Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Event on 2016-05-19 09:00:00
Tell your story, grow your audience, build your brand and your business. Creating unique content which connects visitors with your brand from the planning, booking and travel stages has never been so important. With consumers being bombarded by travel options and reviews before they even begin their booking process, you must find ways to grab their attention. In this era where businesses and organisations need to take control of their content, this workshop will give you the information needed to attract your audience through storytelling and create content that is fresh, relevant and informative. The workshop will introduce you to the concept of content marketing and explain why it is taking the world by storm. You will be provided with case studies and examples of small, medium and micro-sized businesses that are successfully publishing their own content, in effect becoming their own media companies. Learn the practical roadmap so you too can start leveraging the power of social media and online publishing platforms to attract and connect with people interested in discovering Melbourne and all it has to offer. Key Takeaways: Understand the media landscape and the informational wants and needs of today’s ‘connected consumer’. The basics of content marketing: planning, development, production and distribution. The importance of using content to humanise your business. How to repurpose your content effectively across multiple channels. How being a ‘multi-channel storyteller’ can help build credibility, authority and visibility for your brand. The secrets of successful bloggers and multimedia content creators. Learn how to put these ideas to work immediately in your business. How to develop a content-first mindset. Understand where social media fits in the content marketing equation. Facilitator: Trevor Young Trevor is a keynote marketing speaker, strategist and advisor specialising in content marketing and social media communications. His popular marketing blog PR Warrior, which he started in 2007, has been listed by both Smart Company and Search Engine Journal as one of Australia’s top business blogs. Trevor also hosts Reputation Revolution, the DIY personal branding podcast for business professionals, and is author of the book, microDOMINATION: How to Leverage Social Media and Content Marketing to Build a Mini-Business Empire Around Your Personal Brand.  In 2014 and 2015, Brand Quarterly included Trevor on its annual "50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50" list and most recently he was named as one of eight ‘heroes of Australian content marketing’ by Sydney Morning Herald. Trevor has been interviewed by the likes of Channel 7, Sky News, The Age, ABC Radio and The Australian, and was a contributor to the world’s first accredited Diploma of Social Media Marketing, run by Social Media College. BOOK HERE *A special thank you to Citadines, the venue partner for our 2016 Tourism Excellence Program.

at Clarion Hotel
326-330 Canterbury Road
Melbourne, Australia

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Engaging the People You Serve with Digital – Dinner & Cocktail Reception (Dallas)

Engaging the People You Serve with Digital – Dinner & Cocktail Reception (Dallas)
Event on 2016-05-04 18:00:00
Join us for a private mCordis and Waterfall sponsored dinner & cocktail reception “Engaging The People You Serve With Digital”.   During the reception, Waterfall, mCordis and Rob Crews, former CMO of Church's Chicken and Ovation Brands, will lead a discussion on how the integration of digital, social, and mobile are impacting every aspect of a restaurant’s marketing strategy. Many restaurants, like Starbucks, Panera, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Papa Murphy's, and Wingstop have already embraced mobile and digital capabilities and are achieving tremendous results, including increased customer awareness, foot traffic, sales, and loyalty.   Evening's Agenda: 6:00~7:00 Cocktails and networking 7:00~8:00 Dinner and table discussions on digital's impact* 8:00~9:00 Desert & group wrap-up on digital's impact *If you can't make dinner, feel free to join us just for the networking and cocktails  Special thanks to our event sponsors: Waterfall, Mblox, and YA Please note: Registering for the event does not guarantee a spot at dinner. This is an invite-only event designed for restaurant executives and mCordis must confirm all attendees.    Evening's Agenda (PM CST) 6:00~7:00  Cocktails and networking 7:00~8:00 Dinner and table discussions on digital's impact* 8:00~9:00 Dessert & group wrap-up on digital's impact *If you can't make dinner, feel free to join us just for the networking and cocktails 

at Whiskey Cake
3601 Dallas Parkway
Plano, United States

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Event on 2016-05-25 19:00:00

1130 Buenos Ave.
San Diego, CA 92110

• 21+


Bobby Liebling & PENTAGRAM have been churning out widely admired hard rock / doom metal for over four decades. Within its first, this D.C. band is largely regarded as pioneering not one but two subgenres of hard rock. At the onset of the 1970’s, they helped procreate a behemoth called, “Heavy Metal.” Nine years on, they’d be planting the dark seed of what would grow to be known as “Doom.” 2011 marks the 40th Anniversary of this American treasure and see the release of their new album, Last Rites, on Metal Blade Records.

