Achievement Masterclass: Confidence, Clarity & New Beliefs

Achievement Masterclass: Confidence, Clarity & New Beliefs
Event on 2017-03-08 19:00:00
ENTREPRENEURS | BUSINESS OWNERS | PROFESSIONALS | AUTHORS | STARTUPS | ASPIRATIONAL LEADERS & THINKERS (BE QUICK – REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL – TICKETED EVENT ONLY – PLEASE CLICK "REGISTER" NOW) EARLY BIRD TICKETS EXPIRE: 1st March 2017 (Or when tickets sell out, which ever is first, book now and save) YOU'RE invited to a high-energy, workshop based, evening with the founders of the Achievement Club Australia, Vaughan & Nathan. It's a two-hour spectacular event with music, small-group breakouts, and high-quality training to help you launch you into your new, empowered and amazing life. Dedicated to the principles of achievement, success, and shifting the results in your personal and professional life. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR UNLIMITED MOTIVATION & CONTINUAL EDUCATION? At the core of real-world, non-hype, success there are two primary categories that pave the way to overcoming the challenges and failures – sustaining your motivation and continual learning. As Zig Ziglar put's it "motivation doesn't last, well, neither does bathing – that's why we recommend it daily." We want to help you plug into a planned system of growth that will help you surmount any obstacle and see no such thing as failure – ever again. DO YOU HAVE A TRIBE OF POSITIVE, LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE WHO ARE 100% SUPPORTING YOUR AMBITIONS, GOALS & DREAMS EVERY DAY? Let's face it: The world is full of negative boo-hoo's. People who would rather not see you succeed and happily watch you fall on your face. The standard water cooler office conversation doesn't exactly lend itself to your rich unfoldment. Likewise, you're not going to find the key to unlocking your potential at the bottom of a beer at the pub…although you may try. That's why we created this event as an incubator to your mindset development plus it's not a networking-type-event so you can focus for an entire two hours on how to get to that next level. One of the key benefits is the group will use principles of masterminding to help overcome your biggest challenges, hurdles or failures…don't worry this is not like AA for motivation, it's an uplifting judgment-free free time to learn and grow. HAVE YOU READ SELF-HELP BOOKS OR ATTENDED SEMINARS BUT FOUND IT HARD TO PUT WHAT YOU LEARN INTO PRACTICE TO CHANGE YOUR RESULTS? Listen, we have all been there – that's why this masterclass was created! Sure, getting juiced on good vibes is a great way to change but the problem is when the realities of life, business, family and work simply hit you in the face the next day. And going it alone can, well, simply suck sometimes. If you feel you don't have the right environment or support this evening is for you. If you're blessed to have the support but feel you don't have the right people to help you give you specific advice on overcoming your career or business challenges, this is a must for you. After more than a decade of research, study and interviewing some of the world's most successful thought-leaders we have concluded that the only way you can build successes, that build on top of successes, is by plugging into a community of like-minded people who support each other. A community that give new solutions to the exact problems you face and hold each other accountable to goals.  DO YOU WANT TO GET NEW, FRESH, INSIGHTS & IDEAS TO HELP YOU RAPIDLY GROW YOUR JOB, CAREER OR BUSINESS? If you're sick and tired of trying to do all of this by yourself, then please get your free ticket now and do not wait another moment. Life is not supposed to be akin to you walking around a dark room bashing into walls, tripping on cords and bashing your knees into the coffee table…no, no. It is supposed to be an exhilarating ride. An adventure where the unknown is exciting and every day brings with it, new possibilities. Where you experience transformation and your results continue to get better. Once you get the habits of achievement you will never, ever look back again. ALL ATTENDEES RECEIVE FREE BONUSES: [DEPENDING ON TICKET TYPE, SEE REGISTRATION FOR MORE DETAILS] BONUS: "7 Foundations to Achieve Anything" Training Video Plus 6 Page Worksheet ValueBONUS: "Rapid Goal Achievement Blueprint" Video Training Series 7 Value OH, YOU'RE STILL READING…Well, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give us two hours of your life and in exchange, we will give you everything we have got to help you quantum leap your performance. We know you will be happier, re-energized and focused on what matters to you by the end. FROM PREVIOUS ATTENDEES "Nathan and Vaughan's presentation was highly motivating. Everyone wants to be successful in their own right, but few achieve it. This doesn't promise a smoke and mirrors formula but does offer practical advice to take action in pursuit of your own goals. Well worth a very small commitment of time to hear how it can help you." -Brett. "…is a really great starting point to help you work out what your priorities are, why you're not doing them and how to make yourself a priority in your life. It was a great way to spend 2 hours. I was skeptical at first, but it ended up being a really useful and really beneficial two hours. I am already spurred on since the Masterclass." – Jaklina FAQ'S. WHAT IF I CAN'T MAKE IT? Unfortunately, there are no refunds due to the level of organization. However, you can transfer your two FREE tickets to someone else. IS THIS A NETWORKING EVENT? We have a saying…leave your business cards at the door. This is the reverse of a networking event. We aim to build your job, career, business or life from the inside out. Rather than dishing out business cards hoping someone will help you build your life to a better level – we will help you get the tools, tactics, templates that will allow you to build to any level you want. WHO IS THIS FOR? Interested in self-development, self-improvement, self-help or growth Entrepreneurs and start-up businesses who require injections of positive vibes, strategy and ideas to grow fast Business owners (established and new) who need a reboot, fresh approach to old ways or want to pull themselves out of a rut and grow, scale or sell their business Self-employed, home based business owners, freelancers, bloggers, online course creators or thought-leaders must come to plug into a community of people who will cheer you on as you go out into the world to make a difference and build your brand Have a job or career and either want to get promoted, run the company or make a shift into a new area or create your own business then most certainly you will need this information for what you're about to make happen. WHAT TIME DO I ARRIVE? Please arrive 15 minutes prior to event starting to get your seat, water etc. CAN I BRING A FRIEND? Absolutely! In fact, we will gift you a FREE ticket for every ticket you buy. We would love you to bring anyone who is open, looking for change, and this may help. We have a strict no as*hole policy. That is anyone who is not actually ready to do the work, make a change or just be positive towards others dreams are not allowed. We are protective of you and our community, your ideas and values will be protected with us. ARE THERE ANY FOOD OR DRINKS? We encourage that you eat a healthy, clean-living, meal before you come as food is not provided. Drinks are allowed but please reserve the alcohol for your celebratory after-party! PLEASE SECURE YOUR TICKET NOW & AFTER CHECK OUT WE WILL GIFT YOUR 2ND TICKET. BE QUICK BEFORE THE SELLOUT. LIMITED REMAIN. BE QUICK BEFORE THE SELLOUT. LIMITED REMAIN.

at East Hotel

Brisbane, Australia

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