Cuddle Up LA – Cuddle & Contact

Cuddle Up LA – Cuddle & Contact
Event on 2017-06-18 18:00:00
Cuddle UP!   Cuddle & Contact! A Place to Connect, Cuddle & Commune   Tonight we will mix it up a bit…we will still be relaxing and cuddling…and at one part of the room we will add some Contact Improv for the people who would like to move together…like an active cuddle! We did this recently and it was a blast…so I thought I'd add it to tonights Cuddle UP! You are always at choice to be a part of it or not…cuddle, witness, or contact!!!   Cuddle UP is the place to come to relax, unwind, allow the connection to sooth and relax you and allow your being to be filled up with oxytocin…to feel happy and joy flow into your system! It's Time to Cozy up to Another or Others! Share your Heart through touch and conversation! Pull a warm human close, talk, share, giggle… Ask for what you want and need You are always at choice!  And Cuddle UP!   Humans crave touch and connection with other humans. Too often we neglect this real need and fail to care for ourselves.   Cuddle Up! is a safe space to get these needs met. This is a completely non-sexual and fully clothed event. And you don’t have to touch or Cuddle anyone! Witnessing is participation! And you are always at choice!   Touch is a vital component to living a healthy and joyous life…it relieves stress, supports connection, brings more oxytocin into your system…which is considered the "happy drug"…free from any negative side effects!!!   At Cuddle UP you meet new friends, raise the sense of belonging, decrease your blood pressure, create a hug tribe of friends and sleep better!   WHEN: Sunday June  18th, 6-9:00pm (doors close at 6:30) WHERE: In private home in Mar Vista (address sent once payment received) COST: .00/.00 *space is limited*    This is a partially structured, safe, non-sexual, non-drug and alcohol-free event.   "BEST CUDDLE I'VE EVER BEEN TOO, and I've been to close to 40"….is what one person said from the last Cuddle UP!    WHAT: A Cuddle Up is a fun, playful workshop about connection, boundaries and communication that includes an abundance of nurturing and affectionate touch. WHY: We know that healthy touch slows our heart rate, reduces anxiety, and promotes feelings of safety and security. Research tells us, in fact, that touch is the most neglected of our five basic senses, and yet the only sense essential to life. It's a GREAT way to create community!!! WHAT WE WILL SHARE: Meeting new people, loving touch, food, giving and receiving consensual touch, asking for what we want, experiencing the joy of our YES and NO, and opening your heart and senses to loving touch and connection with amazing people. WHAT HAPPENS AT A CUDDLE UP  Cuddling can mean feet against feet, head or shoulder rubs, full-body hugs, spooning – it is entirely up to you. You can participate according to your desires and comfort level (it is perfectly ok if you just want to talk and not touch anyone for a while or not at all – YOU ARE ALWAYS AT CHOICE!!!). You will have a great opportunity to meet and connect with other cuddle-minded people in a safe and relaxing environment. “I felt so filled with love” Join the fun! Improve your health! Meet new people! And even, perhaps, learn something along the way…… Come cuddle:) Facilitated by Heather Rhea Dawn-Cuddle Bug! A Cuddle Facilitator; Massage Therapist for over 27 years, a Touch & Intimacy Coach and a Certified Tantra Educator. Touch and Dance has been her whole life…she knows how much healing and opening can happen when people are touched, held and cuddled! RSVP & Prepayment is necessary as I will be working to make it as gender balanced as possible. Please contact me at! Look up Cuddle Up on Facebook at: I look forward to cuddling with you! "Complete bliss, so what I needed” SCHEDULE  6:00pm-6:30pm- Arrive, relax, set up blankets and pillows (be sure to arrive before 7:30pm as doors will close at that time).  6:30pm-7:30pm-ish  – Go over rules, practice exercises, boundary setting, and be guided through some ways to cuddle, touch and caress another.  7:30pm-8:45pm  – Cuddling, hanging out, enjoy getting to know others…making requests or not.  8:45pm– Closing circle, sharing, cleaning up and good byes! What to Bring: Some light snacks and juice, sparkling cider/water (no alcohol) to share. Also bring water, a favorite pillow, a stuffed animal if you'd like! What to wear: think cozy, comfy, feel good, soft, yummy, bring layers, you may get warm, you may cool off, socks or Onesies are always good too. Or sweats, full body pj's- tops and bottoms, flannel or cotton. Feel good clothes! (more drawstrings, less lace! No shorts.) GUIDELINES:  All clothes must stay on the whole time  You must ask permission and get a verbal “yes” before touching anyone.  You don’t have to cuddle, touch or be touched by anyone if you don’t want to…you can be a witness…witnessing is participation!  If you are a Yes…say yes, if not…say no…there are on maybe’s here.  You can change your mind and are encouraged to change you mind any time you want to!  All emotions are welcomed here…tears and laughter!  Respect all agreements you have with your partner and with yourself. Feel free to invite friends…bring friends….and have some fun with us!  Bliss, Heather If you want a listing of all my classes, please go to:   Tickets to Cuddle Up are non transferable or non-refundable   Prices are .00 for the first 4 men and women that register!  

at Mar Vista
Address will be shared with ticket purchase
Los Angeles, United States

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