When asked about his old band’s beginnings, co-founder and drummer Geof O’Keefe recalls, “It was 40 yrs ago in the fall of 1971. I’m not sure if it was literally Halloween night but it was at least pretty close. I was sitting around with Bobby Liebling, my best friend from school. We were bemoaning our own bands, Shades of Darkness and Space Meat. We were also talking about how Blue Cheer had lost both their fire and guitarist Leigh Stephens. Cream had disbanded, and Hendrix had been dead a year.” That night an idea that could change hard rock history dawned on them. They should join forces start a new group playing all original music influenced by the heavier bands they both loved! Out of love and frustration, PENTAGRAM was born.

Enter 1981. Joe Hasselvander, who joined the lineup in ’78, was dating a girl who had told him about her 18 yr old brother Victor back in TN. Victor Griffin was a young, heavy guitarist already recording his own music under the name of Death Row. On a family visit, Hasselvander traveled to Knoxville to see if this fresh-out-of-high-school musician lived up to his reputation. “Back then Victor Griffin and Lee Abney, his bass player at the time, were already playing the Death Row material,” remembers Hasselvander. “Griffin had the songs and I was blown away by his playing. He had a sound that was a lot deeper than what Venom was doing and it was heavier and more Sabbath-y than what Witchfinder General was doing. In fact, I thought that it was better than Sabbath. He was Blue Cheer mixed with Black Sabbath!”

Shortly before this period, while in high school, is where Griffin perfected the sound invention of “Drop B tuning.”Of the technique, Griffin says, “I had been messing around with a drop D tuning which was also uncommon at the time. I had been playing around with it and dropping it lower and discovered something when I got to B. If you play a fifth chord on the top two strings, it makes this octave. Now you have those seven-string guitars with the low B right on there. For the time though, I don’t know of anyone who had done that.” Little did he know at the time that he’d influence thousands of players in the future.

The band would coincidentally get signed to an unrelated label entitled Pentagram Records in 1985. Death Row recorded a demo in 1981, which was paid for by Hasselvander. The following year, Liebling would pay for another. Three years later, these two demos would be put together to form the self-titled PENTAGRAM album. Merely days before the deal with the label was inked, Liebling had convinced Griffin that PENTAGRAM was a better moniker since it was already well known in the area. Fifteen years into his career Bobby Liebling and PENTAGRAM would finally release their debut album; a record which nineteen years later would be inducted into Decibel Magazine’s “Hall of Fame!” Sadly, Hasselvander was once again unhappy and restless. Before the debut’s release and just after the second record was finished being recorded, he again parted ways and joined N.W.O.B.H.M. / pre-thrash luminaries, Raven. Stuart Rose soon joined Liebling, Griffin and Swaney as the band continued down its path to the top.

The guys played as many headlining gigs in the area as they could and opened for nearly every major label metal band who toured through the DC area. Crowning this era was an infamous gig at the defunct yet historic CBGBs in NYC. As a result of these performances and unique, stellar songs, a new deal with international indie label Napalm was on the table. The second album, Day of Reckoning finally hit the streets in 1987.

