HUGE Vinyl & CD Sale – Benefits American Heart Association!

HUGE Vinyl & CD Sale – Benefits American Heart Association!
Event on 2017-03-25 10:00:00
HUGE MUSIC SALE — Rare and Vintage items!
Clearing out inventory of former music store, CHOICE CUTS

Benefiting the American Heart Association of Hawaii
Almost all items brand new in original wrapping!
R&B, Rap, Electronic, Jazz, Hawaiian, Heavy Metal, etc.

Saturday March 25 – Sunday March 26
518 California Ave, Wahiawa

at Postal code 96786, United States

Wahiawa, United States

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The Connection: Religion, Spirituality, and Health

The Connection: Religion, Spirituality, and Health
Event on 2017-03-30 18:00:00
After defining each of the terms, Dr. Koenig will review the burgeoning scientific research examining the relationship between religion, spirituality, and health. Beginning with mental health, he will provide an overview of the empirical research, before focusing on current work on depression. He will describe the results of a recent randomized clinical trial comparing religious psychotherapy for depression with standard secular psychotherapy, and talk about a new proposed spiritually oriented psychotherapy for the treatment of moral injury in veterans and active duty military diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Moving next to physical health, Dr. Koenig will offer a broad overview of the evidence base before taking up a focus on recent work in cardiovascular disease and overall mortality. He will describe a model that helps to explain how religious involvement influences health in monotheistic religious traditions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), and review recent research examining the biological mechanisms that may connect religious involvement to health. Finally, he will share ideas and resources for those who would like to follow this exciting and rapidly expanding area of research. Harold G. Koenig, MD, MHSc, is founder and former director of Duke University's Center for the Study of Religion, Spirituality, and Health, and is now Director of Duke's current Center for Spirituality, Theology, and Health. He is Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke, and has published extensively in the fields of mental health, geriatrics, and religion, with over 350 scientific peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and nearly 40 books in print or in preparation. He is the former editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, and is on the editorial boards of many professional journals. His research on religion, health, and ethical issues in medicine has been featured on over 50 national and international TV news programs (including Good Morning America, The Today Show, and ABC's World News Tonight), over 100 national or international radio programs (including many NPR and BBC interviews), hundreds of national and international newspapers or magazines (including cover stories for Reader's Digest, Parade Magazine, and Newsweek), and is considered by biomedical scientists one of the world's top experts on religion and health. General Admission – .00

at Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall
Phillips Memorial Building West Chester University
West Chester, United States

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Discover the “6-Step” Ultimate Stock Trading Blueprint from a Top Tier Remisier / Trader in Singapore- Joey Choy (Precision Trading Strategies Revealed)

