Branding from the Inside Out

Branding from the Inside Out
Event on 2017-03-14 10:00:00
MadeBrave is proud to be an official partner with Google for Glasgow's very own Google Digital Garage! What is branding, exactly? Is it a logo? Is it a product? Is it a technique for marking livestock with a hot iron so as to identify the owner? Well, yes and no. For the best answer to that question though, make sure to lasso a ticket or two for our next chat, “Branding from the Inside Out”. For this one we'll be yippin' over: Starting with your “Why?” Finding your brand identity: tone of voice, visual style, and overall personality  Communicating your brand effectively And that's not all, folks! The Glasgow Google Digital Garage’s got loads of free training, consultations, and workshops for businesses for all shapes and sizes to explore. Sign up for free training and one-to-one mentoring sessions or come along for special training events!

at Mitchell Library
North Street
Glasgow, United Kingdom

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