Getting Your Foot Inside The Room

Getting Your Foot Inside The Room
Event on 2017-03-26 15:30:00
I invite you to join a FREE seminar on HOW TO GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR & MOVE AROUND. Whether you just graduated from college or graduated a few years ago, this mini class will help you determine how to use your skills and knowledge to get into one of the world's toughest industry… Hollywood. My name is Shimira Cole, the founder, and creator of Post-College Rehab. My journey started when I moved from Virginia Beach to Los Angeles to become a television writer. However, I quickly learned that it's going to take a lot more experience and patience than I expected. After speaking to a few established TV writers, my biggest fear was, what if I don't like being a TV writer once I finally worked years to become one. Furthermore, I took the initiative to learn every part of the industry before I committed myself to a career that I hardly know anything about. I took the initiative to learn the "Hollywood" talk, walk, & hustle which got me to work at studios such as CBS Television Studios, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers. I even interned as a development assistant and as an agent assistant. Was a production assistant for American Idle, The Talk, and much more. I also became a show runners executive assistant for an unscripted production company, until landing my dream job at a film production company. I completed this in 2 years and a half! I was blessed to experience every piece of the industry from film, television, productions, and even acting.  HOW TO GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR & MOVE AROUND is the first installment of Post-college rehab- communications. I will be covering a lot of the beginning symptoms that most people feel when they graduate college or when they are close to a breakthrough. I will share secrets and tips that helped my peers and I dominate our entry-level experience and when to know that opportunities are a waste of time. Questions we are going to answer… CAREERS & FINANCES A Starving Artist vs A Striving Artist; Which one are you? Determine your passion and what does that look like? Determining your career and what does that look like? What's your Skills and Knowledge in your career Dissecting your goals/plans? Resume and Cover letter writing Know your worth and own it! Get your foot in the door, entry-level Jobs, programs, and more- Let's create an action plan.   HOME & RELATIONSHIP Building a network and forming Relationships Mentors and sponsors Your Patience, silence, and breakthrough SPIRITUALITY Church and Life group Work, life, & prayer balance

at Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center
2800 Shore Drive
Virginia Beach, United States

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