Event on 2013-05-11 22:00:00

9pm – The new Lobby Bar opens
10pm – Doors
10pm – Super bob

After the show — The lobby bar stays open!


"Going to a SUPER bob show is like getting on a f'ing roller coaster, they rock your ass off and you can't wait to get back on." -Whitney (On Air personality) DC 101

SUPER bob is a four-piece high energy rock band based in the Washington DC area. Childhood friends Adam Smith (guitar) and Matt Santoro (vocals) formed the band, under the name "bob" in ‘05 with the vision of bringing something fresh to a rock scene that seemed to have forgotten what rock n roll was really about. Soon after, they added Drew Recny (bass) and Chris Faircloth (drums). This band breathes rebellious authenticity back into music and reminds you that rock music is supposed to make you get up and not give a damn about being you.

When you see SUPER bob live your senses will be overwhelmed by a borderline excess of stage presence and heart pounding sound. P.R.S sponsored guitarist Adam Smith brings a package of uniqueness, flare, and pure adrenaline that is rarely found in any one musician, while classically trained Drew Recny packs a clean, punchy bass style that is loaded with obvious talent and a technique that only comes with full dedication and commitment to his craft. Christopher Faircloth, a Spaun Drum Company sponsored drummer, brings an almost indescribable style to the table, one with high flying stick tricks, and hard pounding, ear deafening, strong beats. The proverbial icing on the SUPER bob cake is provided by Matt Santoro's vocals which can only be described as unabashedly his own. Full of ear catching melodies, unapologetic and blatantly honest lyrics, and a flow that is uncommon yet undeniably at home in rock, Santoro's songwriting couples with an unrivaled stage presence that caps off one of the best live bands you will ever get the chance to experience.

SUPER bob's buzz was established with their eye catching live shows, non-stop hustle, and no excuses work ethic. Tattoos, colored hair, dread locks, and plenty of good old fashioned rock n roll grit distinguishes them from the undedicated and identifies them as the real deal in an industry riddled with fakers. After three years of hard work at gaining recognition, winning the loyalty of fans in their local scene, and growing a fan-base across the Mid-Atlantic, SUPER bob hooked up with Grammy nominated producer Garth "GGGarth" Richardson. They went to Vancouver BC to record their first full length record entitled "bbbob" and then hit the road for the next three years playing an average of 130 shows annually over a span of 19 states.

"I have seen over 7,500 bands in the last fifteen years, and SUPER bob is one of the best. Never have I seen a band gain fans so quick and rock it on stage with such energy. They will woo grandmas to teenies" -Mick Minchow Owner/ Booking Agent/ Promoter – Ground Zero-Spartanburg SC

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at Jammin’ Java
227 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, United States

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