The same demons still haunted Liebling and his band however. This coupled with virtually no label support the group was soon driven back into the grave. It wasn’t until 1994 when the band would come back together and record for Peaceville records. Hasselvander jumped back on board. He, Liebling, Griffin and Swaney dug down deep into the vaults and pulled out a few old Liebling classics as well as the usual heavies Griffin had become known for. Be Forewarned came out to more fanfare than ever, even though that still kept them well beneath the mainstream. What PENTAGRAM started to realize, however, is that they had influenced a handful of heavy bands who, like them, sacrificed speed for weight of the riff. Doom metal was in full swing with every one of its bands, Trouble, Candlemass, Cathedral, and so on, sighting PENTAGRAM, along with Black Sabbath, as their main influences. At this time, Peaceville also obtained the rights to the band’s first two albums and rereleased them to young doomsters hungry for the original recipe. It seemed that finally, PENTAGRAM would get its due. Regrouped and re-charged these D.C. doom godfathers gave it another go. Unfortunately, once again, Hasselvander was once again fed-up with the madness and returned solely to Raven. Swaney soon too would become disheartened with the lack of tours, label support and usual rigors of a band living the “rock n roll lifestyle.” He also soon departed the band for a second time. Despite all this, Liebling and Griffin forged ahead and recruited local drummer Gary Isom and Griffin’s nephew, Greg Turley on bass. Stardom was still far, far away however and within a few short years, PENTAGRAM and mainman Liebling once again tittered over an open grave.

Fast forward to 1998…Hasselvander had rejoined the band and in 2001 PENTAGRAM released Sub-Basement and First Daze Here, a collection of Liebling’s best recorded 70’s songs. As quoted by Liebling, “This album finally gave me the growth steps I needed to take in order to find a wider audience.” More rock and hard rock than doom, the soulful songs reached across multiple sub-genres of metal and rock and roll. Accolades of these uncovered songs started pouring in from famous and infamous musicians alike as it went on to sell well over 10,000 copies. Covers would appear from respected contemporaries such as Hank III, Witchcraft and The Dead Weather. People such as Liam Gallagher from Oasis sited Liebling’s 1972 song, “Be Forewarned” in his top five songs of all time. Finally, was the genius of Bobby Liebling and PENTAGRAM becoming known by the mainstream?

Empowered by the recent accolades, Liebling put together a few different line-ups in hopes of playing out live again. Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. Several, now infamous, false starts went down. One of these would happen in 2001 at a doom fest in the DC area. After waiting over an hour to show up, Hasselvander, now on guitar, started the set without him. The band played nearly their entire set before Liebling showed up during the last song. An upset Hasselvander kicked Liebling in the shin and finished the song behind his amps. Another such event was at the Black Cat in DC in 2005. Liebling was indeed at the club on time but so was his drug dealer. He overdosed backstage and had to be revived by the paramedics. Friends dragged him up onto the stage where he collapsed on the drum riser during the first song. He died twice on the way to the hospital but luckily ended up pulling through. Right around this time, 914 Pictures (“The Art of the Steal”, “Rock School”) started working on a documentary on Liebling’s life. A labor of love, the film company worked slowly on the project in their spare time.

Another four years would go by as Liebling struggled against his demons. In his heart, he still wanted to create music. Encouraged by his friends and management, he got a band together again in early 2009. Focused and determined, once again the man was ready to show ‘em how! Gary Isom (Spirit Caravan) joined back up on drums; Mark Ammen (Unorthodox) handled the bass while Liebling’s self-described “secret weapon,” Russ Strahan, burned bright on guitar. A triumphant come back show was booked at the historic Webster Hall in NYC. It sold out as people traveled from around the world to show support. Highlighting songs from PENTAGRAM’s career, the gig went down in a blaze of glory. 914 Pictures was there capturing all the glory of the madman back at the mic in this historic setting. The performance proved why this band was worthy of mentioning in between Black Sabbath and Judas Priest as innovators of heavy metal.

Things never came easy for Liebling though. They say that it is at these times of deep darkness that the light ends up shining through the clouds brighter than ever. Liebling reached out to Griffin who at the time was fronting Death Row alongside Hasselvander and Swaney. Missing his old band mate and mentor, and seeing how hard he was trying to fly straight, Griffin agreed to a small run of US dates in the spring of 2010. Joining them once again was Isom and Griffin’s nephew and PENTAGRAM alumni, Turley. The gigs were a welcomed success and peaked on the main stage of the Maryland Death Fest in front of hundreds of eager fans. The gig was stellar and captured on film by a five camera crew. This show and tour was such a hit that the band again started plodding another attempt at finally making it.

In the fall of 2010, a 3 album deal with the historic metal label, Metal Blade Records was announced! "Last Rites", the album Liebling had been dreaming of for ages was announced for release in the spring of 2011. Also penned for release was a DVD entitled "When the Screams Come" featuring the entire set at 2010’s Maryland Death Fest! To top it all off, a handful of 40th Anniversary parties were scheduled across the US and Europe through 2011.

