Discover THE Biggest Network Marketing Opportunity in the UK Today

Discover THE Biggest Network Marketing Opportunity in the UK Today
Event on 2017-07-08 10:30:00
You must have noticed that more than ever there are millions of network marketers representing thousands of network marketing companies vying for your attention. And for good reason. According to an article on Forbes, the Network Marketing industry is poised for explosive growth and is increasingly looking likely to be one of the most significant solutions to the current retirement savings crisis in America and Europe (and elsewhere globally). So at some point you decide that it could be the right solution for you too. But not so fast! You need to do your homework first. Obviously, not all opportunities are equal, and you don’t want to jump from company to company looking for the right one, or worse have a bad experience that spoils everything. We've all seen the pattern. You see posts on Facebook from friends who have joined a new company, then months later, that same person is advertising a new product with another company. Don’t fall into this! You're going to need to know the company you are partnering up with inside and out before you start working with them. Seriously – the company you choose will either break you or make you, and possibly your reputation too. So if you're wondering "is there a company out there that really knows how to do Network Marketing well?" or "what should I be aware of or looking out for to help me choose wisely?" – then this event is for you! In this huge free-to-attend event you will meet inspiring entrepreneurs and discover key changes that have reshaped the world in recent years that change the way network marketing is done. You'll hear specific details on a list of things you should be looking for before joining any Network Marketing company. If any of these pieces are missing, your response should be, “NEXT!” Keep looking. Event Location: The event will take place at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham city centre. Start time: 10:30 – Registration10:45 – Take your seats for the keynote presentation 12:00 – Lunch break – grab a bite in one of the many eateries in or around the centre13:00 – Markets and Products update – learn what the trends and happenings are!14:30 – Recognition – celebration of the latest Million Dollar Circle Members!16:00 – Main event ends – networking and photo opportunities17:00 – Social – join us for drinks and further networking at Strada (inside the ICC) Any questions contact your hosts Darren on 07982644911 or Veni on 07916535383 – We look forward to seeing you there.

at International Convention Centre
Broad Street
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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