Shmap Madison Square Tavern Beta Testing Party

Shmap Madison Square Tavern Beta Testing Party
Event on 2016-07-01 20:00:00
Shmaps summer launch event continues this week at the Little Town NYC, and this time! Come join an awesome summer program as beta tester for a cool new app. Become a Brand Ambassador for one of New York City’s hottest new media startups, Ideally Inc. As a Brand Ambassador you will be in charge of supporting the initial NY roll out of Shmap, Ideally’s innovative new location-based messaging app that could change the world of messaging. Come to the fourth event in our 10 week program that involves building brand awareness, app usage, social media marketing, and, last but not least, lots of Shmap related parties, events and prizes!  At every event, the top Brand Ambassadors will be awarded some amazing prizes. At the end of the program a scholarship prize will also be awarded to whichever one of you delivers beyond the rest of the pack.  We’re seeking college students who want real-life experience with a fast-moving startup focused on mobile innovation, love to use social media, love meeting people, and ultimately, love to have some fun!

at Trinity Place
115 Broadway
New York, United States

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Tuni Talks – Toronto Speaker-Mixer Event Series #44

Tuni Talks – Toronto Speaker-Mixer Event Series #44
Event on 2016-06-28 18:00:00
Tuni Talks web:  facebook: /tunitalks photos: photo-stream — The next Tuni Talks is here! Join the Tuni Community Tuesday, June 28th at Hotel Ocho for a fantastic evening of mingling and idea sharing over drinks and music among some of Toronto's brightest professionals, entrepreneurs and rising stars–Toronto's movers and shakers! Featured Speakers: Greg de Koker: Living Your Essential Truth In Greg’s presentation, he confronts the massive lack of trust in today’s marketplace and presents strategies to overcome this. How do you break through all of the clutter in the market? How do you build your reputation and build your brand? How do you build your connection to your team and your customers? The simple answer is by living your Essential Truth and building trust in every interaction and every relationship. Being successful, however you define success, is all about trust. And without trust, you have nothing. Nicholas Austin: To Serve is to Lead In an age of hyper-connectivity and democratization of ideas, knowledge and decision-making, the role, effectiveness and credibility of leadership has never been so tenuous-and yet so essential. In his talk, Nicholas will make the case that the most effective Leader in this new era is not one that is the "Boss", but the one that is the "Servant". This event is sponsored by Workhaus Coworking – Love the way you work – – @workmeetculture.  — General Event Itinerary: Event start: 6:45pm Greg de Koker: 7:00pm Nicholas Austin: 7:25pm Music & Mingling: 7:45pm onward! Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our two great speakers and enjoy an evening of good vibes, mingling, and music–provided as always by Dj Peezee. RSVP Now–-it’s free, so tell a friend! Sponsored By Workhaus Coworking Space – Love the way you work – – @workmeetculture.  

at Hotel Ocho
Toronto, Canada

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Event on 2016-06-25 00:00:00

Classic cars, pinup girls, retro burlesque and pole champions! Our 1955-1965 inspired kustom kulture event features a classic car show and cruise-in with a cheeky, hilarious, jaw dropping pinup show after.

Classic cars cruise-in and show at 6p in the center of downtown Long Beach. We bring pinup models to pose with the classic cars! All makes/models/years welcome. Enjoy the car show, pop your hood or move downstairs to order dinner and drinks, pose on our red carpet and enjoy nostolgia films. Best Classic, Best Custom and Most Personality car prizes: gift certs from The Federal*. Pre-register your classic below for 2 free drink tickets* from the Federal Underground's bar. The first 4 registrants receive complimentary parking in adjacent lot. 4 INVITED CARS receive complimentary featured parking on Pine Ave and 1 complimentary show ticket. See our FAQ for parking details and how to submit for consideration as one of our INVITED CARS.

Ladies, get dolled up, become a model yourself and win prizes! Reserve your own Pinup Photo Shoot in our on-site mini studio for just during checkout*. Win Best Vintage Dress prizes from luxury lifestyle supporters*.

Then … couples, car clubs, bachelorettes and birthday boys, take your seat for our main attraction; the hilarious, cheeky, jaw dropping Pinup Pole Show at 8p. Broadway dancer and blockbuster actress Tonya Kay is your featured cheesecake and burlesque headliner, hosting champion pole dancers on two towering 14' Platinum Stages competition height poles. Expect a full night of seamless entertainment with our rare, giant champagne glass or intimate burlesque bathtub, artists specializing in contortion and grinder girl and pinup fashion provided by Red Dolly Swimwear and The Violet Vixen. Our vintage extravaganza set to a rockin throwback soundtrack will leave you celebrating the good old days no matter what your age.