Discover the “6-Step” Ultimate Stock Trading Blueprint from a Top Tier Remisier / Trader in Singapore- Joey Choy (Precision Trading Strategies Revealed)
Event on 2017-03-30 19:00:00
Are you still holding on to losing stocks? Thinking of whether you should cut loss or hold on or maybe even thinking of loading up more of it so that you can lower your cost? Or perhaps you are still figuring out the PRECISE WAY to look at a stock and you have no idea what to do?  We can't blame you really…..   There are so many ways to ANALYSE a stock, we have: 100s of indicators, price action, candlestick, volume, 100s of patterns, trend, random lines…….. What the Heck…. Which has the CORE PRIORITY?  Which is secondary and only serve as a bonus signal? Or which is just a pure waste of time and no point looking at????   What if EVERY SINGLE thing you need to know about Stock trading can be put into a SECRET Step-by-Step BLUEPRINT that you can just follow. What if this BLUEPRINT is so simple that even a 70 year old elderly and primary 6 student can understand? What if you OWN the blueprint? Well, join Joey in this "FREE" Workshop where he will reveal his "6-Step" Ultimate Stock Trading Blueprint that is Guaranteed to change your perspective on stock trading forever. This Blueprint is NOT just another "how to" process on stock trading. It is NOT about a perfect winning strategy – yet this secrets will help you to get exponentially more wins than you've ever experience before. It is NOT about huge profits – yet these secrets will explode your profits more than any strategy tweaks or back-test ever could. Joey will also Reveal, for the first time ever, his Precision Trading Strategies,  based on 2 Systems that he has developed after years of back-testing and refining:  "1 Good Trend (1GT)" "1 Explosive Trade (1ET)" This "Explosive Trading" Strategy has never been talked about by anyone else ever. What Others are Saying "Joey not only does well in imparting his valuable knowledge and experience to you but also teaches you how to apply them in real life. If you are keen in Technical Analysis, Joey is the definite go-to authority." – Shanison Lin, Founder / CEO of InvestingNote "His step-by-step system and structured analysis allows anyone, even a total newbie like me to think and most importantly trade like a professional trader." – Jessica Tan, SMU Undergraduate "I absolutely love his technique of sourcing out explosive trades, have attended several courses but none of them had shown this method before, simply intriguing" – Seah Weijin, Seasoned Trader Here Are a Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE: How we rocked the Stock Trading world by using this simple "6-Step" Multi-Dimensional Blueprint to add more value than anyone in our market had ever seen before… AND you'll get the INSIDE scoop on how it panned out for us… Guaranteed to put all your trades in perspective… Why my trades are ALMOST ALWAYS in these 2 trigger zones and you'll see firsthand how effective this zones really are in bumping up my accuracy (no matter what price action is being seen in there…) My Top 2 Favorite Candlestick patterns….PLUS: I'll show the exact chart that earns me a positive ROI no matter which of the 2 I choose… AND: I'll show you what to do to make sure that you NEVER waste money on LOUSY Trade setups (HINT: Don't Trade unless you are at least 70% sure you are gonna get a Gain in return). How we Scan the ENTIRE market to get way more "Sniper Targeted" Trade Setups and HUNT for winning stocks in less than 3 minutes! (Even if you're a newbie or novice trader, with this system, it'll take only 5 minutes max.) A Glimpse of my Crushingly Powerful EXPLOSIVE Strategy, that anyone – anyone – can use it to turn their trading into a predictable, profit-churning machine! ((Trust me… if a 70 year old uncle and my primary 6 niece can understand this STRATEGY, I bet you can – that's REALLY how simple it is…) And so much more…. Event Details: Date: 30th March 2017 (Thursday) Time: 7pm – 10pm Venue: 10 Anson Road #19-14, International Plaza, S (079903) Admission: Free (While Stock Last) Speaker Profile: Joey Choy – Joey, founder and Chief Trainer at Trading Impossible, is one of the Top Tier Remisiers (Stock Brokers) and Traders in Singapore. He was awarded the Top CFD Specialist 2013, Top Account Growth Achievement and Top CFD Remisier 2014 followed by Top Trading Represetative, Top CFD Achiever 2015 by Phillip Securities. His signature program Precision Trading Intensive has taken the market by storm with raving reviews not seen elsewhere. Joey has been a guest speaker at 938 Live where he shares his view on the Stock market and selected Sectors and stocks to focus on. He is the Most widely followed stock broker and also trainer in Singapore on InvestingNote – Singapore's first social stock trading platform. He has been invited by SGX to speak under the SGX Sector Connect training series and also by NTU and SIM Investment club to impart his knowledge to its students. Joey is also featured as one of the leading Market Watchers at Shares Investment and also a trainer at ShareInvestor Academy– which are established Stocks Investment portal in Singapore. His interest in the stockbroking industry was propelled in 2007. This was after landing an internship in Goldman Sachs Institutional Equity Sales team where he gained knowledge from the elites in the industry. 

at International Plaza #33-07
10 Anson Road
Singapore, Singapore

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Baby Bunny Garden (TM) : Alice in Bunnyland theme