PENTAGRAM has proved time and time again that giving up is not an option. With the strongest lineup yet, a clean and sober Liebling, and 12 new tracks of pure classic metal coming to fans via "Last Rites", PENTAGRAM are poised to conquer the masses and claim their rightful throne atop the metal mountain.

at Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, United States

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NOVA’s First Annual Natural Family Fair – VENDORS!

NOVA’s First Annual Natural Family Fair – VENDORS!
Event on 2016-10-22 10:00:00
NOVA Natural Birth Center will be hosting its first annual Natural Family Fair this fall, and we want to showcase YOU! If any of our past or current clients have a small business that you think might be a good fit for this event, PLEASE let us know and sign up for your very own table! This fair is going to be HUGE and will be a wonderful opportunity to expand your client base and get your name out there! Tables are only each for the 6 hour rental time – let us help show you off for a great cause! Attention photographers: Please note we are no longer taking table reservations for photography. However, if you wish to be added to our wait list don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

at Birth by Design
14158 Clubhouse Road
Hamilton, United States

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Event on 2016-06-04 20:30:00

Mary Coughlan is one of our greatest female singers. At over ten albums, she’s made the most mature, uncompromising, wholly personal and utterly universal music. She has taken the classic standards of jazz balladry and the recent gems of rock and Irish songwriting, shaken them and offered them up new, like jewels dripping from the deep, strewn on black velvet. Mary released her latest album Scars on the Calendar in May 2015. Made with long-time collaborator and producer Erik Visser, it is Coughlan’s first album of new material since 2008’s The House of Ill Repute. Beginning their working relationship over 30 years, this is the ninth album produced by Visser. It features entirely new compositions from Coughlan, Visser and Hensey plus two tracks from Mark Nevin (Fairground Attraction) who previously composed Like A Leaf From A Tree for Coughlan.

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Throughout Mary’s quite extraordinary recording career she has drawn from her legendary heroes: Billie Holiday’s grievous, teary outpourings, the husky flirtations of Peggy Lee, Van Morrison’s soulful wails, the defiant chanteusery of Edith Piaf. All are present and correct in her delivery. The stage is where Mary survives – in front of a handful or a thousands people, she emotes, purges, atones, reminisces, eulogises and laments, and you can’t hear the very best until you’ve heard her story recited in every note.
Doors Open: 8:00pm
Commences At: 8:30pm
Admission: In advance: €20 / €16At the door: €22 / €18
roundedyoutube Watch Now


