Game of Thrones Trivia

Game of Thrones Trivia
Event on 2017-07-13 19:00:00
You Know Nothing Annapolis! But if you think you do anyway then we would like to invite you to a rehearsal dinner of sorts for Lord Edmure Tully and Lady Roslin Frey. Unfortunately the royal family will be busy preparing for the wedding and will not be able to join us but they have ensured that fine food and drink as well as the best entertainment in the land shall be provided.  The wisest trivia master has devised a most sinister challenge. Five rounds of questions sure to make your head spin. That is, of course, if the mead doesn’t do it first. Dinner and a pint will be offered once you have donated to the royal fund. A measly fee of will grant you not only access to the nights entertainment but a complimentary pint and your choice of the following meals as well: *A roasted turkey leg, garlic herb mashed potatoes, roasted corn on the cob and a side of cornbread topped with honey & thyme butter.  *Grilled Kielbasa sausage topped with a white wine mustard sauce, cranberry stuffing, roasted corn on the cob, and a side of cornbread topped with honey & thyme butter.  *Spaghetti Squash topped with marinated cherry tomatoes, zucchini, chopped parsley and a savory white wine sauce with cornbread on the side, topped with honey & thyme butter. Reserve your seat quickly! This night is guaranteed to be a bloody good time!  (The trivia event will be free to the public but you must have a ticket to participate. The fee is for your choice of dinner and a select pint only. The purchase of a dinner is not required to participate however it will be delicious and you will miss out if you choose not to :) ) -Questions for trivia will be a healthy mix from both television and novels -Because of an overwhelming interest, we're giving people an option to register beforehand. -We're accepting teams of 6 or less and teams of 2 or less are not guaranteed a table. -Tables will be first come, first serve. -We will be closing to the public at 4:30 pm and reopening at 6pm. —-Registering will guarantee your entrance into the pub but not a table. -Those who do not register may not be granted access. !DISCLAIMER! This event is 21+ No one under the age of 21 may enter. Once you purchase your tickets: The wedding will be held at the Twins castle and the seat of House Frey, the Great House of the Riverlands. To ensure access to the castle please email with the following information: *Head of House(Team Captain) *House Name(Team Name) *Number of House members(Max 6) . Tables will be reserved in the order in which the return crows are received.

at Fadó Annapolis
1 Park Place
Annapolis, United States

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