Baby Bunny Garden (TM) : Alice in Bunnyland theme
Event on 2017-06-17 19:00:00
************************************************************************************************************************INTRODUCING OUR NEXT THEME:  "Alice in Bunnyland"Come see endangered rabbits and their baby bunnies & some super sweet rescue rabbits of different breeds.  Costumes/Dress up would be fun, but is not required. Follow the white rabbit into our Baby Bunny Garden, an almost magical place for "kids of all ages to come experience the joy of rabbits and learning hosted by the STEM Bunnies  nonprofit educational organization.  Come explore learning stations with the Alice in Bunnyland theme which is perfect for ALL AGES…who knew that rabbits were so cool??  Adults are guaranteed to find their inner kid here.  Keep a look out of the silly striped Cheshire bunny name Harley and play croquet in the queen's garden where you can paint the pretend roses red.  To help understand the theme, before you come watch the 1951 Disney movie  or read the book together as a family… Keep an eye out for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum! The intent of this activity is to advance the agricultural sciences through intracting with our staff and our rabbits…and the natural byproduct is a fun, bunny playdate and some quality time with your family or friends. **********************************************************VIP Tea Party Tickets: In addition to your entry ticket, puchase one of these to stay an extra 30 minutes and enjoy a tea party with dessert at the MAD HATTER's Tea Party.  **********************************************************  COME CREATE MEMORIES, TAKE PHOTOS & LEARN A TON!                    "Science in a cute fuzzy package" We provide "hands-on, minds on" learning talking as our guests learn all sorts of fun rabbit facts and get to visit with a  variety of bunny breeds and ages. Because our nonprofit works to preserves endangered heritage breeds, you'll see an amazing variety of colors and varieties plus some of our purebred rescues like Little John (a tiny floppy eared buddy), Oreo who has  velvet crushed fur, our mega fluffy Angora rabbits, to our gentle giants.   BABY BUNNIES!   We will be bringing out some American breed baby bunnies for you to SEE.  Sorry — they are too fragile for playing with you but they are super sweet so come use your science observation skills.  Please help manage your child's expectations about not touching them so they know in advance that they are not for petting or playing.  (FAQ: We breed only endangered heritage breed rabbits that are almost extinct, so we all need to work together to keep the babies safe). What will we do at the Bunny Garden?   The Bunny Garden is designed as a  fun, interctive learning experience.  You will be engaged with our volunteers and our bunnies while you learn about different breeds and about what makes a rabbit special.  You'll have some free time to go explore, spending some time touching and playing with rabbits, getting into pens with blankets on your laps and allowing the bunnies to interact with you.  Do not expect to have a bunny sit for very long on your lap — they are very active and won't likely be snuggling with anyone.  For safety,  guests will not be feeding the bunnies.  We intentionally keep the sessions small which helps ensure plenty of interaction while giving our bunnies just-enough stimulation and then giving them time to rest.   Stay and play some of our bunny-related  games and learning activities. Arrive at the beginning of the session for orientation and then you are invited to stay up to 1  1/2 hours in the Bunny Garden area.   We have created this opportunity for bunnies and our guests to come share this special time together, but not at the expense of the rabbits.  Thank you for recognizing that our bunnies are not here to be props for photos.  You'll no doubt get some AMAZINGLY cute photos without staging and setting them on your child's lap but only as the bunnies enjoy the interaction.No We Won't Try to Sell You a Rabbit!  STEM Bunnies was started because two years ago our founder Caleb Smith, who was nine at the time, found 362 rabbits available for sale online in the weeks after Easter.  Most of those people posting said they brought home a rabbit with good intentions, but then decided for a variety of reasons that they were simply done with their rabbit.  So our organization hosts these events to help educate the public about rabbits, to share our sweet bunnies with you, and to hopefully prevent impulse rabbit purchases.  We aim to allow you the fun without a ten year commitment and at the same time allow our bunnies the fun of interacting with you.  We are NOT a petting zoo.  And no, we don't have any other animals in our program besides rabbits.  We are an educational nonprofit that helps the public learn about agriculture and science while playing with our bunnies. Yes, we encourage fostering, getting rabbits from rescues and not buying a rabbit on impulseWe do educational activities year round, so ask about our Bunny Boot Camp.  Check Eventbrite for dates/times of this class. As a fun option, this class is the first step in becoming eligible to foster one of our adult rabbits in your home or in your classroom for up to 8 weeks.  We provide the training, cage, food, supplies and discovery worksheets to make  your rabbit experience successful and rewarding.  