at The Seamus Ennis Cultural Centre
Main St.
Knowl Hill, United Kingdom

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Mother Falcon

Mother Falcon
Event on 2016-04-23 21:30:00

In June 2013, seventeen young musicians piled into two vans and drove from their hometown of Austin to a brownstone in Queens, where they took up residency for a month. It was Mother Falcon's first trip outside of Texas and another turning point in a very unlikely story.Years before, when he started what became Mother Falcon, it never crossed cellist Nick Gregg's mind that his goal to make playing cello as cool as playing quarterback at his football obsessed high school (alma mater of Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees) would get anywhere. Jamming on original material after school with fellow orchestra students at Westlake High was fun, but not radical and certainly not goal oriented. Yet, over months, word of this orchestra jam session spread and the group, now named Mother Falcon after a misheard TV overdub from Die Hard ("Yippee-ki-ay Mother Falcon!), began to include people from McCallum High as well. Before any of its members had graduated, Mother Falcon was featured on the cover of the Austin Chronicle and was playing gigs all over town. While most of them were still teens, Mother Falcon, now numbering up to twenty two players, had become one of Austin's most popular and beloved "bands" with the release of Still Life, their debut EP of classical-crossover pop songs, and another Austin Chronicle cover story. The next year their first full length, Alhambra, saw major local airplay and a series of sold out local shows. Somehow, while its members were focused on being college sophomores, this wild idea of being as cool as a quarterback had made Nick Gregg the founder of one of the coolest bands in one of the world's coolest music cities. Yet, as Mother Falcon won multiple Austin Music Awards, collaborated with Austin legends like Alejandro Escovedo and Christopher Cross and ventured to Houston and Denton, it still didn't seem plausible that such a huge ensemble could make an impact outside of Austin.As the bulk of the collective's musicians approached college graduation in 2013, this unlikely indie orchestra was at a crossroads. With the need for employment looming, perhaps the easiest choice would be to backburner the band, maybe keep playing around Austin until everyone spun off on their own: grad school, jobs, other bands. Mother Falcon, by now a community with deep ties (among them two pairs of siblings and several relationships begun in childhood) made a tougher choice, committing to a new album and an unusual strategy of moving to other cities for a month at a time to cut costs of touring such a large group. After making a huge splash at SXSW 2013, second album You Knew dropped in May 2013, strongly impacted national radio and gained major support from NPR. June residencies at Joe's Pub in New York and Littlefield in Brooklyn were followed by residencies at The Echo in Los Angeles and Soda Bar in San Diego. Subsequent national tours found Mother Falcon unexpectedly selling out small clubs all over the country within months of their first tentative steps outside of Austin. Nick Gregg was now undeniably as cool as a quarterback.Two years later, Mother Falcon return with their third full-length album Good Luck Have Fun, slated for release August 14th on BitCandy Digital and Punctum Records. Seven years, two albums and hundreds of shows on from Westlake High, this unlikely indie orchestra takes a leap into the unknown, blowing up their usual way of composing and recording together in a conscious effort to push themselves into new stylistic and sonic realms.As such, Good Luck Have Fun doubles down on both sides of Mother Falcon. The adventurousness is more adventurous, with fully half the album comprised of experimental instrumental soundscapes composed as the score to an upcoming documentary about competitive gaming. Inspired by Bowie's Low, 60s improv iconoclasts AAM, Koji Kondo's score for Majora's Mask and the psychedelic drone of Fuck Buttons, the instrumental pieces ebb and flow in tension between unresolved crescendos and throbbing, jagged minimalism. Conversely, the rest of the album may be Mother Falcon's most accessible music ever, with a stronger emphasis on rhythm, concise arrangements that move the vocals to the fore, lyrics grounded in universal themes and a wealth of hooks, upon hooks, upon hooks.Lead single "Kid" sets the bar high with instrumental layers progressively piling up those hooks behind a shimmering vocal from Claire Puckett. "Quiet Mind" gradually builds from stark violin pizzicatos to jazzy horn blasts as Tamir Kalifa's choirboy voice soars above lush swells of strings with the emotionalism that has always characterized the Mother Falcon "sound." Taking a sharp turn from that maximalist approach, "You Are" sees founder Nick Gregg almost whispering in vulnerable intimacy amid softly fingerpicked guitar, a dark cello line and a fluttering violin. "Water," a reworking of the dreamy final track from their previous album, is cathartically transformed into something startlingly different with relentless Latin rhythms, dissonant strings, jittery funk guitar and swirling horns, all pointing toward a more aggressive approach in the future. Most closely connected to the sound of previous releases, "Naked & Alive" places a lyric of melancholy reminiscence against gang vocals, multiple interlocking horn sections and classical guitar.Lyrically, Good Luck Have Fun explores a complicated stew of regret, betrayal, yearning and nostalgia for childhood, set among some of the most ambitious music of Mother Falcon's burgeoning career. With an insistent focus on trying new methods of creation, this young collective has delivered a third album that defies expectations but stays rooted in their desire to be simultaneously adventurous and accessible. Pressing forward toward fresh and innovative ground, Good Luck Have Fun shows Mother Falcon, never afraid of long odds, continuing to take risks in search of something radiant and new.Continually creating new work, Mother Falcon recently debuted an extract of Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" re-composed by Peter Stopschinski. February will bring the release of MF Computer, Mother Falcon's orchestral interpretation of the Radiohead's classic OK Computer. This June, they will perform another series of collaborations at Joe's Pub and in September, the band will release its second EP.Committed to music education, each July Mother Falcon conducts its Music Laboratory, a summer camp for middle and high school orchestra students, hosted by The Long Center for the Performing Arts.On record, in intense chamber music concerts and in electrifying club performances, Mother Falcon has developed an intricately detailed, yet muscular soundscape of rock, jazz and hip hop rhythms fueling horn and string pieces interwoven with inventive vocal arrangements.Still Life, their debut EP, was released in early 2010 and spawned the Austin hit "Marigold." Mother Falcon's first full-length, Alhambra, was released in February 2011 to immediate local raves, and in May 2013 the band released their sophomore album, You Knew to broader acclaim.NPR premiered the first track from You Knew, "Dirty Summer," naming the band an Artist To Discover At SXSW 2013. Rising to the occasion, the ensemble won over SXSW audiences with a string of impassioned performances, resulting in NPR Music including the band in "Bob Boilen's 15 Essential Moments From SXSW 2013."To support You Knew, Mother Falcon launched the "Dirty Summer Tour 2013," moving 17 members to New York City for the month of June to perform weekly collaborative residencies at both Joe's Pub and Littlefield plus regional appearances at World Cafe Live, The Iron Horse and other venues along the east coast. In August they toured the west coast before returning to Austin for a huge homecoming show at The Mohawk. A month later, Mother Falcon headlined Idea Fest at The Kentucky Center for the Arts.Over the course of 2013, Mother Falcon collaborated with Alejandro Escovedo, Amanda Palmer, Raul Midon, Tony Trischka, Ben Sollee, Kelli Scarr, Gary Lucas, Christopher Cross and Jherek Bischoff.At the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Austin Music Awards, Mother Falcon won the "Best None of The Above" award, and performed at all three ceremonies. The Austin Critics Table also nominated the group as "Best New Ensemble" in 2011, and that same year they performed for thousands at the abandoned Seaholm Power Plant with 100 additional string players as the opening event at the 2011 Fusebox Festival. In 2012 Mother Falcon headlined The Austin Chamber Music Festival, selling out the legendary Antone's Club.Continually creating new work, Mother Falcon recently debuted an extract of Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" re-composed by Peter Stopschinski. February saw the release of MF Computer, Mother Falcon's orchestral interpretation of the Radiohead classic OK Computer. This June, they will perform another series of collaborations at Joe's Pub in New York before returning to the studio to continue work on a long form composition set the be released as an EP.Committed to music education, each July Mother Falcon conducts its Music Laboratory, a summer camp for middle and high school orchestra students focused on composition and ensemble playing. In order to ensure economic and social diversity among the young players, fifty percent of camp attendees receive need based scholarships administered by The Austin Creative Alliance.

