Green Coffee Analytics Course, Roasting Styles Course & Inventory Management Course at Mojo Coffee Roasters

Green Coffee Analytics Course, Roasting Styles Course & Inventory Management Course at Mojo Coffee Roasters
Event on 2017-02-15 09:00:00
Royal Coffee is proud to announce Crown on the Road – Classes and workshops taught by the team from Royal & The Crown are coming to a city near you! Distilling our Crown Jewel Selections into coursework on Green Coffee Analytics, Roasting Styles, and Inventory Management, we’ll be visiting Berkeley, Denver, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Austin & New Orleans throughout January & February 2017. Join us while we anticipate the opening of The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room. These courses are a must take for production roasters, home roasters, green coffee buyers & aspiring coffee professionals. Save when you register for all 3 classes Green Coffee Analytics with Evan GilmanDensity, Screen Size & Water Activity: Theory & Application for Roasters & Buyers · 09:00 – 11:00amWant to take just this course? Register here This class lays the groundwork for thorough understanding of green coffee quality, and is a must for roasters and green buyers. Course work will move beyond simple analyses methods to highlight specifics of how a coffee’s physical quality affects global trade, roasting methods, and flavors. After this class, you will… Be able to implement green coffee analysis methods in your place of work Understand the relationship of green quality to global trade to make better decisions Utilize green quality to your benefit to make informed choices during roasting Roasting Styles & Impact on Flavor with Jen ApodacaA Roasting Workshop · 012:00pm – 3:00pmWant to take just this course? Register hereLooking to add some skills to your roasting tool kit? Here, you'll learn three distinct roasting theories. We will demonstrate how to apply them in a drum roaster and evaluate their success on the cupping table with several coffees of varied origin, density, screen size, and moisture content. Students will be introduced to the following roasting theories: Keeping the Rate of Rise in Constant Descent – Scott Rao Elongating the Maillard Reactions for Body – Rob Hoos Resting after First Crack – the “S” Curve technique by Ed Leebrick Menu Development & Inventory Management with The Crown TeamA Workshop to Plan, Manage & Release Coffees · 03:30 – 5:30pmWant to take just this course? Register here So you’ve bought incredible coffees – now what? Learn to strategize a coffee’s release to market, balance inventory numbers, quality, and cost, and expect the unexpected when forecasting supply and demand. After completing the course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to help you… Manage inventory with an eye to improving usage and advanced planning Convert coffee information into marketing strategies for new coffee releases Combine intuition, good practices, and software to improve the quality of your products and efficiency of your business Graciously Hosted by  About the Instructors Evan Gilman, Creative Director, Royal Coffee, Inc.:  Evan is, amongst other things, a photographer, musician in a Balinese gamelan, a brewer, and a licensed Q Grader. He joins The Crown after extensive travel throughout Indonesia, work as a trainer for Blue Bottle Coffee Company, and 15 years in the coffee industry.   Jen Apodaca, Director of Roasting, Royal Coffee, Inc.:  Jen started roasting coffee in 2005 for McMenamins Inc. in Portland, Oregon. She has roasted coffee for Ecco Caffe, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, and Blue Bottle Coffee. She is now the Director of Roasting for The Crown; Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room. She has experience on several styles of roasting machines and is dedicated to the craft of making coffee more delicious. She serves on the SCAA's Roaster's Guild Executive Council, is a certified Q-Grader, is the Chair Emeritus of the Coffee Committee of the Good Food Awards and has been an international juror for the Cup of Excellence.

at Mojo Coffee Roasters
420-A Huso St
New Orleans, United States

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