Then if you fall in love, we can talk about how to create a forever home for one or our rabbits or we can help connect you to a reputable breeder and introduce you to some super sweet rescue bunnies that we will keep in our program until they are adopted.  Bottom line: Please don't buy a rabbit on impulse.  Get trained, spend time with rabbits and then make an informed decision later.   Consider getting a rabbit from one of the amazing rabbit rescues in our area.Games:  We have several options available this spring at the Bunny Garden.There are lots fun activities planned at the garden including bunny hop sack races, the Queen of Hearts croquet  and other theme games.  Come ready for fun!  Every session is different based on the ages and interests of our guests. FAQs   Who can come? "Kids" of all ages are welcome!  If you are young at heart this event is for you.  Our target audience is PreK and older, but of course families are welcome to bring their babies.  We start each session wih a brief safety orientation that everyone attends together.  Children must be accompanied by responsible adults at all times to help us keep the bunnies and all the kids safe by following our rules.   Toddlers through 2nd grade must have a 1:1 adult ratio.  Please contact us to speak with us about special accommodations.  We will do our best to help make this event welcoming to all.  Thanks for making this event fun and relaxing for everyone.  GROUPS, CLASSES, SCOUTS, contact us to ask about special opportunties for you.   What can/can't I bring to the event?Do not bring any pets, bikes, or other items prohibited by Woodlake.To comply with public health best practices, please leave your food in the car.  If you have natural carrots (not baby carrots) or other treats you'd like to donate to the bunnies, please leave them at the check in area.  We will be pleased to share these with the bunnies during meal times in the right amounts.  If everyone gave the bunnies a carrot or fed them, their tummies would get upset.  Rabbits also can't see very well in front of their noses, so little fingers can easily be mistaken for a treat.  Help us keep everyone and our bunnies safe!May I take photos or video?  Yes of course — There will be plenty of awesome photo options.  Some rabbit stations are for observing, which help us learn how bunnies act.  Some  stations are for petting– the bunny is on a table and you are invited to touch their fur, say hello, take a photo.  Some stations are for playing!  That's where the real candid fun photos take place.   And there are some bunny related games that are fun for photos too.  Thank you for sharing your pictures on social media along with our STEM Bunnies name so that others can find us too.   To protect all guests, take only pictures of rabbits and only of your group.   No video of the educational program.Exception: We have designed a special bunny trail to be a fun memory-making time for guests to just enjoy time together, so we ask for no cameras in  this area.  PRESS:  Members of the press, please contact us in advance so that we may meet you and give you our press packet.  No commercial photography without expresed written consent. Professional Portait PhotograhyWe currently do not have a professional photographer/studio on site.  Email us if you're looking for a studio where our bunnies are visiting.   If you are booking  a photo session, ask if the STEM Bunnies are coming with their handlers.  Bunnies should not be used just as props.  Make sure your portrait photographer has an animal exhibit permit or exemption before booking to ensure they are compliant with Animal Welfare Laws. Endangered Rabbits? As members of the Livestock Conservancy, our program helps to preserve endangered heritage breeds, so we intentionally do not spay or neuter these rabbits when we have an arrangement for any babies that are born.   Several of the breeds in our program have less than 2000 left in the world are set for extinction without intentional plans to re-populate. These are not the rabbits in your backyard….it's an exotic display of many breeds, many of which are nearly extinct. We also have several rescue rabbits which allow you to see a wide variety of non-endangered breeds too.  Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?DO NOT CALL WOODLAKE NATURE CENTER.We are only renting their space, so contact us:   952-888-9544   Is my registration/ticket transferrable?  What about bad weather?Sure!  We only have limited numbers each session so your slot may be filled by someone else. They need to sign the waiver at the check in area.  Sorry tickets are not refundable, nor may they be purchased on site.  If the weather is absolutely horrible like a downpour or thunderstorms, we will not host the Bunny Garden in the mud.   It's Minnesota, so dress for being OUTSIDE for 1.5  hours  Call 952-888-9544 1 hour prior to your scheduled time if you are concerned about the weather to find out if the session is cancelled; Your ticket will be honored at another session as arranged to keep numbers appropriate. Do I need to bring my printed e-ticket to the event?No. But you will need a ticket either printed or on your phone as proof of your registration and signing the waiver to get checked in.  Sorry but we are unable to  accept walk-ins.  Yes, We are Recruiting Volunteers for future events.  Contact us for more information.All volunteers must be screened and attend Bunny Boot Camp to be a volunteer.Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?   952-888-9544