at The Mothlight
701 Haywood Road
Asheville, United States

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Wednesday 13

Wednesday 13
Event on 2016-06-05 20:00:00
with Elete, Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians, Tragic Black
Bolt your doors, seal off your windows, and turn off your radio it's a scary world out there, full of mindless zombies and equally mindless rockstars, self-righteously preaching and self-indulgently whining to the herd. But help is on the way, as Wednesday 13 stands ready to shock the rock status quo out of its brain-dead coma. Equal parts artist, horror and TV addict, and riveting frontman, Wednesday 13 refuses to be your typical messiah. I don't like anyone preaching to me that's why I've never gone to church. says Wednesday. For me, music has always been an escape from real life. Whatever problems I had, I could always go home, put on a record and just escape all of that shit. So in my own music, the only thing I'm serious about is not being serious!Though best known for fronting the Murderdolls, Wednesday is a rock veteran who's been playing in bands since he was 15-years old. He adopted his stage moniker in 1995, naming himself after Wednesday of The Addams Family and the address, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, of The Munsters. A year later he formed his now-deceased horror-core band Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, named in the spirit of legendary B-movie director Ed Wood. The band put out four independent albums between 1996 and 2001, and played countless local shows. Frankenstein Drag Queens was Wednesday's baby, and he slaved away for his undead offspring – writing the songs, booking shows, working low-wage jobs (delivering everything from newspapers to furniture), and generally putting all his money and energy into the band.In 2001, the 'Drag Queens independent releases and loyal underground following caught the attention of national artists, as Wednesday was asked by the (since departed) Murderdolls guitarist Tripp Eisen to join the band. Wednesday started in the bass slot, but his talent and showmanship quickly resulted in a move to the lead vocalist position. It was he and band founder Joey Jordison of Slipknot who collaborated on the writing of the band's debut album, Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls. The Murderdolls quickly built a fiercely devoted following, through repeated world tours (including 30,000-person shows in Japan, opening slots for Iron Maiden throughout Europe, and other choice tours), and worldwide rock press acclaim and album sales followed. As 2003 came to an end, Beyond had earned silver-status in the UK, sold over 100,000 units in the U.S. alone, and garnered accolades including Kerrang!'s Readers Choice Award Best New Band and Album of 2002 and Metal Hammer's Thank God They're Not Good Charlotte award in 2003. Predictably, the success of the Murderdolls resulted in Wednesday disbanding his first band. But since the Frankenstein Drag Queens' demise, it has ironically won a worldwide cult following. Wednesday can't help but laugh: "In the beginning, the 'Drag Queens were inspired by Ed Wood. In the end, the band was like Ed Wood in that he wasn't popular until after he died either.Murderdolls, meanwhile, was put on hold in 2003 as Jordison returned to the studio and the road with Slipknot. Wednesday returned home, immediately locked himself in his basement, and emerged with over 100 songs written. In June 2004, he began work on his first solo album, playing all but the drums himself. True to form, Wednesday has stitched together a morgue-full of influences horror films, cartoons, punk and heavy metal into a spook-tacular monster-mosh of an album, Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying and the Dead. Fans of White Zombie, Rob Zombie, AFI, Alkaline Trio the aforementioned 'Dolls, as well as metal, punk, and horror in general will find the record at once refreshing and outrageous. With his sallow complexion and raven dreadlocks, Wednesday may look like a grim goth at first glance, but the singer/guitarist is more a throwback to the days of Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister, when rock music had no more pretentious aspirations than being over-the-top, escapist fun.The song I Walked with a Zombie, for instance, was inspired by the 1943 horror movie of the same name. It's one of the first movies that dealt with voodoo, the singer/guitarist explains. But I just went in a totally different direction the song is actually kind of a love song about a zombie.The song Elect Death for President, meanwhile, was inspired by the TV news. I was watching CNN last year, and I was like 'You know, this is scarier than any horror movie,' Wednesday recalls. I'm not a political person, but it doesn't take a genius to realize that there are problems. So I started making up sarcastic lyrics about a campaign where Death was actually running for president. I felt kind of weird afterwards, like Did I just write a political song? Or not?'The recording now behind him and the bloody, infectious results commited to tape, the singer/guitarist is burning to sink his fangs into the rock world's throat once again. Despite his writing and performing the record himself, Wednesday 13 is a band, which includes Wednesday on vocals/guitar, Ghastly on drums, Kid Kid on bass and Pig on guitar. Once the record was done, the band immediately hit the road, playing a 16-date club tour of the UK/Europe to warm up the new material. The tour was a great success, drawing thousands of fans and affirming Wednesday's ability to connect with fans, whatever the project.Growing up a little blonde kid in the middle of the Bible Belt (North Carolina, where he still resides), Wednesday escaped at an early age into a world of creature features and rock gods. I'm the perfect example of what television and rock 'n' roll can do to a kid with no plans to be a doctor or fireman, says Wednesday. I still sort of live inside of a television. My songs stem from movies and things I've seen on TV. It seems natural, then, that each track on Transylvania 90210 is an episode in the outrageously shocking mini-series that Wednesday 13 created. Tune In: Wednesday 13's debut album will be your new guilty pleasure.

at Metro Bar SLC
615 W 100 S
Salt Lake City, United States

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The Independents Club Spring 2016 Pop up Gentleman’s retail lounge