A Tonya Kay production. All ages classic car cruise-in. 21+ inside venue. 75 min show with dj and dancing after. Tickets are non-refundable/non-transferable. Unclaimed seats are released 10 min prior to show. Please arrive early to claim the best seat in your section. *Must attend ticketed show to claim drinks and prizes.

NOTE: It is always a good idea to verify date, time, location and other information prior to going.
Eye Spy LA is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

Go To Website *** Get MAP ***

at postal code 90802, United States

Long Beach, United States

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Gigs at the Gallery: Bruce Russell and Marco Fusinato

Gigs at the Gallery: Bruce Russell and Marco Fusinato
Event on 2016-06-26 19:00:00
Local artist Bruce Russell (Dead C, A Handful of Dust) and Australian visual artist and musician Marco Fusinato will perform their unique brand of sonic art live at the Gallery.

Yealands Cash Bar will be running on the night serving Three Boys beer and Peter Yealands wine.

at Christchurch Art Gallery, Te Puna o Waiwhetu
Corner Worcester Boulevard and Montreal Street Christchurch
Christchurch, New Zealand

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Luke Ashlocke

Luke Ashlocke
Event on 2016-06-25 20:00:00

The Glasgow, Scotland native arrived in the United States on a mission.From the minute he stepped onto the comedy scene he has been making waves. From Appearances on The Comedy Network's; "The Great Canadian Laugh Off" and "The Montreal Comedy Festival" to The CWB's "The Daily Buzz" and NBC's "Night Shift" and"New Day". Critically acclaimed as "Funny As Hell" -Good Times Magazine, Long Island, NY & "This is what live stand up is supposed to be" Weird Magazine, Austin, TX.Luke is one of the hardest working comics in the industry. In 2011 Luke was voted break out artist of the year by the Los Angeles Comedy Awards, and won BEST Actor for his role in "Vicky and Sam" at the London Film Festival. You can hear Luke's unique brand of humor on one of his three Albums- "I'll be Nicer When You Are Smarter", "If My Jokes Dont Kill Them Im Sure This Gun Will Help", and "Head Full of Tales" or on Bob and Tom and XM radio station RAWDOG on heavy rotation. To add to this , Luke plays over 15 instruments, and has one of the best crowd interaction shows in the history of live stand up comedy. An asset to any club, including The Ranch San Miguel Ca. – See more at:

at Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase
212 South Fourth Avenue
Ann Arbor, United States

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White Lung – Plague Vendor, Bruiser Queen

White Lung – Plague Vendor, Bruiser Queen
Event on 2016-07-16 20:00:00

White Lung

If you ever get the chance to do karaoke with Mish Way, don't even hesitate. Just go for it, right away. You really do owe it to yourself. About a year ago I found myself in a Lower East Side karaoke bar with Mish and various New York music gadflies. We'd become fast friends (Way and I, that is. I was already friends with most of said gadflies) after she began regularly contributing smart, open-hearted and often blush-inducing pieces to the Talkhouse, a website I help run, and I'd been a fan of her band since I'd heard White Lung's 2012 Sorry, a hardcore blitzkrieg that doesn't even hit the 20-minute-mark. But despite seeing her perform just a day before the karaoke party, it wasn't until, goaded by peer pressure and an appropriately inappropriate amount of whiskey, Way took the mic for a revelatory rendition of one of the worst songs of this century. I won't embarrass her by naming it. (Maybe you can get it out of her.) But it was at that moment that I realized "Damn. She can sing. Like, really, really sing. Not just growl. Damn."

I think a lot of people are going to have that reaction when they hear Deep Fantasy, the third album from White Lung and their first for Domino Records. She is really, really singing here. But don't worry. She hasn't gone soft on us or anything. Again working with producer Jesse Gander (who did both Sorry and their 2010 debut It's the Evil), White Lung are every bit as confrontational as before, but they've managed to open their sound up just enough to draw listeners in before kicking them in the face. (In a good way.)

"I wanted it to sound more like a rock record than a punk record. I didn't want to lose any of the speed and aggression that we have, but I wanted more melodies," says Way, calling from her new home in Los Angeles. "But it's still a really hard record."

After more than a year of touring behind Sorry — which won raves from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and Interview —White Lung slimmed down to a three piece in the studio; drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou and guitarist Kenneth William would fly in from Vancouver to hash out arrangements with Way in person, often right before it was time to record; the album was made with Gander in two ten day-long sessions at the end of last year and the start of this one. (William handled bass duties on Fantasy; Wax Idols' Hether Fortune will take up bass and backing vocal duties on tour for the foreseeable future.)

