Beginner’s Modern Brush Lettering Workshop with @lettersbyshells

Beginner’s Modern Brush Lettering Workshop with @lettersbyshells
Event on 2017-08-26 10:00:00
The overall purpose of this workshop is to feel confident practicing Modern Brush Lettering at home using all the information and tools given. During this 3 hour workshop, you will not only learn the basics of modern brush lettering, but the following topics will also be covered:- How to hold your brush pen- Differing pressure levels- Differences between brush pens- Common practice drills- What is fauxcalligraphy?- How to connect letters- How to achieve bouncy lettering- Understanding the different styles that can be achieved- Understanding different brush pens by testing out 17 different brands​As a class, we will be able to practice both uppercase and lowercase alphabet by breaking down the connections to each letter in a word. Also, we will review frequently asked questions throughout the workshop together!This workshop includes all the materials needed to get started, including:- Brush Pen Set:(includes- Crayola Marker, Tombow Fudenosuke, and Pentel Fude Touch Brush Pen)- 60+ Page Workbook:(includes- Alphabet Sheet Guide,practice worksheets, and tips and techniques)- HP Premium Laser Jet Paper to letter on- Small Gift along with a Personalized Name Tag- An exclusive motivational @lettersbyshells tote bag to carry all the materials homeThis workshop is all about being positive and having fun while learning the beauty of Modern Brush Lettering! I have tailored this workshop for you all to not only learn a new hobby, but also be able to discover your own creative side! ​This workshop requires no prior experience in calligraphy or lettering. ​Let's all just use this time to relax, learn, and letter with good company!

at Smitten on Paper Shop
114 E Lemon Ave
Monrovia, United States

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