at Bunny Garden TBA

Lakeville, United States

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Win VIP tickets to see Hamilton in SF – hotel stay included!

Win VIP tickets to see Hamilton in SF – hotel stay included!
Event on 2017-06-16 20:00:00
The San Francisco run of the exciting new musical Hamilton is SOLD OUT!  Don’t miss this amazing chance to get a pair of VIP tickets to see it.  Only 150 tickets will be sold so the odds are ever in your favor!  Includes an overnight stay after the show at the Hyatt Centric at Fisherman's Wharf.  Best date night ever! Face value of over 00.  Bragging rights: priceless! Raffle Information: YOU ARE PURCHASING A RAFFLE TICKET FOR 2 vip TICKETS TO HAMILTON SF ON FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2017 @ 8:00PM at the Orpheum Theater. These incredible seats are Center Orchestra seating (ROW K 114-116) and include free cocktails and access to the Oprheum VIP room (Blue Room) before the show and at Intermission. PLUS: 1  NIGHT STAY after the show at: Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco 555 North Point Street, San Francisco, California, USA, 94133 Check-In Date: Friday, June 16, 2017 Hotel Check-In Time: 3:00 PM Check-Out Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017 Hotel Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM About HAMILTON THE BROADWAY PHENOMENOM The biggest Broadway show since The Book of Mormon is hitting the road on its first national tour. Written by Tony, Grammy and Emmy Award winner Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton is a true landmark of American culture, tearing up the musical theatre rulebook with a score that is equal parts Sondheim and Notorious B.I.G., and a cast of ethnically diverse actors in the roles of the Founding Fathers. The story centers on Alexander Hamilton, one of our most important (and colorful) characters, who rose from his humble orphaned beginnings to play a major role in making America the country it is today. Hamilton made its New York debut Off-Broadway at the Public Theater in 2015, where it was met with universal acclaim and was extended three times due to public demand. It lost none of its potency in the subsequent Broadway transfer, with Ben Brantley of the New York Times writing it was "changing the language of musicals". President Obama himself deemed it good enough for not one but two visits! In 2016, it won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and scooped 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Score and many more! WHAT IS HAMILTON ABOUT? One of the Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton's story is an extraordinary one. Born out of wedlock in the West Indies, and orphaned by the time he was 11, he arrived in New Jersey in 1772 to begin his grammar school education. From there he played a major role in the American revolutionary war, rising through the ranks to become an aide to George Washington. But that was only the beginning of the great man's story, with the proceeding chapters in his life taking in everything from sex scandals, fatal duels and the creation of the American Constitution. DID YOU KNOW? Hamilton didn't just conquer the stage, it took over the airwaves too! Its Grammy-winning Cast Recording was the highest charting album of its kind since 1963! Official Rules 1. RAFFLE TICKET PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. The purchase price has been set at 0.00 each plus a service charge for the tickets (charged by Eventbrite upon purchase). 2. ELIGIBILITY: The Raffle is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 years of age or older as of 03/08/17 and who possess a valid driver's license. . 3. TIMING: The raffle begins at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time ("PT") on 03/07/17 and ends at 11:30 p.m. PT on 04/07/17. 4. HOW TO ENTER: No entry limit per person. Entry is available online. To enter, visit Correctly complete the official entry form and transmit as directed. On official entry form, all required information/fields must be fully and accurately completed or entry will be voided. Sponsor reserves the right to include a Sweepstakes official entry form at any additional authorized website or other authorized location. Refunds will not be issued. 5. PRIZE: The following prize will be awarded: a) Two (2) vip TICKETS TO HAMILTON SF ON FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2017 @ 8:00PM at the Orpheum Theater. These incredible seats are located at Orpheum Orchestra ROW K 114-116. b) One (1) OVERNIGHT STAY FOR THE SAME EVENING AT: Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco 555 North Point Street, San Francisco, California, USA, 94133 Tel: +1 415 563 1234 THERE ARE A TOTAL OF 150 TICKETS BEING SOLD  The prize is nontransferable and must be accepted as awarded. No cash or other substitution may be made, except by Sponsor in the event that a prize or part thereof cannot be awarded for any reason in which case, Sponsor will in its sole discretion award a substitute prize or part thereof of equal or greater value. Subject to the conditions herein, prize will be awarded. Winner is solely responsible for any and all applicable federal, state, and local taxes (including where applicable sales tax) due for an awarded prize. 6. RANDOM DRAWING: On 04/07/17, a winner will be selected by Sponsor in a random drawing from all eligible entries received. By entering Raffle, participants agree: a) To be bound by these rules; b) that winning is contingent upon fulfilling all the requirements of these rules; c) that the decisions of the Sponsor shall be final and binding in all respects. Odds of winning depend on the total number of eligible entries received. 7. NOTIFICATION: Winner will be notified BY EMAIL at the time of drawing. Winner must correctly complete, execute and return as directed an Affidavit, Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement including, where lawful, a Publicity Release (plus any additional documents required at the sole discretion of Sponsor). Failure to comply with the requirements of this paragraph (or the return of any prize or prize notification as non-deliverable) may result in disqualification and in the forfeiture of any right to a prize, in which case prize may be awarded to an alternate by random drawing. 8. E-MAIL ADDRESS: In the event of a dispute regarding who submitted an online entry, the entry will be deemed submitted by the natural person who is the authorized account holder of the submitted e-mail address at the time of entry (proof thereof may be required of a winner). 9. RELEASE: By participating in the Raffle and/or accepting a prize, a participant/winner agrees to defend, release and hold harmless the Sponsor, and its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, advertising and promotion agencies, and the foregoing companies' officers, directors, shareholders, members, managers, employees, representatives, and agents (collectively "Releasees") from and against any actions, claims and/or liability for injury, death, loss or damage of any kind (including any for the violation or infringement of any proprietary or personal right of any individual or entity)("Liability") resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participant's participation in the Raffle, and/or participant's use, acceptance, or possession of a Raffle prize, and/or participant's participation in a Raffle prize-related activity. By participating in the Raffle and/or accepting a prize, a participant/winner consents to and gives the Sponsor the right to interview, photograph/video a winner, and in perpetuity to freely and exclusively use, publish, and display a winner's (and where applicable a participant's) names, address, entry form, picture, portrait, likeness, voice, video, statements, quotes, biographical information, and prize information (in whole or in part, as may be adapted, edited, or modified, as solely determined by Sponsor) for advertising, trade, publicity and promotional purposes in any media now known or hereafter discovered, worldwide, and on the World Wide Web, without review, notification or approval, all without additional consideration, unless prohibited by law. Entries will not be acknowledged or returned. 10. CONDITIONS: Participants agree that by participating in the Raffle they release the Releasees from any Liability in connection with: a) Entries that are ineligible as a result of being lost, late, illegible, damaged, incomplete, stolen or misdirected; b) any typographical or other human or technical errors in the offer or administration of the Raffle, including but not limited to errors in advertising, these official rules, the selection and announcement of a winner(s), or the distribution/awarding of a prize(s); c) any omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay, misdirection, damage, injury, technical malfunctions or traffic congestion on the Internet/telephone network, or at any website, or any combination thereof; or d) acts of God, natural disasters, or other force majeure matters out of Sponsor's control. Sponsor reserves the right to modify these rules for clarification purposes without materially affecting the terms and conditions of the Raffle. If for any reason the Raffle is not capable of running as planned as a result of but not limited to an error, omission, defect, delay, misdirection, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, action of entrants, infection by a computer virus/worm, technical failure, natural disaster, act of God, disruption of the public markets, act of terrorism, war or any other cause which in the sole opinion of Sponsor corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Raffle, the Sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to withdraw, cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Raffle without obligation or prior notice and in such event to determine the winner via random drawing from among all valid entries received up to the time of such cancellation, termination, modification or suspension. In such event, Releasees shall have no liability to any participant who is disqualified due to such an action. Failure to enforce any term of these official rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision. 11. LAWS: Subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited or restricted. 12. WINNER'S LIST: The winner’s information will be posted by 04/08/17. 13. SPONSOR: Stone Bridge School Parent Council 1680 Los Carneros Ave Napa, CA 94558 (the "Sponsor").

