11th Annual Heyday Harvest Dinner

11th Annual Heyday Harvest Dinner
Event on 2017-10-05 18:00:00
Join us for Heyday's signature fundraising event, the Heyday Harvest. Enjoy a cocktail reception with live music from Trio Zincalo and a seated dinner. We'll honor Robert Scheer and Viet Thanh Nguyen for their remarkable and far-reaching contributions to the pursuit of truth and justice, and we'll celebrate thirty years of publishing News from Native California—and, of course, you'll be the first to hear about our books in the works! 6:00 p.m. ▴ cocktail reception7:00 p.m. ▴ seated dinner and program Note: to avoid paying Eventbrite fees, you may pay with a check. Please make payable to "Heyday" and send to Heyday, Attn: Heyday Harvest, P.O. Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709. Questions? Please contact Emmerich Anklam at (510) 549-3564 ext. 314 or emmerich@heydaybooks.com. Heyday Lifetime Achievement Award: Robert Scheer Robert Scheer, editor in chief of Truthdig, has built a reputation for strong social and political writing as Vietnam correspondent and editor in chief for Ramparts magazine and as a national correspondent and columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Scheer can be heard on the political radio program “Scheer Intelligence” on KCRW, the National Public Radio affiliate in Santa Monica, California. He is currently a clinical professor of communications at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Scheer has written ten books; his latest book, They Know Everything About You: How Data-Collecting Corporations and Snooping Government Agencies Are Destroying Democracy (Nation Books), was released in 2015. Scheer received the 2010 Distinguished Work in New Media Award from the Society of Professional Journalists’ Greater Los Angeles Chapter, and in 2011 Ithaca College awarded him the Izzy Award for outstanding achievement in independent media. Heyday History Award: Viet Thanh Nguyen Viet Thanh Nguyen’s novel The Sympathizer is a New York Times best seller and won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. His other books are The Refugees, Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War (a finalist for the National Book Award in nonfiction and the National Book Critics Circle Award in General Nonfiction) and Race and Resistance: Literature and Politics in Asian America. He is the Aerol Arnold Chair of English and Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California. Board of Directors: Richard D. Baum, Cochair ▴ Nettie Hoge, Cochair ▴ Don Franzen ▴ Whitney Green ▴ Marty Krasney ▴ Ralph Lewin ▴ Praveen Madan ▴ Greg Sarris ▴ Sonia Torres ▴ Michael Traynor Honorary Committee: John Gage and Linda Schacht ▴ Guy Lampard and Suzanne Badenhoop ▴ Mark Leno ▴ Tom Lutz ▴ Steve Silberstein ▴ David Talbot ▴ Alice Waters

at Berkeley City Club
2315 Durant Avenue
Berkeley, United States

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