The Independents Club Spring 2016 Pop up Gentleman’s retail lounge
Event on 2016-04-25 10:00:00
Celebrating and retailing the art, style and culture of the iconic gentleman  In partnership with The Holborn Magazine  44 Gt Russell Street, London, WC1B 3JL  Monday 25th April to Sunday 1st May, 10am to 9.30pm Daily  It is with great excitement that The Independents Club, the modern contemporary men's dress and lifestyle concessions store, in partnership with The Holborn Magazine invite you to our third pop retail lounge. The Independents Club is a creative men's lifestyle retailers showcasing examples of timeless design, craftsmanship and innovation.  In the surroundings of our awe inspiring five floor Georgian building directly opposite the British Museum you are invited to spend an afternoon, an evening or even the whole day in our company browsing and purchasing handcrafted bespoke clothing, sipping on a gentleman's cocktail made from an independently distilled spirit, whilst admiring handmade furniture and accessories sourced from independent makers across Europe, UK and U.S. Each day ends with a special presentation aimed at highlighting the modern greats of media, film and music that have influenced the men we are today, with planned movie nights, discussions, introductions to independent brands of the future and showcasing and tasting of beverages from independent distilleries and breweries. The Independents Club creates a new style retail experience for the ever evolving 21st century man. We look forward to welcoming you to our lounge  Please visit our website for news and details on the evening presentations programme 

at 44 Great Russell St

London, United Kingdom

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Event on 2016-09-30 18:00:00
THE HAUTE COUTURE FASHION SHOW TEXAS FASHION WEEK in AUSTIN. RUNWAY PACKAGE 1. State of the art venue 2. Professional Lighting 3. Professional surround sound 4. Professional staff (on-site): event managers, fashion director, dressers, lighting director, sound and production staff, front of house director, on-site ushers, and guest relations. 5. Changing and preparation area, clothing racks, clothing hangers,and steamers 6. Professional models from reputable modeling agencies 7. Professional Hair and Make-up Team 8. Photography images of collection 9. Company name included in PR 10. Social media inclusion (150,000+ fans) 11. Designer profile on website 12. Inclusion in media pitching   Vendor Opportunities: FASHION EXPO EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES Brand your company and generate new business with as an exhibitor at the FASHION EXPO. The Fashion Expo is designed to provide opportunities for exhibition of products and services to be marketed to a targeted audience of small business owners, rising/current entrepreneurs, and professionals. We target exhibitors based on their ability to relate to the target audience and provide products and services they can use in their business development and operations.  Exhibit with us and show our attendees why your company is the leader and preferred choice in your industry. THE MAKER SPACE PACKAGE 0. * Table Top Exhibit Space * 36W 36D’ table & 1 chair * 50 word description in the official event guide * (1) One Exhibitor pass (exhibit area only)  FULL TABLE SPACE FASHION  PACKAGE 0 * Table Top Exhibit Space * 6’ table & 2 chairs * 50 word description in the official event guide * (2) One Exhibitor pass (exhibit area only)  EVENT SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Create high levels of visibility with your company by choosing one of the FASHION EXPO Conference Sponsorship Packages. Note these are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and are reserved for your company when payment has been made in full.   BRANDING & MARKETING:.  * Premier sponsor recognition on conference web site w/banner and link * One dedicated e-mail promotion solely featuring your participation in the event * Prominent logo feature in all conference marketing collateral * Logo on cover of conference program * Top recognition with prominent logo featured on welcome signage * Logo on sponsored event/area and directional signage * 1/8 page color ad in the official event guide * Inclusion in special “thank you” ad in the official event guide Event Concessions: * Five (5) Conference (Full Access) passes for company representatives * Exhibitor Booth space at event * Opportunity to address audience (if applicable) * Access to attendee list

at Austin
2317 Speedway, Stop D9500
Austin, United States

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Circus Fantasia

Circus Fantasia
Event on 2016-04-20 19:00:00

Circus Fantasia – The never ending story- We are very proud to present to you a dazzling rray of international circus artistes from every corner of the globe, with a brand new show, featuring sensational new acts never before seen under the circus fantasia big top.

The Rivelinos musical clowns from spain will have you falling over with laughter with their side splitting comedy antics. Simon Deville with his low wire presentation, the Salsky family on the rolling globes, The 5 daring young men from Morrocco-the Casablanca troupe. Plus lots and lots more with some extra special magical surprises for the whole family.

Plus all the usual circus treats available such as popcorn and candyfloss.

Book now for an unforgettable family visit to the circus.

at Hitchin
43 Benslow Lane
Hitchin, United Kingdom

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