at The Orpheum Theatre
1192 Market Street
San Francisco, United States

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“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan -Special Event

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan -Special Event
Event on 2017-04-19 19:30:00
A true red-blooded American, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan always marched to the ring with a 2×4 slung over his shoulder and a red, white and blue flag gripped tightly in his hand. Often going up against underhanded foreign villains, Duggan would always get the crowd behind him by inspiring massive chants of "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" that would shake the rafters and intimidate his opponents.
Duggan joined the WWE in 1987. Wasting no time in displaying his patriotism, "Hacksaw" immediately locked up with the massive Russian known as Nikolai Volkoff and had many hard-hitting matches with the dangerous Soviet. The following year, "Hacksaw" had one of the biggest victories of his career when he won the inaugural Royal Rumble by eliminating One Man Gang. The victory was proof that Duggan was the real deal.
In the years that followed, the patriot continued to cultivate a massive fan following through his heroic battles against hated villains like Dino Bravo, Bad News Brown and Boris Zhukov.
Throughout the early '90s, Duggan's reputation as a fan favorite carried on, but he eventually suffered a series of disappointing losses to the likes of Yokozuna and Bam Bam Bigelow. The losing streak led "Hacksaw" to make a surprising change when he joined World Championship Wrestling in 1994. The move proved to be a good one for him, though, as he defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to win the United States Championship on his first night in the company. Duggan would battle the likes of Big Bubba Rogers and Diamond Dallas Page over the next four years before something changed his life forever.
In 1998, "Hacksaw" was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The disease was an intimidating opponent for a man who had locked up with the likes of Andre the Giant, but Duggan refused to go down without a fight. Thanks to early detection and "Hacksaw's" unbreakable spirit, he beat cancer and amazingly returned to the ring with little time off.
Duggan has made sporadic appearances in WWE over the last few years, but his popularity has never waned. Still carrying his 2×4 and waving Old Glory proudly, "Hacksaw" is a bona fide legend in the ring and truly deserving of his spot in WWE’s Hall of Fame class of 2011.