"Kenny would record something in his house on his computer, and send it to me so I could start thinking about it before we all met up, but we got a lot of them done in the studio because that was where it all came together and we could hear all the components," Way says. "That's always kind of been the way we've written and it stresses us all out so much, but it keeps Kenny from overthinking things because he overthinks so much. He's such a perfectionist and if he didn't have a deadline where it was 'that's it, it's done,' he would work on something until he absolutely got sick of something and threw it away, and it's probably a brilliant song."

The near constant touring had turned the trio into an intuitive, locked-in unit, but it also took a toll. After a particular rough run of festival gigs in which she "totally lost my voice," she sought out a specialist for help. "I always had this idea in my head that I had to be projecting, screaming to get my aggression out, and I realized, 'No, I can sing and still have the same power,'" Way says. Though she felt "inherently dorky" doing her prescribed vocal exercises, they helped repair the damage and gave her confidence in her natural singing voice. "This album was written in my vocal range and sung in my vocal range. I have to begin to produce stuff that I can reproduce again and again for another two years without completely blowing my voice out."

White Lung's approach and line-up have changed since the band started in Vancouver at the end of the aughts, but the ethos and core line-up has remained the same since William, a devotee of Johnny Marr that "plays with the speed of an 80s hardcore dude," asked Way and Vassiliou if he could join their band after the original guitarist bolted. (Which was a surprising request, since they knew him a drummer. "He came and played and was amazing and we were like 'how the hell? this guy plays guitar?'") Simply put, Way doesn't give a shit what you might think about her, and you can deal with her opinion or you can go listen to one of thousands of other singers that can't be bothered to have a stance on anything.

Now that she's embraced her voice, Way is more provocative than ever on Fantasy, surveying addiction ("Drown With the Monster"), body dysmorphia ("Snake Jaw") and sexual dynamics ("Down It Goes,") amongst other dinner table topics. "I feel like there's such a vapidness to lyrics in bands now and that bums me out," she says. "Like sex for me is one of the most interesting topics to talk about, because as a culture, it's the one thing we can all do and the one thing we all do enjoy and there's still so much fear about it. I want to normalize talking about sex and sexual dynamics and all of those things because it's interesting. And we're all thinking about it.

"I just think that it's important to let it all out, and some people won't get it," she says. "But I gave up being embarrassed a long time ago."

at Firebird
2706 Olive Street
Saint Louis, United States

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Global Connectivity, Knowledge and Innovation for Sustainability and Growth

Global Connectivity, Knowledge and Innovation for Sustainability and Growth
Event on 2016-06-21 07:00:00
The 14th International Conference of the Society for Global Business & Economic Development   Global Connectivity, Knowledge and Innovation for Sustainability and Growth: New Paradigms of Theory and Practice  June 21-24, 2016 Montclair, NJ, 07043  The world is becoming increasingly interconnected across all fronts at an unprecedented pace; it is deemed that networks, knowledge and innovation, and entrepreneurship drive growth and development. The rise of emerging markets and growth of global supply chains are attributed to globalization and ICT; nations and firms continue to form strategic levers using the power of comparative advantage; and human capital worldwide is becoming more mobile and engaged virtually despite the national boundaries. The developments have also caused dramatic structural and organizational changes and disruption of traditional businesses, and job markets. Global investments in commodities and indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources affected the sustainability of global ecosystems. Equal access to education, knowledge and health are also under the microscope. The challenges of rising inequalities in wealth and income, economic stagnation, unemployment, and the impact of globalization have also taken the center stage of public discourse. These trends bring heightened levels of responsibility to business, institutions and society.  1. Institutions and Global Economic Governance Gravitation of world economy towards the East & South & the rise of emerging markets WTO & international trade; implications of new regional trade arrangements (e.g., TPP and TTIP) Challenges of institutional governance (IMF, World Bank, etc.); new initiatives (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and New Development Bank (NDB/BRICS Bank) Impact of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on subsistence markets Challenges of urbanization, inequalities, health, food & energy security, natural disasters, cyber threats, climate change, migration of workforce, etc. 2. Global Connectivity, Knowledge Clusters, & Entrepreneurship Knowledge clusters, innovation & diffusion effects in local, regional & global contexts Impact of social & technology networks on Micro, Small & Medium enterprises Role of networks & diaspora: women entrepreneurship; social & digital entrepreneurship Business models to nurture start-ups: incubation, mentoring, venture capital, crowd funding, etc. 3. Innovation in Education, Human Capital & Advancement of Skills Quality & standards; impact of ranking of academic institutions; business-academic partnerships Role of higher education clusters; Open Universities; Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Corporate universities; models of executive education & training for professions/occupations Learning outcomes: study abroad, internships & community engagement programs 4. Emerging Markets, Global Connectivity & Competitive Strategy New paradigms of innovation & business models in emerging markets Leveraging resources & capabilities by firms from emerging markets Modes of entry & internationalization strategies of emerging market firms Competitive dynamics between western and emerging market multinationals 5. Management Practices, OB & HRM in a Global Context Workplace diversity, automation, labor relations, productivity, & wage differentials The millennials, intergenerational & flexible workforce Managing intellectual capital, virtual organizations & teams in multi-cultural contexts State-owned enterprises; family controlled conglomerates; family owned enterprises Supply chain management: on-shoring & off-shoring; national & regional pressures 6. Global Finance, Accounting, & Transparency Issues Corporate finance, banking, capital markets, sovereign wealth funds, & global debt FDI & M&As volatility of exchange rates & risk management Role of corporate taxation, tax havens, subsidies & free trade zones Financing subsistence markets, social impact investing Accounting; IFRS reporting standards, business information value chain; XBRL Valuation of intangibles, intellectual property, brand equity, and goodwill 7. Marketing & Communication in a Connected Environment Value creation: service delivery models, customer life time value, & relationship marketing Emerging trends: data driven, social media and Internet-based, cause-related, and green marketing; e-market places: web marketing and e-commerce Services marketing; social marketing; and macro marketing theory & practice 8. Sustainability & Growth: CSR Perspectives in a Global Context Challenges of decoupling growth from natural resources to a knowledge-based economy Corporate & institutional response to climate change, water, food & energy security issues Philanthropy, social enterprises, and NGOs, & its impact on subsistence markets Challenges of urbanization, pollution, & infrastructure; community & individual responsibilities Ethical Challenges: CSR, Social impact & measurement issues

