your business using systems, data, analytics, psychology and much, much more! What is Growth Hacking? Born in the Silicon Valley Startup Scene Sean Ellis, the guy who coined the term, was the first growth hero at Dropbox. He realized that the new data-driven, tech savvy techniques he was implementing were lightyears ahead of plain traditional marketing, and thus needed a new name (terrible name if you ask me, but we are stuck with it!). A Series of Spectacular Successes Small startups like Airbnb, Uber, and Instagram started using growth hacking techniques with breathtaking success. Nobody could believe how rapidly these companies exploded into multimillion-dollar businesses with such effective marketing investments. Hot Growth Secrets Uncovered As ultra successful growth hackers started blogging and writing books, the secrets behind their successes began to emerge. The powerful principles and techniques that drove growth for many of today’s hottest companies can now be learned by anyone brave enough to do so. An Upgraded Approach to Doing Business Growth hacking is a data-driven methodology and collection of techniques for setting up and scaling businesses fast. It’s an approach to maximizing growth potential by adopting smarter ways of thinking about products, customers and value. Curious? Let's schedule a quick call! Growth Hacking Workshops Dublin This is a highly interactive, exercise-packed workshop teaching principles that were not taught in university. Get ahead of your competitors and be the first in your industry to adopt proven growth hacking principles and set your organisation up for the sustainable growth you deserve. Who is it for? Fearless Founders & CEOs not scared of change Daring Marketing Professionals looking to up-skill Gutsy Freelancers seeking an edge Courageous Startups willing to innovate What will you get out of it? A step-by-step implementation plan on how to grow your business you can implement the same day. Understand how systems can get targeted, specific results and keep you focused and organised. Learn the skills needed to survive for the digital future. Learn our 7 Pillar Growth Hacking Model and focus on the metrics that matter to your business. What other Irish attendees said: "If you want to grow your business and 'think outside the box' then this workshop is definitely of benefit! Realizing that growth hacking is based on a systematic process was my biggest insight of the day. You will understand the importance of growth hacking on how to gain more customers and gain financially." – Catherine Duggan, Irish Tech News "Such an actionable approach made learning the 7 pillars of growth hacking so much more effective than the traditional seminars and talks I usually go to. I walked in hoping to learn a few tricks. I walked out with a clear system for hacking my growth I could start implementing the same day. Most importantly, I learned that the first thing I needed to hack was my mindset and the way I look at things. I took a gamble on you guys and it’s paying off really well already."  – Daniele Peron, Growth Design (Ireland) "The RockBoost workshop gave me some real actionable insights I was eager to implement the very next day. Even though I have read just about every book on marketing, sales, lean and growth hacking, I still got a ton of value and golden nuggets. Ben and Chris have great passion and it comes across bucket loads. Highly recommended!" – Paul Moran, Taskblast (Ireland) Curious? Let's schedule a quick call! The 7 Pillars of Growth Hacking 1. Mindset Embrace the growth and systems mindset. A simple shift in your mindset can give your organisation an enormous business advantage over your competitors. 2. Team Build a growth hacking team within your organisation. A depth of knowledge specialising in one or two key areas and breadth of knowledge covering a wide array of skills. 3. Measurement Use the correct software and techniques to precisely measure data through your sales funnel. Get accurate data on your ROI and actionable insights to increase your revenue. 4. Listen to your market Listen carefully to your target market. Use psychological principles to know your audience better than they know themselves! 5. Product/ market fit Constantly experiment and iterate, tailor your product to your customers' needs. Build products your customers cannot live without! 6. Traction channels Discover 19 traction channels to grow your business and increase your revenue. Identify the ones that best reach your target market and exploit them maximally! 7. Optimization Develop hypotheses and constantly optimise through A/B testing and creative experimentation. The key to growth hacking to test, test and keep testing! After this workshop, you will have sufficient knowledge to implement growth hacking in your organisation and the key resources to continue learning. Ticket includes: Delicious lunch in The Exchequer Bar, snacks throughout, tea & coffee! Attendees also get: Free Growth Hacking Guide – actionable tips to increase your organisation's traffic, users and revenue Free Growth Hacking Ebook – be inspired by Silicon Valley case studies  Offical RockBoost certificate of completion. No Brainer! SOLD OUT!!! No Brainer price expires 14th June at midnight, or sooner if limited tickets sell out. Location The Central Hotel, 1-5 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2 Tuesday 25th July – Full Day – Time: 8.30-17.30 About RockBoost Founded in 2014 by Chris Out, RockBoost was the first growth hacking agency in The Netherlands and has successfully implemented growth hacking in 70+ companies. Applying growth hacking principles, RockBoost has grown from a company of 3 people to an international team of 20 in just two years and is rapidly expanding. The RockBoost mission is to educate and to implement growth hacking in innovative companies to unlock their growth potential. Some companies we have worked with:   FAQs   How can I contact the organiser with any questions? Please get in touch with for any further information.  

at The Central Hotel
Exchequer Street Dublin 2&nbsp
Dublin, Ireland

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