at The Stress Factory
90 Church Street
New Brunswick, United States

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Caledon Banked Slalom

Caledon Banked Slalom
Event on 2017-03-26 08:30:00
Join us at the Caledon Ski Club for a late (last) kick at the can this season with our first ever Banked Slalom event. We are opening this fun event up to both skiers and boarders so we can have some good racing and family fun. Description 1st  Annual (hopefully) Caledon Ski Club Banked Slalom, Sunday March 26, 2017 Snowboarders, bring out your less cool skier friends to join in the fun. We have age categories and awards in both snowboard and skiing and there are lots of prizes. If weather permits the puddle jump will be open too! The Banked Slalom finishes right in front of the West Deck at the bottom of the West Hill which is perfect to see the whole course. The BBQ will be set up there to get your complimentary burger or dog and pop or water! Entry is open to all participants on a first come first served basis. All participants must pre-register. Entry Fee: Lift Tickets: (Can also be purchased at this special rate for Friends & Family) All riders will need to complete an event waiver form. Riders age 18 and under require a parent or guardian to sign their event waiver available at registration. Participants require a helmet to. This is a freeride (soft boots only) format event for our Snowboarders! The best of two runs counts. You can wear your hard boots if you're on skis. Groms 14 and under Young Guns: 15-19 Almost Washed: 20-29 Masters: 30-39 Legends: 40-49 Immortals: 50+ Banked Slalom event guests not competing can purchase a lift ticket and enjoy a day on Caledon's beautiful hills and take advantage of spring conditions and enjoy music on the deck. Event Format The Caledon Banked Slalom is open to skiers and snowboarders. The fastest racer to the bottom of the banked slalom course wins. Riders will be given 2 timed runs on the course and the best time will be used in the final results. Riders will be disqualified if gates are missed, so hiking up to pass a gate will be permitted, but will be slow. Riders must cross the finish on a flat base(s) to record a finish time. Finish line ollies or tricks may results in a missed time and disqualification. Awards for both skiers and boarders. Awards will be provided to the top three times in each age category for both men and women, ski and snowboard. Event Schedule 8am-9:30am Registration in the West Lodge. 9:30am Course Inspection on the West Hill 10:15am Riders Meeting at the top of the course. 10:30am Banked Slalom Start (1st runs followed by 2nd runs) Have fun riding and skiing Caledon' hills and using the puddle jump in between and after your runs! 11:30am-1:30pm BBQ and Awards on the West Deck at the bottom of the course. Please note that final amount for ticket includes HST and Event Brite fee.  Lift Tickets will be avaialable on morning of event.

at Caledon Ski Club
17431 Mississauga Rd.
Caledon, Canada

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Event on 2017-05-29 22:30:00
Join us for a Beautiful Night of Great Jazz with vocalist extraordinaire JULIE EIGENBERG aka Julie E., accompanied by world famous award winning Alex Blake on Bass with Tommy Campbell on Drums and Ray Gallon on Piano. They will bring you Julie's soulful interpretations of some jazz classics with swinging fun and jamming originals.

Julie Eigenberg
Julie Eigenberg, began her singing career in NYC, performing with such greats as George Duvivier, Eumir Deodato, David Spinozza, Vicki Sue Robinson, Moogy Klingman, the Brecker Bros., Leon Pendarvis , Anthony Jackson, Will Lee, and Lew Soloff to name just a few.

Julie co-wrote the song, "Why Not!" with Michel Camilo, and the Manhattan Transfer won the 1983 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal of a Group with their Atlantic Records recording of "Why Not". Alex Blake played on that recording.

At that time in NYC, Julie was forging her career in the jingle and advertising world, and had the great good fortune to stand next to and sing with Patti Austin, Valerie Simpson, Barry Manilow, Paul Williams as well as some of the greatest studio singers and musicians in the world.

Julie Eigenberg @ Facebook *

Alex Blake
Alex Blake's has a revolutionary playing style and technique second to none. His innovative combination of strumming, rapid lyrical notations and percussive slaps on the Accoustic Bass are on a level par excellence and distinctly Alex Blake. His Electric Bass Solo on the Beatles classic "With A Little Help From My Friends" exemplifies Alex's mastery of that instrument while giving the listener shades of Jimi Hendrix. His compositional skills reveal a composer with a unique
third eye for melodic originality.

Originally from Panama, Alex Blake became a trumpet player as a young boy before switching to the bass at the encouragement of his father. Beginning with the Ampeg "baby bass," Alex became immersed in the Latin styles of music, playing salsa, bossa nova and other forms, while developing his signature technique of playing the bass.