at Montclair State University
1 Normal Avenue
Montclair, United States

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Feast on the Field

Feast on the Field
Event on 2016-08-17 17:30:00
Join us at the 2nd annual Feast on the Field!  This all inclusive long table event features an Alberta inspired feast right on the field at Commonwealth Stadium!  Celebrate Edmonton's thriving food scene with these award winning local chefs while supporting seniors in care:  Brad Smoliak renowned for his creative approach to cooking enjoyed by all including the Queen herself; David Omar, one of Chopped Canada’s 2015 Chefs and head of Zinc Restaurant at Art Gallery Alberta; and  Steve Buzak, the new inspiration behind Royal Glenora Club’s incredible reputation.  This is not an ordinary backyard picnic, it's an Alberta inspired, down to the earth, culinary experience! FAQs What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? Parking will be available at no charge in the lot north west of Commonwealth Stadium (enter from 111 avenue just east of 90 street).  Alternatively, the LRT is available as public transportation to and from the event. Dress Code Pull out your best summer attire for this event!  (e.g: sundresses, khaki shorts, golf shirts) TO GUARANTEE SEATING TOGETHER, PLEASE PURCHASE TICKETS IN ONE TRANSACTION OR EMAIL NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR GROUP TO CCFOUNDATION@CAPITALCARE.NET  

at Commonwealth Stadium
11000 Stadium Rd
Edmonton, Canada

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The Effects of Stress, Tension and Bad Posture

The Effects of Stress, Tension and Bad Posture
Event on 2016-06-20 19:30:00
Brand new club. Amazing urban vibe. Unlike anything ever been seen before in the Waikato. Fabulous changing suites, free Wi-Fi, free parking, Les …

at Les Mills Hamilton
747 Victoria Street
Hamilton, New Zealand

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Doing Good is Good for Business

Doing Good is Good for Business
Event on 2016-08-10 17:30:00
Join us for our 90-minute workshop, where we’ll show you how to create a social responsibility strategy and bring that strategy to life. We’ll discuss the right sort of communications, help you understand how to establish any cause related marketing activity and guide you on what to share through social media and other marketing channels. Social responsibility is a proven way to develop trust with customers and to attract and retain the best talent, so come along to develop usable ideas for your business that will help build your reputation. Discover how doing more good can help you do more business. Designed for decision makers who lead, or hold management roles, in small and micro businesses, in particular: – Owners and CEOs – Business development managers – CSR or sustainability managers – Marketing and HR professionals – Social responsibility champions Part of the Small Business Festival Victoria

at Feddish Cafe Bar & Restaurant
River Terrace Yarra BuildingFederation SquareMelbourne 3000
Melbourne, Australia

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