Alex Blake *

Tommy Campbell
Campbell's long tenure with Dizzy began in the late 70's, and continued through the 80's and 90's, and concluded with a personal jam session with the renowned master several months before Gillespie's passing in January of 1993.

"Dizzy taught me to be as relaxed and loose about the music. He knew how to have fun while being serious at the same time. It was a balance, like the music. He attracted entertainers, lesser-known musicians, and fans into jazz music. He was a real people person, and a real professional."
He has been inspired by legendary drummers such as Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, Max Roach, the late greats Art Blakey and Tony Williams. Mr. Campbell has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of Jazz's leading talents. He has performed as a regular member with Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, John McLaughlin, The Manhattan Transfer, Kevin Eubanks, Jimmy Smith, Stanley Jordan, Tania Maria, Gary Burton, and a host of other Jazz greats.

Tommy Campbell *

Ray Gallon
Jazz pianist & composer Ray Gallon has performed with many of the leading jazz artists, including Ron Carter, Lionel Hampton, Art Farmer, T.S. Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Milt Jackson, Sweets Edison, Wycliffe Gordon, Les Paul, Benny Golson. Frank Wess, Lew Tabakin, George Adams, and the Mingus Big Band.

He has performed at most of the major jazz festivals and venues throughout North and South America, Europe, and Japan, and has appeared in gala concerts at the White House and the Kennedy Center.

Ray has also accompanied many vocal greats, including Jon Hendricks, Sheila Jordan, Grady Tate, Nnenna Freelon, Gloria Lynne, Dakota Staton, Joe Williams, Chaka Khan, and Jane Monheit.

at Blue Note
131 W Third Street
New York, United States

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She’s The Business

She’s The Business
Event on 2017-05-10 09:00:00
Manchester Enterprise Centre at The University of Manchester is thrilled to be working with the fun and fabulous beauty brand Soap & Glory to create an inspirational day about women in business. The free, all-day event on Wednesday 10 May will feature interactive workshops and top-name speakers and is designed for women who would like to start their own businesses or who are in the early stages of doing so. Applicants will be selected on their personal motivation for starting a business and the stage they are at in setting up their business (early stage, mid-stage or late stage). Former Enterprise Editor of The Sunday Times, Rachel Bridge, will be in conversation with Jane Field, founder of Jonny’s Sister and Wendy Shand founder of Tots To Travel. Jonny’s Sister is an online retailer specialising in British-made, personalised gifts and Tots To Travel focuses on holidays with children. All three women have created their own successful businesses and will offer invaluable insight into starting companies and entrepreneurship. Workshops will include ‘Realising Your Potential’ with director and voice coach Maggie Ford, ‘Inspiring Creativity’ from Alliance Manchester Business School’s Mark Batey and a business masterclass with expert and consultant from BizWizUK, Ann Davies. Please note that these speakers are to be confirmed. A member of the digital team at Soap & Glory will discuss her work and vision. There will also be an extremely big name girl boss to headline the event, with details soon to be announced. Soap & Glory was founded in 2006 by a maverick soaper-woman whose mission was to formulate fun, world-class quality beauty products that would give EVERY GIRL THE BEST BANG FOR HER BEAUTY BUDGET. Ten years on, the brand is loved the world over and can be found in Boots stores throughout the UK and in other retailers across the globe.

at University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester, United Kingdom

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Sonix Pop-Up

Sonix Pop-Up
Event on 2017-03-24 11:00:00
When empowered ladies collaborate, something beautiful happens. That’s what we’re doing with our Melrose Ave. Pop-Up shop to get you set for the season. We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite female-driven brands to unveil their latest designs, while also releasing our newest Sonix Spring ’17 collection. It’s a one-stop (gorgeous) shop to outfit your wardrobe for spring.

Enjoy complimentary sips & snacks, shop, and even swing – yes you can actually swing under the cherry blossom tree! Customers also have the opportunity to support the Downtown Women’s Center by purchasing an exclusive Sonix iPhone case from which 100% of the proceeds will be donated.

Beautifully styled and expertly curated, this is the place to celebrate all things female and fashion.

8017 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046

Store Hours:

Friday, March 24th 11am-7pm
Saturday, March 25th 11am-7pm
Sunday, March 26th 11am-7pm
Friday, March 31st 11am-7pm
Saturday, April 1st 11am-7pm
Sunday, April 2nd 11am-7pm

For more information click here:

at Los Angeles, California, United States
Los Angeles, California, United States
Los Angeles, United States

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